197 Enforcement Actions in the U.S. over past 30 days


FINRA enforcements decreased 70% over the past 30 days


CME issued enforcements: $1,241,754.92 over the past 30 days


161 Final Rules go into effect in the next 30 days


37 Mortgage Lending docs published in the last 7 days


1460 docs with 2637 extracted obligations from the last 7 days


57 new Proposed and Final Rules were published in the past 7 days


2540 new docs in pro.compliance.ai within the last 7 days


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Payday: Getting PCI Compliance Right With These Action Steps

How is your payments security looking these days? If your answer is “not great”, embrace these strategies. The Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance protocol is now 14 years old and with the expansion of corporate (and individual) payment options over the past decade, companies would do well to measure their payment compliance success.  If that […]

The Rise Of Risk Silos: How To Unify Risk And Compliance Management

As enterprises work to break down silos to integrate data for better decision-making, another set of silos is being overlooked: risk silos. These silos exist across the typical enterprise, with various departments (legal, sales, finance, compliance) handling risks differently and often in isolation.  Normal business activities— such as from an aggressive new sales campaign — […]

Why Compliance Teams Should Embrace Expert-in-the-Loop

Getting the most out of data used to mean relying on getting the data. Now, with Expert-in-the-Loop, human experts help you get the best data for your business. Artificial intelligence continues to expand as a powerful presence in business, and in the compliance function, in particular. That’s for good reason.  A recent IDC study  shows […]

The Final Countdown: CPRA Enforcement on the Horizon

With the January 1, 2023 kickoff date, CPRA is coming. How does your compliance strategy stand right now? As we hit the halfway point of 2021, the clock starts ticking in earnest towards January 1, 2023, when the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) takes full effect. Organizations have had about eight months to digest one […]

New and Enhanced Features on Compliance.ai: June 2021

In May 2021, we  continued introducing new capabilities to help our clients manage regulatory change management processes and workflows more efficiently. We pressed on expanding our regulatory coverage and have made it easier to find the most relevant regulatory changes to help optimize enterprise-wide compliance activities.  Revamp your alerts with our new relative date options […]

Gain Insights into the Regulatory Outlook at the first EITL Forum 2021

Get a deeper dive into the regulatory and risk environment  Banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI) industry professionals are gathering online at the first Expert-in-the-Loop (EITL) Forum 2021, May 25-26. Experts on regulatory, legal, risk, compliance, and RegTech will share insights into how financial services firms can best navigate the complex regulatory environment of 2021 [...]

New and Enhanced Features Now on Compliance.ai: May 2021

Compliance.ai continues to introduce new features that help our clients manage regulatory change management processes and workflows more efficiently and find the most relevant regulatory content to help optimize enterprise-wide compliance activities.  Establish your Business Profile to begin searching more efficiently. Recently we introduced you to Compliance.ai Business Profiling. Now, we’ve added the ability for [...]

Join us for our inaugural event, The Expert-in-the-Loop Forum by Compliance.ai

The EITL Forum is more than just industry panel discussions: Learn more about transforming and modernizing legal, risk, and compliance processes while networking with industry leaders and your peers. Regulatory compliance for the banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) industry is constantly changing. This is why Compliance.ai created the Expert-In-The-Loop (EITL) Forum as the industry’s [...]

How The Regulatory Landscape Is Changing In 2021: Biden’s First 60 Days

When Presidential Administrations change, businesses must update their compliance programs in response. It’s an understatement to point out that the transition from the Trump to Biden Administration has been rockier than most, but if we narrow our focus to regulatory policy, the contrast is still stark.   How has the regulatory landscape change in Biden’s first […]

Advisor’s Corner: Rick Dupree discusses how the banking industry is doing more with less

Ronjini Joshua (RJ): Hello, this is Ronjini Joshua. Today I'm here with Rick Dupree the CEO and Founder of Risk Alliance, and advisory board member of Compliance.ai. Today we're going to talk about how the banking industry is doing more with less in result of the pandemic. And now, coming out of the pandemic. Hi, [...]

Regulatory Compliance in a Pandemic: What 2020 Taught Us

We’re now more than a year into the COVID-19 pandemic. What lessons has the past year taught compliance professionals faced with a global health crisis, an evolving regulatory environment, and new modes of work?  To find out, Compliance.ai CEO Kayvan Alikhani recently spoke with industry experts Rick Dupree, CEO and founder of Riskliance, and Delphine [...]

The “Glue” Factor: Making Compliance Training Stick

As companies ramp up compliance and risk management training in 2021, one key question emerges.  With data breach incidents and compliance audits rising and as regulators demand stricter rules on how sensitive information is shared, how can companies properly train team members to be good stewards of customer data – and do so for the [...]

New and Enhanced Features Now on Compliance.ai: March 2021

Compliance.ai is introducing new features that help our clients filter out the noise so you can optimize your compliance activities.  Introducing: Business Profiling: Punch in your company name, and we’ll do the rest Our new business profiling feature enables you to quickly build the recommended default filters for topics, concepts, and regulatory sources across jurisdictions [...]

Advisor’s Corner: Nirvana Farhadi discusses the future of RegTech

Ronjini Joshua (RJ): Hi, this is Ronjini Joshua, I'm on the marketing team of compliance.ai. Today we're interviewing reg tech expert and compliance.ai advisor Nirvana Farhadi. Hi, hello, how are you? Nirvana Farhadi (NF): Hi, I'm good. Thank you. I'm excited to be here. RJ: Great. So, I'm very excited to get some of your [...]

RegTech Compliance: A Pathway to Greater Competitive Advantage

There’s no doubt that risk and regulatory requirements have become even more pronounced in an increasingly remote workplace environment. According to Nasdaq’s Annual Global Compliance Survey 2020 , 74% of global finance firms deem organizational compliance standards to be “highly important.”  What’s more, 59% of survey respondents say compliance “deserves a seat at the table” [...]

New and Enhanced Features Now on Compliance.ai: February 2021

Optimize your regulatory research experience with Compliance.ai’s new features. Use Concepts to find the regulatory changes most pertinent to key financial and operational topics. Also, be sure to try using auto-suggested “hints” to hone in your regulatory research without ever leaving the search bar. If you’re developing an application using our API, check out our [...]

Advisor’s Corner: Professor Jerry Markham discusses regulation best interest (RBI)

Ronjini Joshua (RJ) - Hi and welcome to advisors corner for compliance AI. I'm Ronjini, Joshua, part of the compliance AI team. Today we're going to be interviewing Professor Jerry Markham, nationally recognized scholar and professor of law at Florida International University at Miami. Hi, Jerry, how are you doing today? Good afternoon. Thank you [...]

Will The SEC Continue Focusing On ‘Big Game?’ And Other Questions For 2021

The past year was a momentous one for the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), as the agency made headlines with major cases that pulled in a record dollar amount in fines and other penalties. Now, with a new Biden administration and SEC Chair Jay Clayton stating that he will step down before his term ends in [...]

RegTech Compliance Lessons for 2021

2020 was a year of striking volatility for the compliance sector, with the focus of corporate risk management redirected from every daily compliance activities, to a volatile U.S. political election, to dealing with a global pandemic that seems to have changed the workplace permanently. What is 2021 bringing already in terms of “lessons learned” for [...]

Advisor’s Corner: Advisor and Expert Hugh Cadden weighs in on Spoofing

Advisor's Corner with Hugh Cadden Ronjini Joshua (RJ) -  Hello, welcome to compliance AI Advisors Corner. Today we're speaking with Hugh Cadden, a senior consultant with Onpoint Analytics and an expert in derivative markets. Thank you, Hugh, for joining us today. So, today we're gonna talk a little bit about the spoofing and JPMorgan case, [...]

Mitigating Cybersecurity Risks in 2021

Companies have enough problems battling internal cybersecurity risks without worrying about third-party security issues. Unfortunately, third-party cybersecurity breaches occur more frequently than one might think. Just ask security officials at Target Corporation, Marriott Corp., and the U.S. Office of Personal Management – all of which experienced severe third-party cyber breaches during the past decade. While [...]

Avoiding Risk in 2021: Three Lessons Learned from Doing Business During COVID

2020 was a whirlwind year for compliance professionals, as a global pandemic, a chaotic regulatory environment, and a changing workplace model all posed severe challenges to companies. Make no mistake, those challenges aren’t going away soon in 2021, especially as compliance officers report more regulatory inquiries rolling in during the pandemic. Case in point. A [...]

New and Enhanced Features Now on Compliance.ai: December 2020

Personalize your regulatory change experience with Compliance.ai’s newest features. Try our new widgets to create your own Regulatory Command Center on your Dashboard. Plus, fine tune your workflows even further to meet your organization’s specific requirements.  .  And, of course, all of these activities are captured in an audit trail, which reduces the time you [...]

Galvanize Now Supports Compliance.ai with Strategic Partnership for Modernized GRC Solutions

HighBond platform for compliance and risk management integrates new regulatory intelligence content for real-time alerts and response SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 22, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Galvanize, the global leader in SaaS governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) software, today announced a strategic partnership with Compliance.ai, the leading AI-driven regulatory compliance technology, to increase the regulatory content available in [...]

COVID Throws a Curveball at Regulatory Surveillance

Companies seem to be hitting the “pause” button on compliance surveillance activity, and the culprit is a familiar one in 2020: COVID-19.  U.S. companies falling behind with their internal testing and surveillance activities point to several key logistical issues – with the shift to remote workplaces at the top of the list. “At the height […]

Regulation and Compliance in the 21st Century

Regulatory frameworks are in a state of constant evolution, both across industries and around the world. In the post Covid-19 world, governmental regulation related to the fallout from the pandemic has taken center stage. In recent times, we have continued to hear about the concept of deregulation as a recurring theme. However, Covid-19 has ensured […]

Regulatory Chaos Creates Opportunities For Agile Businesses

A global pandemic, economic turmoil, and a series of far-reaching, consumer-privacy regulations enacted in response to high-profile data breaches have combined to create a regulatory landscape that is constantly in flux.  The trouble is that in the early stages of responding to widespread societal changes, various jurisdictions and regulatory bodies tend to act in isolation. […]

Too Many Compliance Specialists Rely on Search Engines – and that’s a Problem

Global compliance teams have an unusual, even relaxed stance on search engine use by their companies. If anything, compliance specialists are too reliant on the Internet, especially with the use of search engines in conducting their internal due diligence. According to one industry study, 85% of compliance officers have used Google to conduct internal due […]

RegTech Pioneer, Compliance.ai Secures Series A Funding Fueling the Expansion of its Platform and Expert Advisory Board

Leading regulatory change management (RCM) platform further expands internationally, and enhances its workflow, reporting and collaboration capabilities while expanding industry expertise on its advisory team SAN FRANCISCO, November 10, 2020 –RegTech company Compliance.ai has closed its Series A round of financing, raising $3 million in additional funding led by Cota Capital. The company is committed […]

New Features Now on Compliance.ai: October 2020

Compliance.ai helps you reduce the noise and manage your tasks more effectively - all in a fully auditable platform. These newest enhancements give you increased control over Workflow Management  and new and expanded Content sets. In addition, we’ve added new Developer Platform capabilities to provide more enriched content and increased filtering capabilities to users of [...]

Risk Management Alert. Are Your Third-Party Partners Focused on Your Compliance Performance?

There are myriad advantages in play when a company brings aboard a third-party partner to handle critical business tasks, like technology, human resources, manufacturing, and compliance. After all, having an expert handle a necessary business task on an ongoing basis is no luxury, it’s a necessity.  Besides the “Three Es” – expertise, experience, and economy [...]

Compliance.ai’s Modern Regulatory Change Management Platform Now Supports RSA Archer® to Help Manage Increased Velocity and Complexity of Regulation Changes

RSA Archer users now have access to Compliance.ai's regulatory intelligence to help financial and insurance sector compliance teams modernize their regulatory change management processes Compliance.ai has joined the RSA® Ready Technology Partner Program and the Compliance.ai platform now supports the RSA Archer® Corporate Obligations Management use case. The offering simplifies regulatory change management processes by [...]

Dealing with Suspicious Transactions

Suspicious transactions have historically threatened the safety of banks, specifically, and financial services companies in general. But that trend has accelerated over the past few decades, as digital payments have risen in prominence and as opportunistic fraudsters figure out new ways to con businesses out of their hard-earned cash. Case in point. According to the [...]

The Privacy Puzzle: Solving for CCPA, GDPR, and all the upcoming Privacy regulations.

As a result of privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA, organizations based in the U.S. must both, 1) alter their compliance processes in a way that agrees with the growing number of privacy-based requirements, and 2) learn to cope with the inconsistencies among current and future federal and state-level regulations pertaining to privacy. In this [...]

Remote Workforces And Compliance: What Your Business Needs To Know

As businesses respond to the global pandemic by transitioning to remote workforces, many are leaving their compliance flanks exposed by ignoring new risks posed by remote workers. Compliance is always a labor-intensive challenge, especially in heavily regulated industries, but those challenges grow exponentially with decentralized workforces. Read the full post on Forbes Technology Council. Are you [...]

Immersing Compliance Into Your Cyber Security Strategy

There’s no need to tell a C-level executive about the risks of cybercrime. Chances are, it’s near the top of any risk management executive’s “to do” list. Take the U.S. financial services industry. The sector is being hammered by cybercrimes like ransomware, phishing schemes and massive data breaches, with the average price tag on cybercrime [...]

RegTech Platform from Compliance.ai Now Offers Payments Content and Expertise

WesPay Content Addition Helps Payments Compliance Professionals Better Manage the Regulatory Change Management Process SAN FRANCISCO, CA - September 15, 2020 - Today Compliance.ai announced the addition of WesPay content on its platform, and the addition of WesPay as an available resource on the Expert Connection Network. These new offerings will help compliance professionals using [...]

New Features Now on Compliance.ai: August 2020

Compliance.ai helps you reduce the noise and manage your tasks more effectively. These newest enhancements to our platform help you filter by Document Type, increased control over Workflow Management  and new and expanded Content sets. Default Filters: Document Types Finding the content you need just got easier with our new Default Filter for Document Types. [...]

Build a Quality Control Culture Around Your Compliance Campaign

C-level executives who give quality control short-shrift when building a compliance culture may come to regret it. According to recent data from the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board, they found “a high rate” of compliance quality control deficiencies in 66 broker-dealers tracked during 2019. “We have observed similar deficiencies despite limited changes to auditing and [...]

Pandemic Shines A Spotlight On Risk Management — How RegTech Can Help

When the Covid-19 virus began spreading around the globe, mitigation strategies varied from mandatory shutdowns of all but essential businesses (California, New York and several other U.S. states) to hopes for herd immunity (Sweden) to Big Brother-style tracking of citizens' movements (China) via mobile phones. An avalanche of new regulatory mandates are being enacted, but [...]

Taking Control of Internal Compliance

Who “owns” compliance at your firm? It’s a fair question – and one that too many companies can’t fully answer. Technically, any compliance officer or risk manager may take the title – and responsibility – for company risk management obligations. Yet that’s not entirely fair or accurate given the lower-level priority companies often give to [...]

Six Ways to Keep Informed on Compliance Rules and Regulations

Compliance offers know that a big part of their job is to know what the future brings as regulators inundate companies with new state and federal mandates and statutes. That’s a big deal when new mandates clock at several thousand regulations annually. Getting ahead of that workload, however, is easier said than done. Obstacles that [...]

New Features Now on Compliance.ai: July 2020

Focus on the most relevant regulatory documents by taking advantage of Compliance.ai’s enhanced Dashboard, Jurisdiction Analyzer and refreshed enforcement email. Plus, check out new U.S. and International content. Here are the features we enhanced just this month:  Dashboard: Customizable Widgets Why spend time searching agency websites for the information you need to stay abreast of [...]

Five GDPR Lessons To Help Businesses Prepare For CCPA Enforcement

In the ramp-up to GDPR enforcement, businesses cited a lack of understanding about their own internal data processes and confusion about the law itself as major obstacles to compliance readiness. As laws mature, enforcement actions (EAs) shed light on those concerns, but before enforcement starts, businesses often the data they need to fine-tune their compliance [...]

Three Big Risks Companies Take With a Manual Compliance Strategy

There’s few hard and fast numbers on how many companies continue to rely on manual compliance strategies to manage risk. Certainly, more companies have either moved – or are moving – to automated workflow-based compliance systems. Still, the issue of manual compliance systems is one that won’t go away. One report that does shine a [...]

Navigating Regulatory Change Emerging from a Pandemic

The novel coronavirus has disrupted everyday life in countless ways, from social distancing to school and business closures. Yet one change that has been overlooked as we navigate this pandemic has been a torrent of new regulatory mandates. In this webinar, experts Kayvan Alikhani, co-founder and CEO of Compliance.ai and Rick Dupree, Risk and Compliance [...]

Streamline your RCM Process with Compliance.ai’s Annotation Feature

After speaking with 100s of CCOs about their Regulatory Change Management (RCM) process, we added Annotation capabilities to the Compliance.ai platform for you. This new feature will allow you to complete familiar tasks in a new way.  As a compliance professional, you perform line-by-line analysis of regulations to provide guidance, identify risks, and assess obligations. [...]

Compliance Officers and RegTech Vendors: AI Transparency a Must

For company compliance officers, regulatory enforcement doesn’t take a holiday – even in a global pandemic. Regulatory enforcement pressures, lower staff headcounts, and changing strategies are changing the shape of corporate compliance as more companies leave legacy-based compliance programs behind and steer towards new-age FinTech- and RegTech- powered compliance teams. The new era of RegTech [...]

Compliance.ai Expands its Advisory Board and Introduces New Capabilities to Support Compliance Professionals with the Mounting Regulatory Changes in 2020

San Francisco, CA (June 24, 2020) – Compliance.ai recently announced the addition of three leading industry experts to its advisory board – adding expertise in banking, legal and RegTech. Compliance.ai also launched new capabilities to further support compliance professionals in their day-to-day regulatory change management process.  Joining the advisory team are Dr. Brent Crider, CAMS, [...]

Regulatory Sandboxes in a Post COVID World: Ample Opportunity for Innovators and Regulators

With the media and industry focus on COVID-19 and the resulting global economic slowdown, a once emerging innovative incubator issue – regulatory sandboxes – has taken a back seat. But likely not for long. Born of an entrepreneurial-friendly stance in Europe, particularly the UK, via the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), regulatory sandboxes give FinTech and [...]

Regulating Artificial Intelligence: Why We Need Expert Input To Limit Risks

For business leaders, ushering in an AI-driven global calamity isn’t a top-of-mind concern, but even avoiding smaller risks can be a major challenge. Businesses must figure out how to deploy AI in a way that does not harm consumers, violate consumers’ privacy or otherwise run afoul of laws. If they can’t, it could trigger massive […]

RegTech Rising – New Compliance Tactics in a Post COVID-19 World

In a time of pandemic – check, that – especially in a time of pandemic – regulatory technology compliance solutions are needed more than ever, and the proof is in the performance. That’s no hyperbole – it’s the outlook from major industry companies and a wide array of financial institutions. Case in point. Before COVID-19 […]

New Features Now on Compliance.ai: May 2020

Compliance.ai continuously introduces new content to ensure you can access critical regulatory and compliance documents for your business and delivers new capabilities to help you focus on what’s most important. I’m Ruth McKenzie, senior product manager at Compliance.ai, and I’m excited to share some of the features and content we’ve added to our platform this […]

Regulators Focus Turns to Blockchain in Time of High Uncertainty

With the world’s focus on the deadly coronavirus showing signs of shaking loose, businesses are starting to get back to some form of normal and are tackling problems that were sidelined during the pandemic. Make no mistake, blockchain is one of them. The decentralized public computing platform is growing by leaps and bounds, growing from […]

MetricStream and Compliance.ai Offer Enhanced Regulatory Change Management Solution for Financial Institutions

As the MetricStream GRC Summit kicks off. Compliance.ai announces our integration with the MetricStream platform. This integration provides financial institutions of all sizes a premier regulatory intelligence solution and allows them to proactively manage the growing volume of regulatory changes happening today. Compliance.ai is a proud sponsor of the MetricStream GRC Summit on May 18 […]

How To Navigate Regulatory Change During A Pandemic

The novel coronavirus has disrupted everyday life in countless ways, from social distancing to school and business closures. Yet one change that has been overlooked as we navigate this pandemic has been a torrent of new regulatory mandates. Read about how the COVID-19 crisis is driving compliance modernization and why businesses should turn to modern […]

CCPA: Why Taking a Wait-and-See Approach Could Cost You – Big

Consumer privacy may be the name of the game with the newly-enacted California Consumer Privacy Act, but you can’t blame a corporate compliance officer for discovering it’s a “sticker shock” price issue, too. The CCPA, which is aimed at boosting privacy protections for Golden State residents, went into effect on January 1, 2020. Built on […]

New Features Now on Compliance.ai: April 2020

Compliance.ai offers a modern solution for legal and compliance professionals who strive to stay ahead of the avalanche of new and changing regulations. We listen to hundreds of Chief Compliance and Risk Officers and created a platform that automates much of their team’s process, simplifying regulatory change management. I’m Ruth McKenzie, senior product manager at [...]

Limit your Risk Exposure with Compliance Software Automation

Data automation is all the rage in corporate information technology circles. That goes double for compliance and regulatory practices, which offer a unique set of challenges for company policy makers on the hunt for software tools that advance their compliance efforts. Unfortunately, those efforts are proceeding at a glacial pace, given the traditional challenges facing […]

Compliance Officers Face Uphill Climb on Audits – Here’s the Way Forward

In the age of the current pandemic, compliance officers have enough on their plates without worrying about audits. Yet that’s exactly where decision-makers stand these days, as a new study points out how far companies have fallen behind the curve on successful audit programs. According to the Bonadio Group, a CPA firm based in Rochester, […]

CRA Modernization Webinar with ProBank Austin and findCRA

Staying on top of the latest CRA Modernization news and regulations is not easy. Tune in to our recent webinar with Compliance.ai CEO, Kayvan Alikhani, ProBank Austin’s, Anetria Cohen and findCRA’s, Brian water as they discuss CRA, the latest shift for CRA Modernization, and what the future of CRA may look like in a time [...]

How To Use Enforcement Actions To Minimize Compliance Risks

For corporate compliance teams, enforcement patterns can be more important than the underlying laws themselves. Most unenforced or lightly enforced laws aren’t as obvious as the uncaged bear law, however, so it’s up to chief compliance officers to determine where to focus their resources. Read more in our latest Forbes post by Kayvan Alikhani, CEO […]

Regulators Going Easy on Self-Reporters – Here’s How to Handle “Good Faith” Compliance Mistakes

Is self-reporting an effective way of curbing U.S. Security and Exchange Commission fines and penalties? It’s the right thing to do, and it can work in your favor. Case in point, on March 11, 2019, the SEC reported a settlement agreement with 179 U.S investment advisors that imposed no penalties for violation of Section 206(2) […]

Compliance.ai Introduces Simplified Regulatory Change Management for Insurance Professionals

Today, we announced our expanded library of Insurance industry content, designed and added for risk and compliance teams in the insurance industry.  Compliance.ai now offers comprehensive coverage for banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI), and is the first-ever to offer automatic regulatory classification, sentencification and obligation extraction for the insurance industry across a wide range […]

How to Stretch Your Compliance Budget in a Slowing Economy

The carnage from the stock market in early March, due primarily to the ongoing coronavirus issue and plummeting prices, is accelerating angst over a slowing U.S. economy. Facts and figures are hard to come by in a global health and financial crisis, but the U.S. economy does seem stable. Data from the Atlanta Federal Reserve’s […]

Riskonnect Partners with Compliance.ai to Drive Regulatory Change Management Excellence

Today, we are excited to announce our strategic partnership with Riskonnect at the RSA Conference. This partnership allows users to further organize, simplify and streamline their regulatory change management process by providing a feed of global regulatory changes on a regular basis. Read the press release: New platform integration enables risk and compliance managers to […]

Mythbusters: Separating Facts From Fiction in RegTech

The RegTech market has shifted into overdrive in 2020, but it still suffers from the myths, fallacies, and misperceptions that can stunt the growth of any emerging industry – if it doesn’t respond to legacy-inspired rumbling and grumbling. What are the biggest myths surrounding the RegTech market and threaten its growth? We see these three […]

California’s CCPA Triggers A Tsunami Of State-Level Data Privacy Laws

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) went into effect on January 1, 2020, and while enforcement has been postponed for six months, businesses that squander the grace period could face big risks. Learn more about the biggest difference between the two laws is how the CCPA is affecting other jurisdictions. Read the full post on Forbes Technology Council. […]

Banking Regulatory Outlook in 2020

Banking industry executives must feel like they’re in for a roller-coaster ride on the regulatory front in 2020. The bar is locked down, the coaster is rolling out of the gate, and bankers should hold on tight as myriad twists and turns await them in an aggressive regulatory cycle this year. The ride should be […]

Expect a Rough Ride for Cryptocurrencies in 2020: 4 Key Challenges

The bull market for cryptocurrencies cooled off last year, as the technology ran into major roadblocks, including regulatory constraints, fallout over illegal ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) and criminal indictments for crypto mining fraud. After a turbulent 2019, my level of skepticism about whether cryptocurrency will be widely adopted in 2020 has increased significantly. In talking […]

Now on Forbes: Reshaping the Compliance industry in 2020

The start of a new year always puts pressure on corporate compliance teams. New regulations hit. Personnel at key agencies change, and enforcement strategies shift as well. While a hectic January is common, 2020 is shaping up to be particularly eventful because of three key trends that compliance teams must tackle in order to keep […]

ABA Financial Crimes Enforcement Podcast

There is an avalanche of new regulations and changes compliance officers are trying to address. We are starting to see automation, AI, NLP replace manual regulatory change management processes to make the challenge of keeping up with changing regulations more efficient. Listen to the podcast to hear more about the impact Regtech is having on […]

New Decade New Strategies: 5 Privacy Regulation Action Steps to Take in 2020

It’s a new year – and a new decade – and major scenarios abound for corporate decision-makers tasked with privacy management going forward. That group includes compliance officers, risk management and security executives, and data analysts responsible for the dissemination, storage, and management of sensitive company information. In fact, the company management of personal and […]

Getting Ethics Right: Lessons Learned from Alstom’s Long-Term Compliance Woes

It’s been quite a five-year run – but not in a good way – for Alstom, the France-based multinational rail transport giant, which is trying to emerge clean and fresh from repeated compliance and ethical lapses.  — In 2014, the company was slapped with a $772 million fine by the U.S. Department of Justice after […]

Now on Forbes: The Hidden Costs — and Risks — of Legacy Compliance Management Systems

Getting ready for the New Year may require a critical change in the way you manage your compliance. Compliance.ai’s CEO and Co-Founder, Kayvan Alikhani discusses the Hidden Costs and Risks of Legacy Management Systems in his latest Forbes article. Here are some of the key takeaways: Legacy Baggage Adds Numerous Hidden Costs – Financial organizations […]

Compliance.ai Adds Key Executives for Sales and Marketing to Further Amplify Growth

Regtech disruptor grows senior team to fuel rapid expansion of regulatory change management solutions San Francisco, CA, December 4, 2019 -- Compliance.ai today announced it has made two significant hires to strengthen its executive team bench. Matt Hill has joined Compliance.ai as the vice president of sales, and Julie Craig has been added as the [...]

Compliance.ai Named in RegTech100 Ranking by FinTech Global

Compliance.ai has been selected as one of the world’s most innovative RegTech companies for 2020, by FinTech Global for its AI-powered RegTech Solution. The REGTECH100 is an annual list of 100 of the world’s most innovative RegTech companies. These are the companies financial institution have on their radar as they consider and develop their mission-critical [...]

Digital Transformation in the Financial Industry: 7 Keys to Success

Financial executives face a fractured digital landscape As financial institutions pursue digital transformation initiatives, many struggle to balance consumer demands for more personalized, always-on services with regulatory requirements that place a premium on consumer privacy. According to Ovum Research, banks spent close to $10 billion ($9.74 b) in 2018 on front-office digital banking initiative alone. [...]

Now on Forbes: Kayvan Alikhani Addresses “Cloud Washing”

In this timely article, Compliance.ai’s CEO and Co-Founder, Kayvan Alikhani, addresses ‘Tech washing’ and the practice of slapping a trendy, new label on legacy solutions.  Here are some of the key takeaways: The what and the why of the Tech Washing problem? The key advantages of new technologies are becoming obscure in this process, making [...]

How to Achieve Sky-high RegTech ROI in 3 Steps

Regtech Since the housing crisis of 2008, businesses in highly regulated industries – banking, insurance, securities, etc. – have faced a flood of new, ever-changing compliance mandates. Fortunately, technology innovations, such as FinTech (Financial Technology) and RegTech (Regulatory Technology), have also emerged to help organizations keep up with those changes in near-real-time.  Yet, if hit [...]

Compliance.ai’s New Premium Content Solution Enables Financial Institutions to Seamlessly Support Regulatory Updates and Changes

Partnership with ProBank Austin Provides Industry-Leading Content for Organizations Looking to Modernize Regulatory Change Management PHOENIX, AZ September 12, 2019--WesPay 2019 Payments Symposium--Today Compliance.ai announced Premium Content, a new offering to help compliance professionals keep up with banking and financial regulations. Premium Content allows users to easily access relevant and contextualized regulatory subscription content, and [...]

Compliance.ai Joins WesPay to Help Standardize and Modernize RCM Solutions in the RegTech Industry

PHOENIX, AZ September 11, 2019 -- WesPay 2019 Payments Symposium -- Today Compliance.ai announced its membership with WesPay. Joining WesPay’s 1,000 financial industry members, Compliance.ai brings it’s award winning and industry recognized regulatory compliance solutions to one of the oldest and most established electronic payments associations. Compliance.ai’s modern technology automates the tedious, manual, and complex [...]

Compliance.ai Announces AI-technology Advancements Within its Modern RCM Solution for Chief Compliance Officers

Company unveils new features and publishes white paper detailing how regtech is improving regulatory compliance for the financial services industry SAN FRANCISCO, June 18, 2019 – Compliance.ai today announced the availability of new features to its Modern Regulatory Change Management (RCM) solution, an award-winning and industry-recognized regulatory compliance product that automates the tedious and complex [...]

How RegTech is Tackling Today’s Complex Regulatory Landscape Better, Faster and Cheaper Than Legacy Systems

Background What solutions exist to manage regulatory change and compliance risk?  How does legacy compliance management software measure up against RegTech in the present regulatory environment? Summary The financial crisis of 2008 significantly altered the regulatory climate for financial institutions. Along with extensive and frequent changes to rules and regulations, modern technological advances and a [...]

Regulatory Disruption: Is Your Business Ready To Comply With The CCPA?

In his 3rd article for the Forbes Technology Council, Compliance.ai’s CEO and Co-Founder, Kayvan Alikhani, provides a framework for how businesses can apply technology to be better prepared for the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) - before it goes into effect. Here are some of the key takeaways: CCPA is scheduled to take effect on [...]

360factors and Compliance.ai Announce Integration Partnership to Deliver Unparalleled Regulatory Change Management Solutions

GRC Technology Leader and RegTech innovator will integrate real-time regulatory intelligence updates within regulatory change management platform AUSTIN, TX | May 21, 2019 – 360factors and Compliance.ai have announced a strategic partnership to deliver a complete regulatory change and compliance management solution for credit unions and banking industry clients. Compliance.ai’s comprehensive, classified and curated regulatory [...]

Compliance.ai Named SIIA Business Technology Product CODiE Award Finalist for Best Compliance Solution

Compliance.ai’s regulatory change management platform earns prestigious industry recognition San Francisco (May 15, 2019) Compliance.ai, a RegTech pioneer that is transforming the way highly regulated organizations address compliance risk, announced last week that its platform was named a 2019 SIIA CODiE Awards Finalist in the Compliance Solution category. Finalists represent the best products, technologies, and [...]

Compliance.ai Honored As Silver Stevie Award Winner in 2019 American Business Awards®

San Francisco, CA – May 8, 2019 – Compliance.ai was named the winner of a Silver Stevie® Award in the Governance, Risk & Compliance Solution category in the 17th Annual American Business Awards®. The American Business Awards are the U.S.A.’s premier business awards program. All organizations operating in the U.S.A. are eligible to submit nominations [...]

New eBook How to Reduce Compliance Risk with Enforcement Actions

Background Compliance.ai polled financial compliance, risk and crime professionals at mid-sized to large financial institutions to discover how organizations are tracking enforcement actions and which methods are used to manage risk. Summary Many financial institutions are struggling to manage compliance risk and regulatory change, as it is often difficult to prioritize time and efforts. The [...]

Review of Enforcement Actions

Enforcement actions are a useful way for companies to see trends in how regulatory agencies are enforcing existing rules. Enforcement orders cite a violation and depending on that, will have an associated penalty, which could be monetary or non-monetary. An example of a non-monetary penalty would be X. There is also a reputational cost. For [...]

Compliance.ai and LogicManager Partner to Offer Banks and Credit Unions a Modern and Seamless Compliance Management Solution

Compliance.ai functionality now offered as part of LogicManager platform, allowing financial institutions to proactively manage the growing volume and velocity of regulatory changes. SAN FRANCISCO and BOSTON – April 8, 2019- Compliance.ai, a modern regulatory change management platform for financial services companies, has developed a strategic partnership with LogicManager, the leading enterprise risk management (ERM) software [...]

3 State Regulatory Topics Banking Execs Need to Understand

Introduction to the State of Regulatory Activity Since the Trump Administration came into office, the US has entered a new era of deregulation. There were less financial regulations issued in 2018 than in the last 4 decades. This marks a stark change from the exponential increase in financial regulation that followed the 2008 subprime crisis. [...]

Enforcement Action Survey

Earlier this year we launched an industry survey to learn more about how financial compliance, risk, and crime teams are currently tracking and monitoring enforcement actions. Enforcement actions are interesting to analyze because of how differently they are used across all three of these teams: Compliance, Risk and Financial Crimes. Enforcement orders offer insight on [...]

Why It’s Dangerous For AI To Regulate Itself

In this Forbes Article Compliance.ai’s CEO and Co-Founder, Kayvan Alikhani, explains why it is imperative that companies and regulatory agencies work together to create a framework for regulating AI. Here are some of the key takeaways: Risks associated with AI are part of its evolution. "For instance, some writers fear that autonomous weapons could end [...]

Announcing: Fresh New Look and New Board Adivsor

We are pleased to introduce the new Compliance.ai website and refreshed logo. The updated design represents the natural evolution and maturity of our company, product, and brand, and makes it easier than ever to determine how our solution meets your specific needs. Here are just a few things we’re excited to share with you. Monitor. [...]

CCPA: Will Your Business Be Responsible For Your Data Service Provider?

On June 28, 2018, California governor Jerry Brown signed the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA), which becomes effective on January 1, 2020. The primary objectives of CCPA: Give users the right to know what information large corporations are collecting about them. Give users the right to tell a business not to share or [...]

Compliance.ai announces strategic integration to modernize how financial services companies address compliance risk

Blueprint partners with Compliance.ai to provide its banking and financial services customers with real-time regulatory change content and to modernize how financial institutions address compliance risk New functionality from Compliance.ai enables enterprise-scale financial organizations to proactively manage the growing volume and velocity of regulatory changes using a single platform. TORONTO – February  26, 2019 - Blueprint [...]

A Look Back at 2018 Digital Asset Enforcement Actions

The regulatory landscape around digital asset securities that was once an open-ended question is now becoming increasingly clear. And by the regulatory landscape, the SEC means the following: Initial offers and sales of digital asset securities (including those issued in initial coin offerings ("ICOs") Investment vehicles investing in digital asset securities and those who advise [...]

Why AI Needs Experts

Compliance.ai’s CEO and Co-Founder, Kayvan Alikhani,  discusses the new opportunities that AI will bring and explains why AI requires human expertise, now more than ever in his article, published on Forbes Technology Council. Here are some of the key takeaways: Fear of AI is on the rise. According to a Gallup poll from last year, [...]

Compliance.ai’s Top 6 Industry Predictions for 2019

2018 was an eventful year for RegTech, especially with regard to public and private sector collaboration. Technology companies and government agencies made strides in working together and promoting the use of advanced technology, like AI, to automate and streamline the complexity of the regulatory environment--particularly for the financial sector. FINRA provided guidance on RegTech, the OCC [...]

Compliance.ai Year in Review 2018

As the new year begins, I’ve been both reflecting on key milestones Compliance.ai achieved last year and looking ahead to where we will be going in 2019. I am proud of the progress our team made in 2018 to help modernize how compliance teams address risk. Here are some highlights of what Compliance.ai accomplished in [...]

How Can Banks and Agencies Partner With RegTech?

Regulatory technology, or “RegTech,” is a growing field focused on the use of new technologies to improve the regulatory process. Fostered by the increasing use of technology in financial services and other regulated industries to achieve a competitive advantage, regulatory agencies, private firms, and other institutions are now using RegTech to streamline the compliance monitoring [...]

How Accurate were our 2018 RegTech Predictions?

The global RegTech market continued to mature in 2018, gaining attention from investors, banks and regulatory bodies alike. The industry is expected to grow at an annual rate of 23.5%--increasing from $4.3 billion in 2018 to $12.3 billion by 2023. In a busy year that included some unexpected events, here are our three major takeaways [...]

Regulating Disruption: What are ICOs anyway?

Initial coin offerings (ICOs) seem to find their way into almost any conversation I have nowadays. Most of the people that I’ve talked to regarding this matter seem to have an opinion. I’ve found that the word disruption gets thrown around almost always. Nonetheless, when you press people on the issue, you can tell that [...]

Compliance.ai uses Tibco Cloud Mashery for API Mastery – Tech Target

"Compliance.ai, a compliance and regulatory management platform vendor, uses Tibco Mashery to help manage and compile many different APIs and data sources. Startup Compliance.ai pieces together a lot of data from disparate sources to help its clients understand complex regulatory information. To help get that data to its users, the regulatory management platform vendor has [...]

Five Ways Compliance.ai Saves You Money

It’s no secret that there has been a significant rise in regulatory compliance related rules, regulations and enforcements since the 2008 financial crisis. Those new compliance burdens have had a direct and significant effect across the spectrum for financial institutions. To understand the costs of compliance, we must first consider the largest expense, which is [...]

Automated Workflow | Streamline Compliance Management – Waters Technology

The platform automatically parses regulations to figure out their relevancy to a firm. RegTech provider Compliance.ai has launched a new workflow solution that takes advantage of artificial intelligence for regulatory compliance. The new solution, part of its Team Edition financial regulatory change-management platform, uses machine learning to automatically determine which changes in rules impact specific companies. Here are [...]

RegTech Innovator Compliance.ai Launches Industry’s First Workflow Automation Solution for Financial Regulatory Change Management

Intuitive Workflow and Collaboration Automation Simplifies Steps Financial Services Institutions Must Take to Stay Compliant and Lower Compliance Risk WASHINGTON, Nov. 07, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today at RegTech Enable, Compliance.ai announced the general availability of its Workflow Automation solution, part of the Team Edition financial regulatory change management platform. A RegTech pioneer, Compliance.ai’s modern SaaS platform enables Chief [...]

Compliance Tech Company Brings Together Law Students and AI – Corporate Counsel

Corporate Counsel and Law.com recently interviewed Compliance.ai's Co-Founder and CEO, Kayvan Alikhani, to discuss how Compliance.ai's Contributor Edition program brings together Law Students and AI to help compliance teams tackle the overwhelming volume of regulatory changes by state and federal agencies. Below are some of the key takeaways from their discussion: "The tool's concept involves taking a [...]

The State of State Regulation

In the realm of financial regulations, federal-level regulations tend to attract the most coverage from the media since federal agency activity can have impact across the entire country.  From the beginning of the recession fallout in 2009, approximately 17,500 pages have been added to the Federal Code Register, which houses the government’s federal regulations.  Most [...]

What Every Aspiring Legal Professional Should Know About RegTech

The Omnipresence of Regulation Deregulation is a myth. It is a concept we continue to hear over and over, but the reality is that regulation has incrementally gained relevance as a mechanism for shaping, correcting, and protecting the most varied range of markets, their agents and stakeholders. Nowadays, most governmental intervention is executed through agency [...]

Machine-Readable Regulation – Jo Ann Barefoot Interviews Compliance.ai CEO

Introduction "What if regulations were machine-readable? What if, when regulatory changes come out, financial companies wouldn't have to download hundreds or thousands of pages of rules and read them all? What if they didn't have to rely on lawyers - their own, and also the legions of legal experts and consultants who translate rules for [...]

Into the Future of Regtech | Streamlining Regulatory Change Management with Automated Workflow

If we hop in our time machine and travel back to 2008, there were an average of 10 regulatory changes published by federal agencies relating to financial regulations, per day. Fast forward to 2016, and we see the pace increasing to over 200 changes per day. Financial institutions that want to properly manage such changes [...]

Blockchain, Regulation, and Privacy

Originally featured on International Banker, authored by Kayvan Alikhani. The Ramifications of using Blockchain and Supporting Crypto-Currencies within Financial Organizations Source: International Banker What is blockchain? Blockchain technology and its many applications are transforming the financial system. A blockchain is a decentralized, digital and transparent general ledger of all transactions. Virtual currencies, such as the [...]

Into the Future of Regtech | Reduce Compliance Costs Using Diffing

To streamline regulatory change management, one must have knowledge and understanding of how regulatory rules are written and published.  Various agencies produce regulations for financial institutions. For example, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) publishes rules as mandated by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.  The CFPB’s rulemaking process begins with research and is [...]

Into the Future of RegTech | Automatic Summarization

"If you define the problem correctly, you almost have the solution,” - Steve Jobs, a pioneer of technology commented on the use of technology as solutions What are some of the challenges? One of the most challenging hurdles financial institutions face today is the burden of regulatory compliance.  Banks have been spending billions of dollars [...]

Compliance.ai in the running for “Best Application of AI in Financial Services”

The nominations for the world-renowned AIconics awards have been announced in London, UK. Eleven awards celebrating the most innovating AI companies will be awarded in a prestigious ceremony to be held at The State Apartments of Kensington Palace on the 12th of June 2018 among an elite audience of 300 guests. Now in their third edition, [...]

Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Supervised Learning | RegTech

3 Reasons Why AI Requires an Essential Human Component in RegTech In the best interest of accurate data, enlisting a team of industry or topic-focused experts will give the AI the direction it needs to better analyze and classify data. By Kayvan Alikhani, Compliance.ai  Originally published by LegalTech News (law.com) Machine learning explores algorithms that can [...]

SF Business Times | Following the rules with Ease

The San Francisco Business Times recently met with our Co-Founder and CEO, Kayvan Alikhani, at our office in the Financial District, to discuss the issues that are plaguing compliance professionals in the financial services industry and how Compliance.ai is applying machine learning and AI technology to alleviate their woes. Below are some of the key takeaways from their [...]

RegTech Universe: “Modernization is no longer optional”

Deloitte recently published an analysis of the RegTech industry along with a directory of RegTech companies and the various solutions they are offering for regulatory compliance.  Deloitte describes RegTech as the "new Fintech" which promises to disrupt the burdensome demands of compliance within the financial services industry by applying technologically advanced solutions to streamline various aspects within [...]

Fair Lending and the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act

Effective January 1, 2018, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has added 84 data fields that must be reported on the Loan Application Register (LAR) as required by the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA). Since January 1, 2018, there have been 27 Enforcement Documents related to LAR from OCC, CFPB, and FDIC. The newly revised [...]

Data Privacy, GDPR and Facebook | What you need to know

The Facebook Data Scandal, GDPR & the Financial Industry’s Privacy Measures Recently, the New York Times alleged that Cambridge Analytica collected consumer information deceitfully by breaking Facebook’s rules.  A researcher at Cambridge University, Aleksandr Kogan, developed an app for the company that required users to sign in using their Facebook accounts.  In 2014, Facebook invited [...]

Financial Regulatory Intelligence

Financial Regulatory Intelligence The goal of financial regulatory intelligence is allow us to understand what is changing on a daily basis, unlike our every day lives. The alarm clock buzzes, and it’s time to face the day ahead.  Feet touch the cold morning floorboards and that first sip of coffee hits the soul.  Dressed and [...]

Part 2 | A Day in the Life | Staying on Top of Change

How Do You Keep Up with New Obligations? The next part of our “Day in the Life of a Compliance Officer” blog series is going to take a deep dive on one of the most complex and dynamic pieces of the Compliance Management System, staying current with new rules and regulations. The Change Management Program [...]

State of Affairs: Cybersecurity & Privacy Regulations

“A Cyberattack can’t blow up the world, but it can upend geopolitical stability. It can destroy national alliances, and work to undermine the most powerful democracy on Earth. It can even undercut the very idea of truth. Short of nuclear weapons, hacking has become the most destabilizing tool in geopolitics.” (Dreyfuss, 2017) Cyberattacks seem to [...]

A Day in the Life | Compliance Officer

What does a Compliance Officer do? Being a Compliance Officer (CO) within a financial services organization isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s a tough job with high risks, but it can also be high in rewards. There aren’t many people out in the workforce with the fortitude and skillset to take on the task, [...]

2018 Predictions from AALS 2018

Last week, Compliance.ai exhibited at the Association of American Law Schools' Annual Meeting in beautiful San Diego.  During the conference, we spoke with Deans, Law Professors, and Lawyers from around the world and showcased the Contributor platform and RegHero program.  Many of the booths were providing recruitment services, literature, and publishing opportunities for attendees, but our booth stood out [...]

The Bank Secrecy Act & Cryptocurrency Regulation in the US

How will the Bank Secrecy Act affect Cryptocurrency Regulation?  If you haven’t heard of cryptocurrency lately, then you might be hiding under a rock because the new form of virtual currency has taken the world by storm. There are a multitude of different cryptocurrencies out there but the most talked about one is Bitcoin. At [...]

Can AI Predict Risky Behavior?

As we near year-end, Artificial Intelligence is ranked as one of the top business trends for 2018. Leading organizations are investing in AI to enable more automation of tasks and decision making. As organizations integrate machine learning into various aspects of their complex business processes, it will be interesting to explore whether AI can also [...]

A Modern Approach to Regulatory Change Management

Source: AP Images The number of financial regulations currently in existence is staggering and is only predicted to grow. According to JWG, a London-based think tank focusing on regulations has estimated that over 300 million pages of regulatory documents will be published by 2020, and over 600 legislative initiatives will need to be cataloged by [...]

2018 Predictions for Regtech | Compliance.ai

Compliance.ai’s 2018 Predictions in RegTech 2017 was a huge year for advancements in the United States RegTech market. We predict that the regulatory uncertainty will continue to be at the forefront of the financial services industry and that AI/ML technologies will further mature. Therefore 2018 will be an even more exciting year for RegTech. Here [...]

The Trials and Tribulations of a Compliance Professional

What does the role consist of? Traditionally, the compliance professional's role was set up as the enforcement arm within the legal team. Their role was limited to focusing on identifying risk and risk management.  But as the Chief Compliance Officer’s role continues to evolve, compliance will become more integrated with business performance, and CCOs will [...]

What is RegTech?

The Evolution of RegTech and the Benefits for the Financial Industry Regulatory Technology commonly referred to as “RegTech” is a subset of FinTech which uses information technology to enhance regulatory monitoring, reporting, and other compliance processes for the financial industry.  RegTech concentrates on digitizing the current manual compliance processes, but RegTech has much more to [...]

How Automation Makes Compliance Easier for Banks

Regulatory compliance is both a necessary and costly business expense for banks.  In an era of global trade and ever-changing regulations, the burden of compliance can be overwhelming for financial institutions. Traditionally, a dedicated compliance staff is necessary to review regulatory compliance filings and stay abreast of new regulations and proposed rules in the financial [...]

Compliance.ai Recognized at AI Summit: Best Application of AI in Finance

We are excited to share with you that Compliance.ai was shortlisted for Best Application of AI for Financial Services at the AIconics Awards, the world’s only independently-judged awards celebrating Artificial Intelligence for Business, which was announced at The AI Summit San Francisco last week. AI Business, the organizer of the Summit, noted this year's awards program: "Following the significant advances made in [...]

Embracing Digitization and Automation in Financial Services

Financial Services Firms Need to Embrace Digitization and Automation to Succeed From financial advice to customer onboarding to compliance, the financial services sector is increasingly becoming more digital and automated. As a result, financial services firms can become significantly more efficient, while potentially boosting customer and employee experience. These changes are not limited in scope, as [...]

SaaS Solution for Regulatory Change | Modern Solution for Banks

SaaS RegTech - The Modern Answer to Managing Regulations The proliferation of SaaS-based solutions has provided firms with exponential value compared to their traditional software products. The benefits of SaaS include: instant access from anywhere to powerful tools, rapid onboarding, instant updates, and increased ROI. A new group of SaaS-based products are tailored toward modernizing [...]

The Risky Business of Bribery

Bribery isn’t limited to paying public officials to look the other way. In financial services, it can also be an issue of crossing the line of generosity and running afoul of specific compliance rules like the Bank Bribery Act. This line can be crossed from both sides in finance, either with clients bribing employees or [...]

Seven Years Since Dodd Frank: What’s Really Changed?

Since the passage of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act in 2010, the implementation of this major legislation has been long and winding, with many attempts to alter it along the way. Still, the bill has made a significant impact on the financial services industry, as firms have had to cope with [...]

Seven Years Since Dodd Frank: What’s Really Changed?

Since the passage of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act in 2010, the implementation of this major legislation has been long and winding, with many attempts to alter it along the way. Still, the bill has made a significant impact on the financial services industry, as firms have had to cope with [...]

Do All Banks Need to Look Into RegTech?

From credit unions to investment banks to global custodians, the whole spectrum of financial services organizations is facing significant regulatory change, which requires significant resources to manage. That's why banks of all sizes and services should look into RegTech, a part of FinTech that is dramatically simplifying compliance management, so that banks can focus on [...]

The Executive Branch vs. the CFPB

In a rare move, the Justice Department reversed course, filing an Amicus Brief in support of a ruling by a panel of the DC Circuit Court declaring the current structure of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) to be unconstitutional.  Although the CFPB is an independent agency which may represent itself in court, for this [...]

True Financial Industry Reform Will Take an Act of Congress: The Impact of Trump’s Financial Industry Executive Orders

With two releases, Trump made good on his promise to reform regulation of the financial industry.  However, the nature of agencies regulating the sector requires that he receive an assist from Congress to effectuate real change.  On February 3, the industry saw its first simultaneous act to dismantle the Dodd-Frank Act.  President Trump issued an […]

The Limited Executive Power and the Financial Industry: The 2 for 1 Rule

During President Donald Trump’s campaign he promised to shake up business by streamlining the regulatory system.  The financial sector, still adapting to the changes imposed by The Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (Pub.L. 111–203, H.R. 4173) (“Dodd-Frank”), has had mixed reactions to the possibility of yet another regulatory scheme.  While many would […]

INFOGRAPHIC: Machine learning can lower compliance costs

Compliance teams have a difficult job. Resources are tight but the amount of new regulations is constantly increasing, which places more and more demands on compliance team members. Even in previous periods of deregulation, the number of regulatory updates has tended to steadily increase. The restrictions on business may shrink during these times, but the […]

Debt Collection in America, Part 1

The rules and practices around debt in the United States have received a lot of attention lately. The biggest stories have come out of the federal government, including new rules for debt collection from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. State rules make up a large portion of the regulations surrounding debt, however, and influence what […]