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Over the past month, we have focused on improving our collaboration functionality, including multiple workflow usability enhancements.

We also continued enriching our resource content, most notably upgrading US Code to include Title, Chapter, Section information for easier navigation. Other new content includes regulatory updates for banking, insurance, housing, and the securities industries from US state regulators. We have also expanded our coverage from international sources from the EU, UK, Bermuda, Canada, Germany, and Singapore.

We’ll be showcasing these and other enhancements at our upcoming Expert-in-the-Loop Virtual Forum by 

We are pleased to share our 2022 EITL Forum agenda with you, featuring Former FBI Special Agent and cybersecurity expert John Caruthers and Industry luminary Jo Anne Barefoot, as our keynote speakers. We are also sharing best practices, discussing regulatory directions and trends and networking during the event. We invite you to register for our virtual forum September 7-8th to hear from key leaders across the industry, and connect with other experts who are using to overcome regulatory challenges.

Enrich your Regulatory Research with New Concepts

Following on the most recent regulatory trends, we have added several new Concepts to our library. Among the latest additions, you will find Concepts related to ESG, AML, and Anti-Bribery:

  • Operational:
    • ESG: Regulatory changes related to Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance issues.
    • ESG – Environmental: Regulatory changes related to Environmental issues within the ESG space.
    • ESG – Social: Regulatory changes related to social issues within the ESG space.
    • ESG – Governance: Regulatory changes that relate to Governance issues within the ESG space.
  • BSA/AML:
    • General AML: Regulatory changes related to Anti-Money Laundering broadly.
    • AML – Sanctions: Regulatory changes related to financial sanctions, import and export controls, and money laundering.
  • Compliance:
    • Self-dealing: Regulatory changes related to self-dealing, related parties, and covered persons.
    • Regulatory Compliance Management:Regulatory changes broadly related to RCM.

Follow our new concepts by selecting Default Filter, choosing a concept category, then adding new concepts of interest.

You can use these concepts to research global regulatory trends, or customize them for your specific context by adding jurisdictions, agencies, or document types of interest. Once you’re comfortable with your customization, save your search as a new alert and share with other interested colleagues.

Workflow usability enhancements enable you to create, update, and complete workflows more conveniently and accurately

For Team Edition users, tasks are at the heart of your experience on our platform. To make it even easier to leverage workflow functionality, we’ve upgraded multiple aspects of both workflow management and task completion. 

Speed up Workflow review using our refreshed Manage Workflows

Our new Manage Workflows page allows you to quickly review the most critical aspects of your workflows on a single, searchable screen. The page allows you to check key details related to all of your workflows at a glance so you can identify and resolve problems immediately. This includes ensuring that all workflows are assigned to the correct teams and driven by the expected alert.

Use our redesigned Workflow editing to help reduce human errors

Our new design helps you avoid common mistakes such as adding dependencies incorrectly in workflows with multiple similarly named tasks or forgetting to save changes after an update to a multi-step workflow. In addition, our new expandable text box design allows you to see all characters in your dropdown and description fields, no matter how long the text, making it easy to double check your entries before adding or editing a workflow.

Manage workflow assignments more efficiently using our refreshed ‘Task summary’ panel 

Bolder text and improved right panel resizing makes it easier to review and complete your tasks.

Speed up workflow task review using our highlighted Task Assignee and Task Relevant information: Quickly pinpoint team members participating in your Reg-Change processes  

We’ve added even more details, including task assignee and information about task relevance to ensure the workflow summary includes all the information you need to present details about a specific regulatory change workflow to your management team. This additional information has been added to ensure that you understand the level of effort required to complete the workflow on a particular document and can recalibrate your assignments on an ongoing basis.

For more information about Workflows, don’t forget to register for Expert-in-the-Loop Virtual Forum by 

Attend “Solving Real-World Challenges by Using Workflow” on September 7 at 10:30am PST to learn more about leveraging workflow functionality within

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Introducing Title, Chapter, and Section information for easier US Code navigation

Leverage the familiar title, chapter, subchapter, section information for an improved US Code research experience.

Growing our Community

We are expanding our online customer community in order to provide more resources, better overall visibility and the opportunity for more peer to peer interaction. The Community is accessible from within the platform by clicking on the question mark in the upper right corner and selecting either Request an Enhancement or File a Bug.  

The Community allows you to see all of your organization’s Tickets which includes Status, Target Completion Date (ETA) and any comments or additional information required. Our Knowledge Base is rapidly expanding with access to training videos and documentation, FAQs, product blogs that share the latest update and product release notes, and our full list of industry-related “regulatory trends” blogs. We are also opening up the Discussion board where you can interact with your peers and share your thoughts and questions.  

Looking to the future of the platform, our Product Team will be posting Ideas where customers can provide feedback and vote on future platform capabilities and features. Lastly, we will be sharing news about upcoming forums, webinars and events in our Announcements section.  

Be sure to register for our EITL (Expert-in-the-Loop) virtual forum on Sept 7th & 8th, where we will be sharing more information! 

One Source for Regulatory Intelligence: Expanding Regulatory Coverage

We continued our expansion of International regulatory sources. You can now follow recent regulatory updates for:

  • Insurance related updates from California, North Carolina, Illinois, Nevada, and the US Virgin Islands.
  • Banking related updates from Connecticut, Idaho, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Alabama.
  • Housing related updates from California and the US Federal Housing and Urban Development.
  • Securities related updates from the District of Columbia, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Hampshire, and the National Futures Association .
  • Bermuda: The Bermuda Monetary Authority, Guidance (BMU-MA)
  • Canada: Ontario Securities Commission (CAN-OSC)
  • European Union: European Parliament (EU-PARL), EU Banking Authority (EU-EBA)
  • United Kingdom: HM Revenue & Customs (UK-HMRC)
  • Germany: Federal Financial Supervisory Authority of Germany (DEU-BaFIN), Bundesbank (DEU-BB), Bundesministerium der Finanzen (DEU-BMF), Bundesverband deutscher Banken (DEU-BVB), Die Deutsche Kreditwirtschaft (DEU-DK), Verband der Auslandsbanken (DEU-VAB)
  • Singapore: Singapore Parliament (SGP-PARL)

Please visit Agency Sources within the documentation section of our Developer Platform website and bookmark the pages as we update them frequently!

Update your Default Filters at any time to take advantage of our new regulatory sources.

We hope you enjoyed this product update!

Client feedback is always welcome. Please contact our support team with any questions or feedback or schedule a time to review our new features. Remember that you can always access the Training Center under the Help (?) section of the platform for more information.

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