Regulatory Change Management, made simple.

Managing regulatory change doesn’t have to be as tedious and manual a process as it is today. delivers the industry’s most comprehensive collection of regulatory intelligence content, insights and trends for compliance professionals within the financial services industry. provides focused, instant, and curated regulatory information that is dynamic and personalizable. is the first RegTech company to match regulatory documents to a corresponding business function (topic) by leveraging its proprietary Expert-in-the-Loop methodology. Topic classification allows users to quickly deduce whether a newly published document applies to their business while also ensuring that a related document isn’t overlooked, even if it is published by an agency you don’t normally track.

Financial topics include:  Bank Operations, BSA/AML, Commercial Lending, Consumer Lending, Credit, Crowdfunding, Cybersecurity, Debt Collection, Deposits, FCPA/ABAC, Insurance, Leasing, Lending, Mortgage Lending, Payday Lending, Payment, Privacy, Securities and Trust. Learn more about our topic classification here.

Workflow And Collaboration
Workflow and Collaboration

The latest workflow capabilities further simplify collaboration across stakeholders by creating automatic to-do lists based on regulatory changes. Compliance teams can take advantage of our new workflow capability within their existing infrastructure to significantly lower the amount of time it takes to assign and manage tasks. guides compliance professionals through the implementation process, automating the otherwise manual process of tracking, scheduling and reviewing regulatory compliance controls.

Personalized Notifications
Personalized Notifications

With the goal to simplify the lives of compliance professionals who spend hours each day manually tracking down regulatory updates,’s customizable platform is designed to notify you when an important regulatory change occurs.  Schedule alerts to update you on changes pertaining to a specific regulation, agency or topic area occur. You can tell us how and when you want to be updated with our new mobile application. Let be your trusted eyes and ears for everything that is happening in the financial regulatory space. We will monitor changes in real-time and let you know when changes relevant to your organization occur, saving you time and reducing the chance of you missing an important update.

Intelligent Summaries’s platform shows users intelligent summaries of regulatory documents without the time and costs associated with doing it manually. Leveraging machine learning, natural language processing and generation technologies, can produce automatically extracted summaries of complex regulatory documents giving you a high-level understanding of the latest proposed or final rule. The automatically generated summaries are fully cited to make reporting seamless. You can benefit from the intelligent summaries by using it as a starting point for prioritization and analysis, while having the ability to annotate directly on the platform.

CuratedContent Img
Curated Content

Compliance professionals have a lot of work to do, but scanning through an overflowing inbox to manually hunt for regulatory updates shouldn’t be one of them. offers you a focused feed of curated content, updated in real-time, with only the documents that are relevant to you. We reduce the unnecessary noise and help you prioritize the  regulatory content you see by offering a refined dashboard, timeline view and newsfeed that automatically updates to show you the latest information separating the noise from consequential documents.

Content Visualization & Access

Introducing the mobile app, an intuitive approach to managing regulatory changes, updates and news all at your fingertips. The mobile app allows to you get notified on the go when a change occurs – or not – with personalized notification alert settings. The mobile app features a unique spatial view to showcase a new visualization of regulatory activity. Watch the sneak peek of the mobile app here. 

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