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Manage Internal Policies and Procedures

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Regulatory Requirement Analyzer

Automatically Identify and Map Regulatory Requirements to Organizational Policies, Procedures and Controls. Staying up to date with regulatory intelligence is foundational to teams across compliance, risk, legal, audit and HR. But just tracking regulations and enforcement actions is not sufficient to manage regulatory compliance risk and exposure. Regulated businesses also need to rapidly identify the risk and impact of regulatory change on their internal policies, procedures and controls so they can take action on specifically impacted areas They must also be able to keep an accurate count and report on what they did before, during and after the rule making and change management processes on an ongoing basis.

Automatically Identify and Map Requirements and Obligations

The platform uses our patented expert-in-the-loop (EITL) machine learning approach to analyze and enrich regulatory activities to help you continuously improve your compliance lifecycle. This approach eliminates time consuming and tedious manual regulatory risk management tasks by automatically extracting and mapping regulatory requirements and obligations to your internal policies, procedures and controls. This “BYOC” capability from takes advantage of purpose-built machine learning models to automatically link your organization’s internal policies, procedures and controls to ever-changing regulatory requirements.

Manage Changes Enterprise Edition is a regulatory compliance and risk management solution that applies purpose-built machine learning models to automatically monitor the regulatory environment for relevant changes and maps them to your internal policies, procedures and controls. It ensures you track, react and report on impactful regulations and requirements on a proactive basis. The solution streamlines regulatory risk management activities by centrally orchestrating regulatory compliance processes across the organization. – reducing the chance of compliance gaps. It standardizes and automates tasks associated with managing changes and alerts risk, compliance, audit and legal stake-holders to key deadlines, ensuring all requirements and obligations are met and that internal policies, procedures and controls are kept aligned and up to date.

Regulatory impact analysis doesn't have to be so tedious. Learn how RegTech can help you.