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Modern Regulatory Change Management

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The number of financial regulations currently in existence is staggering and is only predicted to grow. According to JWG, a London-based think tank focusing on regulations has estimated that over 300 million pages of regulatory documents will be published by 2020, and over 600 legislative initiatives will need to be cataloged by a medium sized sell-side institution. Traditionally, banks invested heavily on hiring compliance professionals and analysts to review regulatory compliance filings and stay abreast of new regulations and proposed rules in the financial sector.

However, automation can provide the much-required relief by tracking, interpreting and flagging the relevant regulations to help banks save both money and time. Set against such as backdrop is San Francisco-based The firm introduces an AI-powered solution that automatically curates real-time financial regulatory information, from a variety of sources such as federal and state agencies, existing and new regulations, executive orders, notices, and enforcement, among others. This enables banks to proactively respond to potential changes in the regulatory framework and immediately implement compliance initiatives.

“Through our solutions portfolio, the attorneys and compliance personnel are alleviated of the drudgery of going through thousands of pages of compliance documents and engage in other important work.”
-Kayvan Alikhani, CEO of

Modern Regulatory Change Management’s platform provides financial organizations with a comprehensive collection of regulatory content. It is a one-stop-shop for all enquiries pertaining to financial regulation. The platform assists organizations to stay abreast of regulatory changes as they occur, in near-real-time, allowing them to avoid potential exposure to non-compliance, audits, and penalties.

The platform’s AI-driven automation can help banks reduce risk by identifying complex patterns in data to create more accurate risk models. Automation can also be utilized to monitor a variety of regulatory matters within a bank, such as know your customer (KYC) regulations, money laundering related compliance documents, trader monitoring, and rogue employee detection. The platform even has the capability of selecting specific rules in regulatory documents and sending them to people and departments that must comply with those rules. In addition, its data analysis capability shed light on trends in regulatory changes to alert financial institutions about upcoming compliance rules and helps them stay ahead of them.

While machine learning and AI is used to scan, research, and comprehend compliance regulations, a compliance expert oversees the efficiency of the entire process and assists in improving the intelligence and decision making capability of the platform. Besides, platform enables compliance professionals to contribute toward content classification, thereby amalgamating crowdsourcing with regulatory content management.

In an era where organizations are constantly vying to deliver quick services to customers, technology must play a bigger role in ensuring it is actualized. In sync with that vision, inculcates a technology-oriented work culture. The firm houses thousands of seasoned compliance professionals, analysts, and technology experts that ensure the platform continues to curate regulatory content with an enhanced efficiency. Alikhani’s experience of working with law firms and the government has developed a strong foundation for the firm in terms of understanding the requirements of regulatory management. Since its inception, has successfully driven home its motto of augmenting the existing system rather than replacing it. The platform is a crucial and valuable addition to the RegTech industry as it enables banks and financial organizations to save a significant amount of time spent on regulatory management, reduce compliance management cost, increase responsiveness, and avoid non-compliance.

Modern Regulatory Change Management

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