Automatically monitor regulatory updates to map to your internal policies, procesures and controls. Learn More
Automatically monitor regulatory updates to map to your internal policies, procesures and controls. Learn More
platform updates helps you reduce the noise and manage your tasks more effectively – all in a fully auditable platform. These newest enhancements give you increased control over Workflow Management  and new and expanded Content sets. In addition, we’ve added new Developer Platform capabilities to provide more enriched content and increased filtering capabilities to users of our API.

Workflow Management
Assess and collaborate on’s enriched regulatory content in a way that suits your organization’s structure and practices using our new workflow capabilities. Create tasks with special “required” or “optional” annotations to fit your compliance team’s expectations. Try our new date field to capture critical information such as the date by which you expect to close a gap in an easy-to-use and fully auditable fashion.

Flexible Document Annotations
Team, Pro, and Service Connector clients can take advantage of our improved document labeling capabilities. Try adding labels on either the Details or the Annotations right panel for any document to map to risk controls and other critical indicators that are highly relevant to members of your organization.

Developer Platform Enhancements
It just got even easier to use the Developer API to leverage all of the rich data available in the platform. Now, you can search for Jurisdictions, Topics, Regulations, Document Types,  and Acts in addition to all of our existing endpoints. For a richer experience, there is another endpoint added for our “diffing” feature where you can retrieve information about the differences between two versions of the same document. 

For more information on our Developer API, visit us here.

Introducing New Expert Connections Partner, IndiSoft now includes IndiSoft, a software development, product and professional services company serving the financial services industry, as the newest member of the Expert Connection Network. IndiSoft has the unique stature of being recognized as the country’s best  “ housing crisis-management technology provider” and is again being called upon by major institutional stakeholders, government bodies and housing advocacy groups to support collaborative efforts assisting citizens affected by the pandemic.

Members of the network are referenced within as subject matter experts for specific types of regulatory documents.

New Content
We continue to expand our insurance coverage by adding insurance  agency news and alerts from Alabama, Arkansas, Idaho, Louisiana, Maine, and Virgina. Along with these, we’ve added special COVID-19 related crawls from FINCEN, OSHA, and other State agencies. Finally, we have added Hong Kong as a new jurisdiction to follow.

I hope you enjoyed this update from the product team.

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Ruth McKenzie
Sr. Product Manager