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1558 Enforcement Actions in the U.S. over past 30 days


FTC enforcements decreased 55% over the past 30 days


SEC issued enforcements: $37,812,859 over the past 30 days


50 Final Rules go into effect in the next 7 days


49 Mortgage Lending docs published in the last 7 days


1670 docs with extracted obligations from the last 7 days


new Proposed and Final Rules were published in the past 7 days


11906 new docs in within the last 7 days


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Happy New year! While saying goodbye to 2022 in December, we focused on capabilities that help our clients collaborate and manage workflows more effectively.

We continued enriching our regulatory coverage, most notably adding new content and regulatory updates for legislations, regulations, insurance and finance related matters from US state regulators. We have also continued expanding our international regulatory coverage further within Singapore, Canada, France, Luxembourg, Australia and Hong Kong.

Consistent decision making: Ensure common workflow practices across your organization

Most of your multi-step workflows are designed with a clear, sequential flow of tasks. To ensure all of your team members follow task order accurately, we’ve added a new “Task Setting” section on the right hand panel of the workflow step design screen,which allows workflow admins to “block” assignees from working out of the desired sequence of events. 

You can enable this feature by editing a workflow and checking the “don’t let assignees work on downstream tasks” checkbox. 

Editing a workflow to block downstream tasks.

Editing a workflow to block downstream tasks.

After you enable this feature, assignees will only be able to work on tasks that are “unblocked”. 

Blocked tasks are inaccessible

Editing a workflow to block downstream tasks 2

We have also added a feature that allows you to limit the ability to update task due dates to specific roles for greater control. If you leave this field blank, any user can update a due date, as today.

Editing a workflow to block downstream tasks 3

If you are a workflow admin, you can take advantage of this feature to ensure consistent workflow decision making. Head to “Manage Workflow” to update your existing workflows.

Speed your tasks with more a more intuitive workflow experience

If you’re a regular workflow user, you’ll notice that we’ve reorganized task annotations to provide a more user-friendly, intuitive experience. You’ll notice that now, drop downs are listed first and comments found right before approval, mimicking a more natural flow for completing tasks.

Speed your tasks with more a more intuitive workflow experience

Reduce the time spent looking for Regulatory Intelligence: One Source for Regulatory Intelligence: Expanding Regulatory Coverage

We continued expansion of our regulatory coverage. You can now follow recent regulatory updates across specific lines of business and jurisdictions:

Topic-based expansion

  • Legislations: Related updates from Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands.
  • Regulations: Related updates from Illinois (IL-COOK and IL-LF) and Texas (TX-AUT).
  • Insurance: related updates from Tennessee and Maryland.
  • Finance: related updates from US Federal Housing Finance Agency, US Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council and North Dakota.

Jurisdictional expansion: 

  • Singapore: updates from Singapore Parliament (SGP-PARL).
  • Canada: updates from the Canadian Bankers Association (CAN-CBA), Canada Department of Finance (CAN-DOF), The Mutual Fund Dealers Association of Canada (CAN-MFDA), Accessibility Directorate of Ontario (CAN-ONAD) and Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation (SK-CUDGC).
  • France: updates from Banque de France (FRA-BDF).
  • Luxembourg: updates from Luxembourg Banker’s Association (LUX-ABBL).
  • Australia: updates from the Parliament of Australia (AUS-PARL) and  Australian Securities and Investment Commission (AUS-ASIC). 
Jurisdictional expansion

Tip of the Month: Update your alerts to focus on the most relevant documents is constantly adding new sources to ensure we continue to provide the most comprehensive source of regulatory intelligence in the industry. When we add new sources, we don’t just start bringing in new documents going forward, we typically add older documents so you can take advantage of existing documents.

While access to older documents can be extremely helpful, they can “clutter up” your alerts and workflows. To avoid this problem, we recommend you update your alerts to include publication date. Adding Publication Date “in the last” x days or weeks to your alerts is a particularly useful way to solve this problem because this will ensure your alerts always remain current. 

To add publication date to an existing alert, select the alert in question from Notifications and select Edit. When editing your alert, simply add the publication date to the search, choosing “in the last” if you want to take advantage of this feature. 

New and Enhanced Features on Compliance ai December Compliance ai

You might also want to consider selecting the “official only” checkbox for Publication Date. This allows you to exclude documents for which has used the date on which the document was added to the platform. This is used to provide an approximate date when no publication date is available from the source. In this case, particularly when we are adding a new source, these documents might be months or even years old.

If you are trying to update an advanced search alert to exclude documents without an official publication date, select the “Include Unofficial Publication Date” and choose “False”. 

New and Enhanced Features on Compliance ai December Compliance ai 2

Please visit Agency Sources within the documentation section of our Developer Platform website and bookmark the pages as we update them frequently!

Update your Default Filters at any time to take advantage of our new regulatory sources.

We hope you enjoyed this product update!

Client feedback is always welcome. Please contact our support team with any questions or feedback or schedule a time to review our new features. Remember that you can always access the Training Center under the Help (?) section of the platform for more information.

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