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Over the past year, we have continued expanding our international coverage. To complement our geographic expansion, we’ve added high-quality, automatic translations into English for impactful regulatory documents. Contact to begin leveraging auto-translations today.

We’ve continued enriching our coverage of US state legislation and regulations, plus regulatory updates for Banking, Taxation, Employment, and Cybersecurity. We’ve also enhanced our coverage of German sources.

Introducing Auto-translation from

Auto-translation provides access to English translations of regulatory documents that do not have an official English translation provided by the regulatory source. Auto-translation gives you access to the English version, and for documents that require obligation analysis, also, access to‘s annotations and obligations capabilities.

You can access auto-translated documents for documents for which there is no official English translation by clicking the “Auto-translation” button found on the original document or by accessing “Related Docs”.

Accessing the auto-translated document gives you a high-quality English translation that matches the original document format for improved readability.

To see our new Auto Translation feature in action, please schedule a live demo here

To add Auto Translation access to your Compliance.a subscription, contact us at

Improvements to our Core Documentation

Whether you are using our Developer API or accessing our Team and Pro  applications on the web, we know it’s important for you to be aware of the types of enhanced regulatory content available within our platform. To help you find the information you need, including when specific data types were last updated, our data documentation is now searchable and sortable.

Visit the documentation section of our Developer Platform website to access key information about our data fields.

Share Progress like a Pro using Workflow Summary: Your checklist for regulatory changes

Do you need a summary of all actions taken by your team within a workflow on a specific regulatory document? If so, click on the Workflow summary link in the Tasks right panel to access a straightforward, easily digestible yet comprehensive view of your workflow activities. 

If you’re used to sharing a checklist as part of your regulatory change process, open the summary as a PDF and share with your colleagues before, during or after project review meetings.

One Source for Regulatory Intelligence: Expanding Regulatory Coverage

We continued our expansion of US and International regulatory sources. You can now follow recent regulatory updates for:

  • State Legislative Activity updates from Arkansas, Mississippi, South Dakota, Tennessee, South Dakota, Washington DC.
  • Banking related updates from Arizona, California, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Minnesota, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Utah, Virginia.
  • Taxation related updates from FiNCEN, and Indiana.
  • Employment related updates from Colorado, Maryland, Minnesota.
  • Cybersecurity related updates from FFIEC and FFIEC.
  • Germany: Deutscher Bundestag (German Parliament) (DEU-BT), Bundesministerium der Justiz (Federal Ministry of Justice) (DEU-BMJ)

Please visit our complete list of regulatory sources, and bookmark the page as we update it frequently!

Update your Default Filters at any time to take advantage of our new international sources.

We hope you enjoyed this product update!

Client feedback is always welcome. Please contact our support team with any questions or feedback or schedule a time to review our new features. Remember that you can always access our product guides under the Help (?) section of the platform for more information.

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