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1558 Enforcement Actions in the U.S. over past 30 days


FTC enforcements decreased 55% over the past 30 days


SEC issued enforcements: $37,812,859 over the past 30 days


50 Final Rules go into effect in the next 7 days


49 Mortgage Lending docs published in the last 7 days


1670 docs with extracted obligations from the last 7 days


new Proposed and Final Rules were published in the past 7 days


11906 new docs in within the last 7 days


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New and Enhanced Features on February – March

During February and March, we focused on integrating with your organization’s internal compliance processes, made updates within our Team and Pro Editions to help you review regulatory content earlier, search and compare regulatory changes more efficiently and expanded permissioning for obligations and workflows. In addition we’ve expanded our API endpoints, greatly extending capabilities within […]

Streamlining Regulatory Change Management: The Imperative for Automation in Financial Services Compliance

Navigating the regulatory landscape in financial services has long been a full-time job. Regulations evolve almost monthly and institutions must continuously adapt their compliance strategies to meet new standards and guidelines. Therefore, compliance professionals have the difficult, if not impossible, job of identifying relevant regulatory changes, understanding their implications, and then guiding their organizations in […]

New and Enhanced Features on December – January

Welcoming the new year in January 2024, we made updates within our Team and Pro Edition to help you review regulatory content earlier, search and compare regulatory changes more efficiently and enabled permissioning for obligations and workflows. In addition we’ve published more API endpoints, greatly expanding capabilities within our developer API solution. We also continued [...]

Archer Acquires to Drive AI-Powered Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management

Feb. 20, 2024 – Archer, an enterprise leader in providing a fully integrated risk management solution, today announced its acquisition of, a leading provider of artificial intelligence (AI)-driven regulatory change management solutions. This acquisition will enable Archer clients to supplement their compliance initiatives with cutting-edge AI technology to automate monitoring, tracking, reporting, and responding […]

Webinar: A Fresh Look at RegTech: How has RegTech changed in the last decade?

SPEAKERS Kayvan Alikhani, Jason Boud, (Moderator) Ronjini Joshua Introduction   Ronjini Joshua <Moderator> Hello everybody, welcome. I’m Ronjini from the Compliance AI marketing team. We will start this Webinar in a few minutes- just letting some people file in. Sit back and get ready to enjoy our discussion today. <PAUSE> *Speakers chatting-light conversation while waiting for […]

New and Enhanced Features on November

The recent updates we’ve made available within our Team and Pro Edition solutions include a range of usability enhancements that include improvements to users’ initial login experience, making it easier to find regulatory change documents you wish to review, and taking action on those documents (workflow). Specifically, new members whose organizations use 3rd party identity […]

2024 Predictions: Expected regulatory compliance focus trends

As we close the year out and prepare for 2024, continues our ongoing commitment to help BSFIs stay up-to-date on new regulations and changes. At, we provide a regulatory compliance and risk management solution that applies purpose-built machine learning models to automatically monitor the regulatory environment for relevant changes and maps them to […]

Regulatory Trends: A Look Back and into 2024

SPEAKERS Asif Alam, Donna Bales, and Phil Cox (Moderator) Ronjini Joshua Introduction   Ronjini Joshua <Moderator> Hello, everybody. Thanks for joining us. I’m going to just wait a couple of minutes. We have a lot of registrants today. So, I’ll wait for them to file in. We’ll start in just a couple of minutes and get going. […]

New and Enhanced Features on October

During October we added interactive Swagger documentation to our developer API solution, for key َAPI end points. Swagger is a popular approach to API documentation providing standardized machine-readable information about APIs. We expect this change improves the usability of our API.  We also continued enriching and expanding our regulatory coverage, including: regulatory updates for legislations, […]

New and Enhanced Features on September

Amongst the recent improvements to our Team edition solution, we’ve introduced new import and export capabilities within both the Manage Labels, Manage Annotations and Glassdoor areas. We recognize that you maintain tags, labels, controls, and even annotations in systems other than, so this feature will help you bridge the gap. Glassdoor now also includes […]

Webinar: 2023 Bank failures, lessons learned, how to monitor risk to failed banks expected regulatory reactions etc.

SPEAKERS Kayvan Alikhani, Michael Delune Introduction   <Moderator> Good morning, everybody, we’re going to let some people come into the room and we will get started in a couple of minutes with this webinar. Thank you for waiting.  <pause> Okay, we’re going to get started, so we don’t delay too much. Hello, and welcome to Compliance […]

Modernizing Banking Compliance With AI: Unlocking The Potential

Asif Alam is Chief Executive Officer at, a disruptive AI company combining natural language processing and expert insights. In an era defined by rapid technological advancement, the banking landscape stands at the brink of a transformative revolution. At the heart of the shift lies artificial intelligence. The latest strides in AI research have propelled […] Introduces Enterprise Edition; Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management Solution for Internal Policies, Procedures and Controls

“BYOC” capabilities and role-specific dashboards change the game for compliance professionals. SAN FRANCISCO, CA, October 10, 2023 – Today,, the company with an award-winning regulatory compliance and risk management solution, announced its Enterprise Edition. This new offering gives compliance teams the ability to ensure compliance by proactively tracking, reacting and reporting on impactful regulations […]

New and Enhanced Features on August

Our new Training Center release notes site and release notes emails are designed to inform you about both regarding upcoming changes and improvements, and recently deployed updates in a convenient format. In August, these changes included a diverse range of upgrades, ranging from adding coverage for annotations to our new Management Hub to usability enhancements […]

Webinar: Guidance and Tips for Navigating Risk and Compliance

SPEAKERS Ruth McKenzie, Daniel Buckingham, Karol Wojtczak INTRODUCTION Ronjini Joshua <Moderator> Hello everybody. Welcome to” Guidance and Tips for Navigating Risk and Compliance” today. I’m going to let some people come into the room for a few minutes before we get started and then we’ll be off.  <pause> Moderator I feel like we need a […]

Guardians of data: Navigating the intersection of compliance and cybersecurity

Introduction By now, we can all imagine the following scenario. In fact, many of us have lived it or know someone who has. It goes something like this (as told through the voice of my AI colleague): Imagine, if you will, a small-town bakery owner named Sarah. She wakes up every morning, preps her cozy […]

Webinar: Energy & Commodities Trading Desk

SPEAKERS Kayvan Alikhani, Hugh Cadden, and Matthew Hunter Introduction Ronjini Joshua <Moderator> Hello, everybody, my name is Ronjini Joshua, and I’m part of the marketing team at Compliance AI. We’ll just let people file into the room, and we’ll start in a couple minutes.  <pause> All right, good morning, everybody. Thank you for joining us. […]

New and Enhanced Features on July

Personalizing your experience is key to using efficiently, effectively, and with an appropriate level of confidentiality. To help you achieve this goal, we’ve introduced a new Management Hub for organization administrators. The Management Hub will initially enable you to organize your labels into personalized folders, but more capabilities are on the way. In addition, […]

New and Enhanced Features on June

Staying in the know is critical to your regulatory compliance processes. To help ensure you are aware of all regulatory updates, we have upgraded Alert Emails to monitor not only all the newly published regulatory changes, but also older regulatory content that has been recently added to In addition, our latest upgrades include […]

Fear the BOIL

By: Matthew Hunter The Desk editor passed along to me a recent Bloomberg article entitled, “Natural Gas Buying Spree Has Traders Fearing Wild Swings,” by Gerson Freitas, Jr. He asked that I comment, given my long history as a Wall Street commodities trader and my two decades later at FERC and the CFTC in their […]

New and Enhanced Features on May

Our platform’s most recent enhancements are aimed at helping you improve your regulatory compliance processes. This includes enhancements to our Glassdoor feature, workflow capabilities, and new concepts that speed up your focused searches. We also continued enriching our regulatory coverage, not only by introducing new concepts, but also by expanding our content coverage: regulatory updates […]

Why Regulation and Compliance is Fundamentally a Data Science Exercise Fintech Nexus

Thank you everybody for making the time to be here with us this afternoon. The topic of discussion for us is why regulations and compliance are fundamentally a data science exercise. I’ll be your host for this panel. My name is Jas Randhawa. I am the Founder and Managing Partner of StrategyBRIX. We are a […]

New and Enhanced Features on April

Our platform’s most recent enhancements are aimed at centralizing user management, and speeding up managing tasks & providing focused search results specific to you. These include  enhancements to user management, new concepts that speed up your focused searches, improved data visibility, and task management capabilities for  admins. We also continued enriching our regulatory coverage, not […]

New and Enhanced Feature on March

Our most recent enhancements focus on helping you supercharge the start of your process – identifying the most critical regulatory change documents you need to review quickly and easily.  We want to meet you where you work everyday. In addition to searching within the platform, you can now use our new Regulatory Insights Bot […]

The SEC is Running Afoul of the ‘Major Questions Doctrine” in Regulating Cryptocurrencies Through Enforcement Actions

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has launched a full scale assault on cryptocurrency offerings and their trading platforms. Scarcely a day passes without the announcement of an SEC claim that a cryptocurrency product is a “security” that is subject to its regulation. The SEC has targeted everything from “insider” trading on advance knowledge of […]

A Talk: Regulators’ Capacity to Detect Market Interference and Manipulation

Speakers:Asif Alam, CEO of and Commodities Expert, Matthew Hunter Webinar Details: The capacity of both the regulated and the regulator’s abilities to detect potential violations. Will address ideas about data sources and their limitations, the likely uses of AI to help regulators and enforcement agencies, and private firms’ compliance programs. Existing regulations and data limitations […]

Waging War on [Still] Unchartered Territory – The War Against Digital Assets

1. FTX, Binance and the current war against cryptocurrency in the US “What you don’t understand, ban!” This seems to be the ongoing stance US regulators are taking in relation to cryptocurrency. While cryptocurrency has long existed, with Bitcoin being launched in 2009 right when the US was still in the middle of a subprime […]

New and Enhanced Feature on February

In our most recent regulatory change management solution enhancements, we’ve continued to focus on increasing workflow flexibility. Our latest workflow enhancements allow you to complete full-fledged multi-task workflows not only at the document level, but also at the obligation level.  We also continued enriching our regulatory coverage, most notably introducing new concepts, and new content […]

Webinar: Emerging Risks, ESG and Compliance: A Global Perspective

Speakers:Kayvan Alikhani, James Phillips and Christine Reddy Webinar Details: ESG: Impact on compliance What’s happening in the EU/UK? The US perspective on emerging risks Horizon Risk: ESG related Regulatory activity on the horizon Operational Resilience: Building a compliance practice that is not ‘shocked’ with the next ‘ESG’ Best Practices: What you need to develop and […]

Run on Banks: A Compliance Toolkit

In the last week, we’ve seen three major banks shut down due to a run on these banks. Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), Signature Bank, and Silvergate Capital all collapsed starting March 10th 2023 when depositors made more withdrawals than these banks could manage, making these banks illiquid. Since then the Federal Reserve Board (The Fed), […]

US Regulatory Approach Towards Crypto

In 2022, many consumers suffered from fraud, scams (CA DFPI has a crypto scam site), bankruptcies, and failed projects in the crypto industry.  These incidents have led some to question whether the crypto industry is doing more harm than good for consumers.  However, there are many potential benefits to crypto technology and the industry should […]

FTX’s True Value

In 2021, FTX Trading Ltd. (FTX), the now-infamous cryptocurrency exchange, reported raising over $1 billion from  investors.[1]  As recently as November 6, 2022, FTX’s shares had investor interest in the secondary market at an estimated valuation of $33 billion.[2]  By mid-November 2022, FTX had filed for bankruptcy, wiping out its shareholder value and sending the […]

New and Enhanced Features on January

To welcome in the New Year, we’ve improved the look and feel of workflows and added significant new capabilities to our regulatory change management solution. We’ve made it easier to manage workflows and to speed up your regulatory research. As an example, you can now link multiple alerts to a single workflow, giving you the […]

Are Crypto Companies Regulated? Why is there confusion?

Over the past months, crypto companies are increasingly asking about the need to secure licensing to operate.  Many operate globally as a “principal trader” and are not regulated operating under that model.  How do these companies operate in jurisdictions without registering or securing a license?  It seems clear that registration and licensing is necessary when […]

The 2023 CRA and Automating BFSI Regulatory Intelligence Webinar

Discover how‘s Regulatory Intelligence Platform can streamline the process of meeting the 2023 CRA’s tests and reporting requirements. Take the time to learn more about this cutting-edge platform and how it can help you automate your compliance processes. Hosted by Nicholas Friedman - (President & Managing Partner,  Templar Shield) Featuring our Expert Panellists:  Kayvan Alikhani-(Chief Product/Strategy Officer & […]

New and Enhanced Features on December

Happy New year! While saying goodbye to 2022 in December, we focused on capabilities that help our clients collaborate and manage workflows more effectively. We continued enriching our regulatory coverage, most notably adding new content and regulatory updates for legislations, regulations, insurance and finance related matters from US state regulators. We have also continued expanding […]

EU/UK Regulatory Trends: What’s going on? & 2023 Outlook

EU/UK has been setting the tone for much of the regulatory framework in ESG and many other hot topics. We dive into these with our expert advisors from across the pond. Join us as we get a closer look at compliance around sanctions, markets and trades, and compliance and reporting obligations from the UK and […]

Ready or Not, Digital Compliance Will Become The Norm

In the last few years, we have seen the acceleration of RegTech. RegTech is the use of emerging technology to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of compliance. We have witnessed technologies such as robotic process automation (RPA), machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI/ML), and blockchain be incorporated into the compliance workflow to reduce the burden […]

Regtech 2022 by the numbers; trends to watch in 2023

The Regtech market rose to new heights in 2022, with the sector’s rise dovetailing with several other trends, both technological and regulatory. Technologically, tools like Big Data analytics, AI, and ML continued to improve, making it possible to automate an increasing number of time-consuming compliance tasks. On the regulatory front, change continued to accelerate in […]

New and Enhanced Features on November 2022

During November, we continued improving two key capabilities of our platform – helping you search more efficiently and manage your workflows more effectively. In addition, we’re offering a sneak peek at the kinds of insights you can experience with our new Bring Your Own Content (BYOC) solution. We also continued enriching our regulatory coverage, most […]

What is Regtech?

Regtech Solution Understanding the various terms used in the financial services industry can be helpful, especially if you’re pursuing a career in this sector or working with financial professionals in your business. One term you might hear is regtech, which is short for regulatory technology. Explore the meaning of this term, and learn about regulatory […] is Now Available on AWS Marketplace

Partnership will offer seamless end to end RCM across all business processes, save time,  and standard taxonomy across all sources increases efficiency and confidence in compliance decisions. Today we are excited to announce our latest integration of with AWS Marketplace’s digital catalog. You can now find alongside the thousands of software listings run […]

New and Enhanced Features on October 2022

During October, we continued improving two key capabilities of our platform – helping you search more efficiently and manage your workflows more effectively. In addition, we’re offering a sneak peek at the kinds of insights you can experience with our new Bring Your Own Content solution. We also continued enriching our regulatory coverage, most notably […]

How To Become The ESG Company You Want To Be

Until recently, many investors considered environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors too expensive to prioritize. The belief was that focusing on these factors would make it harder to maximize returns. Recent research, however, has proven the opposite to be true. A 2020 report from the US SIF: The Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment found […]

Compliance.AI Bolsters Advisor Network With Subject Matter Experts Joining To Address Compliance Challenges of BFSI’s

In its commitment to provide world-class compliance orchestration management,’s expert advisory board welcomes new members to its global advisory. SAN FRANCISCO, November 16, 2022 –, the leading provider of regulatory change management (RCM) solutions for the banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) industries, announces the addition of five subject matter experts augmenting subject matter […]

Are Compliance Operation Functions ready for the wave of Next Gen capabilities?

As firms move towards more sophisticated technologies to assist with their compliance obligations, the industry needs to consider the scale of education and skills needed to underpin this direction. The change in technology and in particular vendor tooling capabilities is fundamentally challenging existing industry norms and expectations as new and more sophisticated means of monitoring […]

How to manage risk as AI spreads throughout your organization

As AI spreads throughout the enterprise, organizations are having a difficult time balancing the benefits against the risks. AI is already baked into a range of tools, from IT infrastructure management to DevOps software to CRM suites, but most of those tools were adopted without an AI risk-mitigation strategy in place.  What are the risk assessments that […]

Looking ahead to 2023: Modernizing risk and operational resilience for BFSI’s

As the new year approaches and belts are tightening for a projected recession, Compliance teams and professionals are already looking towards mitigating risk. Our expert panelists are honing in and addressing: – Challenges and considerations around the industry’s hot topics including addressing new regulations around AML, BSA and Fintech, Cryptocurrency. – Capital stress testing and […]

New and Enhanced Features on September 2022

Over the past month, we have added features that help you research regulatory changes more efficiently. Most importantly we’ve introduced a new approach to navigating our international law library. We’ve consolidated the law  libraries under the Resources section within Now you can not only access US federal and state laws, but also international laws […]

Reviewing the gold-standard – the EU supervisory regime overhaul and international standards

In 2016, the common European supervisory framework, Solvency II, entered into force. European legislators spent many years developing what is the global gold-standard in insurance prudential regulation, now. 5 years into application, the system is currently reviewed. When European Commissioner Mairead McGuinness presented the legislative proposal in September last year, she called it an evolution […]

Banks Face An Uncertain Regulatory Landscape: Here’s How To Focus On The Most Serious Risks

The regulatory landscape for financial firms is in a state of flux, both in the U.S. and abroad. New anti-money laundering (AML) laws, sweeping new consumer protection requirements and new sanctions in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine are only a sampling of the regulatory pressures bearing down on financial firms—pressures that make both compliance and risk management constantly moving […] Announces Partnership With Strategic Risk Associates Offering Comprehensive Enterprise Risk and Compliance Solutions for BFSI’s

Known for best in class services for banking, financial services and insurance industries, industryleading technology partners kick off with FREE webinar addressing the industry’s biggest challenges in risk and operational resilience. Today,, leading provider of regulatory change management solutions, announces a partnership with Strategic Risk Associates (SRA), a provider of risk technology and consulting services. […]

New and Enhanced Features on August 2022

At our annual EITL Forum event in Sept 2022, we provided a sneak peek at our BYOC solution. Additionally, over the past month, we have added features that help you further research and evaluate regulatory changes collaboratively, including a recent innovation on our “Related Documents” capability and extending our Concepts capabilities.   We also continued enriching […]

Improving Board Oversight for ESG Initiatives

As ESG continues to be the priority for companies and boards, culture has emerged at the cornerstone of the ESG conversation. Corporations are increasingly called upon to articulate a sense of purpose and a clear set of values while balancing the interests of a range of stakeholders. Consumers, policymakers, and the public expect companies to […]

A Guide to Asset Manager Ethics: Risk Management and Compliance

As an asset manager, you’re responsible for each of your client’s resources and the markets they invest in. This includes adhering to high ethical standards and practicing risk management techniques to help protect both your clients and market integrity.  This guide will discuss the basics of risk management and compliance and how to implement these […]

What’s ahead for Crypto and IT Compliance regulations?

What’s ahead for Crypto and IT Compliance regulations? 2022 has seen tremendous regulatory movement in the commodities market with cryptocurrencies taking center stage. At the same time, Scandals like Wirecard show how limited the powers of supervision for regulatory authorities to subcontractors actually are. There will also be a high focus on information security and […]

Top Trends in Fintech Every Financial Services Enterprise Should Know

In a rapidly changing world, keeping up with the latest trends can be challenging, especially in the ever-evolving field of financial technology, or fintech. Nevertheless, financial services enterprises must stay up to date on the latest fintech trends to remain competitive. This guide will discuss some of the top trends in fintech you should know. […]

Financial firms struggle to onboard AI; here’s how to get it right

Now that financial services firms have made it through the early phases of digital transformation – moving services online, modernizing front-office applications, and embracing mobile finance – the next wave of modernization is already picking up a head of steam.  According to a study by research firm IDC, global spending on AI systems will jump […]

New and Enhanced Features on July 2022

Over the past month, we have focused on improving our collaboration functionality, including multiple workflow usability enhancements. We also continued enriching our resource content, most notably upgrading US Code to include Title, Chapter, Section information for easier navigation. Other new content includes regulatory updates for banking, insurance, housing, and the securities industries from US state […]

How to Prepare for Upcoming AI Regulatory Frameworks

Advances in technology have had a significant impact on the financial services industry. For the most part, the impact has been positive. Technology has allowed us to bank from anywhere in the world and initiate payments remotely without having to write a check or go into a branch. Advancements in payments alone have changed how […]

Compliance.AI Announces New CEO, Asif Alam, as it Secured $6M with Cota Capital and JAM FINTOP

Leading RegTech Software Platform partners with JAM FINTOP and Cota Capital to innovate regulatory change management (RCM) solutions for banking, financial services and insurance industry professionals. Today marks another benchmark underscoring’s leadership in providing RCM solutions for the banking, financial services and insurance industries. announces Asif Alam as the new CEO and has […]

Navigating the regulatory landscape during periods of intense growth, change and regulatory scrutiny.

This webinar dives into a global perspective of today’s regulatory environment. In this webinar, panelists answer the burning questions of: How and why does ESG impact your operations process? What do organizations need to prepare an effective digital strategy? Is your organization prepared to scale its compliance efforts? Listen in as regulatory and compliance experts […]

Benchmark Manipulation – A Short Story

By Matthew Hunter Manipulation is never a hot topic for compliance specialists as it is the Great Ocean on which they all sail. No single fraud is more important for detection and prevention than open market price manipulation. Market integrity is the bedrock upon which transactional capitalism rests. It is a C-Suite topic that inspires […]

New and Enhanced Features on June 2022

Over the past month, we have focused on adding functionality that helps you understand regulatory change documents in context and share that information with your colleagues. We also continued enriching our coverage of US state legislation and regulations, plus added regulatory updates for Banking, Employment, Insurance, and Securities. We’ve also enhanced our coverage of regulatory […]

The impact of Russian Sanctions on Business

By: Nirvana Farhadi, RegTech Expert It’s been almost 4 months since Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine in late February, and since then the US and its allies have imposed a series of financial, trade, and travel sanctions on Russia. We now have 4 months’ worth of data, and scrutiny, to help aid decision makers in assessing the […]

Top Trends Insurance Risk Managers Say Require Urgent Action

The insurance risk management sector is evolving constantly, and insurance risk managers must stay up to date on the latest trends. Many are sounding the alarm on several trends they believe require urgent attention. This article will discuss some of these top trends and explain why they pose a danger to insurers. It’ll also offer […] Announces 2022 EITL Virtual Forum

Today, announces its second annual Expert-in-the-Loop (EITL) Forum where Jo Ann Barefoot Joins the Keynote Lineup for the Second Annual Event Addressing the Most Pressing Regulatory Challenges, Risks and Trends that Regulated Organizations are Facing in 2022. Attendees can register for the EITL Virtual Forum here. To read more about the upcoming forum, read […]

Webinar – Regulations and Cryptocurrency

This webinar dives into a global perspective of regulations and cryptocurrency with our advisory experts. They discuss digital assets and the global outlook on cryptocurrencies and the regulations that control them. Our speakers discuss the world of digital assets and regulations is rapidly evolving all over the world. Join Kayvan Alikhani, Jeffrey Smith and James […] Celebrates Wespay’s 50th Year and Becomes a Ruby Triple Crown Sponsor, Offering the Latest in Premium Content for BFSI’s

Leading provider of regulatory change management (RCM) software is now a Ruby Triple Crown Sponsor with Wespay, the industry-leading payments association dedicated to guiding members with payments education, information, risk management and consulting. With three years in partnership, has become a Ruby Triple Crown Sponsor and is offering the latest premium content from one of the […]

New and Enhanced Features on May 2022

Over the past month, we have continued to focus on aligning our platform with your compliance practices and systems, further improving our workflow functionality and integration capabilities.  We also continued enriching our coverage of US state legislation and regulations, plus added regulatory updates for Banking, Insurance, Finance, and Securities. We’ve also enhanced our coverage of […]

Integrated Risk Management in the Age of AI | Compliance AI

This interactive webinar with our experts explores AI and Risk Management. They discuss how AI is used as a tool since it can be used both to manage the risks and poses some risks by itself. Our speakers dive into how AI can be used to analyze large amounts of structured and unstructured financial data, […]

Compliance.AI Continues to Expand its World Class Expert-in-the-Loop Advisory Team With Subject Matter Experts from Across the Industry, the leading provider of regulatory change management (RCM) solutions for the banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) industries, welcomes five members to its expert advisory board, augmenting subject matter expertise on its award-winning regtech platform. New advisors include Dr. Iris Liliana Bleck, John Caruthers , and James Phillips. Read the full press release on […]

What is Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC)?

What is Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)? GRC is the is the best way to instill solid business practices that protect your organization and keep things moving as smoothly as possible.

New and Enhanced Features on April 2022

Over the past month, we have continued to focus on providing tools that help you leverage capabilities. In addition, we continued enriching our coverage of US state legislation, regulations, and other regulatory updates. We also added key new international sources from Switzerland, Germany, and Bahrain.  Enrich your understanding of Resources using documentation downloads. […]

5 Key Steps in Conducting a Compliance Risk Assessment

Corporate compliance is an essential part of any business plan. It refers to the process of making sure that your organization—including employees—upholds all state, federal, and global laws, standards, compliance regulations, and ethical practices that are applicable to your work.  Regardless of the industry you’re in, compliance helps you mitigate risk, operate within legal parameters, […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Compliance Monitoring

Does your business have a compliance monitoring system in place? Compliance monitoring is crucial for organizations of every industry to determine if their programs are responsive, practicable, and align with company characteristics. Compliance policies are designed to help companies and corporations of all sizes reach optimal performance in all work processes. These written standards of […]

Enforcement Patterns Show SEC’s Priorities Changed In 2021: Here’s How To Limit Risks In 2022

SEC enforcement actions in 2021 show the agency transitioning its focus to emerging risks, overseas corruption, and a record number of whistleblowers tips. The past year also showed that the SEC under the Biden Administration will pursue a larger volume of cases than in previous years. 2021 was a year of rapid change, but enforcement […]

New and Enhanced Features on March 2022

Over the past month, we have continued to focus on aligning our platform with your practices and systems, further improving our workflow functionality and completing the suite of SCIM endpoints. In addition, we launched a new Training Center to help you become a platform expert through a series of self guided courses. We also […]

An Overlooked Target for Modernization

As the insurance industry grapples with a compliance landscape that is growing in complexity and velocity, legal, risk and compliance teams must keep up with regulatory changes from multiple agencies and enforcement patterns across a range of jurisdictions, local municipalities and international regulatory bodies. Without automation, finding, interpreting and assessing relevant regulatory changes and numerous […]

Webinar: Establishing Operational Resiliency for the New Computer Security Incident Rule and Beyond

This informative webinar by our experts examines the new joint rule regarding computer security incidents notification requirements for banking organizations and their bank service providers. Topics of discussion include: The rise in incidents and notification requirements in the US financial system Highlights of the new joint rule Specifics of the new joint rule Integration with […]

New and Enhanced Features on February 2022

Over the past year, we have continued expanding our international coverage. To complement our geographic expansion, we’ve added high-quality, automatic translations into English for impactful regulatory documents. Contact to begin leveraging auto-translations today. We’ve continued enriching our coverage of US state legislation and regulations, plus regulatory updates for Banking, Taxation, Employment, and Cybersecurity. We’ve […]

New and Enhanced Features on January 2022

As we began 2022, we focused on adding API capabilities, further enhancing workflows, and adding more quality of life enhancements for  Additionally, we continued enriching our coverage of US state legislations and regulations, as well as expanded our coverage in multiple jurisdictions throughout Australia, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Manage your users using […]

The Pandemic Drove Up Compliance Costs; Here’s How To Get Back On Track

The Covid-19 pandemic’s impact on the economy is far from over. Ripple effects spread far beyond the typical business’s bottom line. Besides obvious health and safety concerns and the operational difficulties that accompany remote work, and in addition to supply chain problems plaguing much of the economy, the typical enterprise has also seen its regulatory […]

New and Enhanced Features on December 2021

Happy New year! While saying goodbye to 2021 in December, we focused on capabilities that help our clients manage larger compliance projects and use our core features more efficiently.  Additionally, we continued enhancing our coverage of state legislative activity along with regulatory updates concerning insurance and employment in the US. We also expanded our coverage […]

WEBINAR: A look into the future – Preparing for 2022 Compliance + Regulatory trends

WEBINAR: A look into the future – Preparing for 2022 Compliance + Regulatory trends In this webinar, leading experts in regtech, compliance and risk take a look at what happened in 2021 and trends that are forthcoming in the new year including deep dives on: AML/BSA and corporate transparency Cybersecurity and Operational Resilience ESG and the […] recognized as one of the world’s most innovative companies on RegTech100 three years in a row. is honored to be recognized as one of the world’s most innovative RegTech companies by the RegTech 100 three years in a row. Now in its fifth year, RegTech100 recognizes companies that offer cutting-edge solutions, products and services in the areas of compliance, risk management, information security and financial crime. Chosen from a field of over […]

New and Enhanced Features on November 2021

In November 2021, we focused on capabilities that help our clients use core features more efficiently. Additionally, we have continued enhancing our coverage of banking, taxation, and employment related regulatory updates from multiple jurisdictions, including USA, the Middle East, and Asia. Connect with using the new Help Center Whether you have questions about how […]

BFSI Industry Demand for Advanced RegTech Solutions Drives the Expansion of’s Expert Advisory, Leadership Team, and Expert Connections

The leading regulatory change management (RCM) platform welcomes well-respected commodities trading expert, Matthew Hunter, to its advisory board, underscoring its commitment to leverage leading subject matter experts  Today, is honored to welcome expert commodities trader, Matthew Hunter to its advisory board, and two new additions to its management team, Peter Mancuso to lead Customer […]

New and Enhanced Features on October 2021

In October 2021, we focused on capabilities to help our clients further streamline  their regulatory change management experience, adding flexibility that helps you better align our solution to the needs of your organization, as well as your individual preferences. Additionally, we have continued enhancing our coverage of U.S. Insurance, Taxation, and Employment related regulatory updates […]

Did The SEC Make A Mistake By Not Prioritizing Cryptocurrency Regulations?

On June 11, 2021, the SEC released an update of its regulatory priorities, but it came with a glaring omission. The Spring 2021 Unified Agenda of Regulatory and Deregulatory Actions, which includes the SEC’s priorities and lists short- and long-term regulatory actions that administrative agencies plan to take. Notable SEC rulemaking priorities in the Spring 2021 […]

Understanding Benchmark Manipulation and Reporting

In September, Compliance CEO, Kayvan Alikhani, got together with commodities expert, Matthew Hunter, to discuss Benchmark manipulation and reporting. In this webinar they discussed the economics of the perception of compliance vs compliance including:- Are you manipulating your benchmarks?- When you are non-compliant in a major market what do you do?- Is it cheaper to [...]

New and Enhanced Features on September 2021

In September 2021, we focused on capabilities to help our clients further personalize their regulatory change management experience. We also upgraded our US CFR coverage to take advantage of near-immediate updates. Additionally, we introduced  new US state regulatory resources focused on healthcare, employment and taxation as well as key international regulatory resources including  the European […]

Brent Crider and Kayvan Alikhani Discuss the Regulatory Priorities of The Biden Administration

Regulatory Intelligence: The Path Forward

To perform regulatory compliance the right way, (i.e., the act of monitoring and complying with the regular flow of regulatory laws, policies and mandates that impact their business operations), financial services firms and insurance companies need a robust content gathering operation to get the job done. That’s where regulatory intelligence can save the day. Regulatory […]

Privacy Regulations and Data Rights for Financial Services

Financial services firms face a complex maze of privacy regulations that differ by state and country jurisdictions. Meanwhile, the rights to use customer data have evolved significantly.  During a panel discussion at the Expert-in-the-Loop (EITL) Forum on May 25–26, 2021, CEO Kayvan Alikhani discussed the challenges of data rights and privacy with Michael Delune, […]

New and Enhanced Features on July 2021

In June 2021, we focused on capabilities to help our clients organize regulatory change management processes and annotations more efficiently. We also added critical new resources, including NAIC Model Laws and Regulations, White House Briefings, and United Arab Emirates legislation, among others. Classify and group regulatory content with Labels’s Label feature helps you […]

Payday: Getting PCI Compliance Right With These Action Steps

How is your payments security looking these days? If your answer is “not great”, embrace these strategies. The Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance protocol is now 14 years old and with the expansion of corporate (and individual) payment options over the past decade, companies would do well to measure their payment compliance success.  If that […]

The Rise Of Risk Silos: How To Unify Risk And Compliance Management

As enterprises work to break down silos to integrate data for better decision-making, another set of silos is being overlooked: risk silos. These silos exist across the typical enterprise, with various departments (legal, sales, finance, compliance) handling risks differently and often in isolation.  Normal business activities— such as from an aggressive new sales campaign — […]

Why Compliance Teams Should Embrace Expert-in-the-Loop

Getting the most out of data used to mean relying on getting the data. Now, with Expert-in-the-Loop, human experts help you get the best data for your business. Artificial intelligence continues to expand as a powerful presence in business, and in the compliance function, in particular. That’s for good reason.  A recent IDC study  shows […]

The Final Countdown: CPRA Enforcement on the Horizon

With the January 1, 2023 kickoff date, CPRA is coming. How does your compliance strategy stand right now? As we hit the halfway point of 2021, the clock starts ticking in earnest towards January 1, 2023, when the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) takes full effect. Organizations have had about eight months to digest one […]

Gain Insights into the Regulatory Outlook at the first EITL Forum 2021

Get a deeper dive into the regulatory and risk environment  Banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI) industry professionals are gathering online at the first Expert-in-the-Loop (EITL) Forum 2021, May 25-26. Experts on regulatory, legal, risk, compliance, and RegTech will share insights into how financial services firms can best navigate the complex regulatory environment of 2021 [...]

New and Enhanced Features Now on May 2021 continues to introduce new features that help our clients manage regulatory change management processes and workflows more efficiently and find the most relevant regulatory content to help optimize enterprise-wide compliance activities.  Establish your Business Profile to begin searching more efficiently. Recently we introduced you to Business Profiling. Now, we’ve added the ability for [...]

Join us for our inaugural event, The Expert-in-the-Loop Forum by

The EITL Forum is more than just industry panel discussions: Learn more about transforming and modernizing legal, risk, and compliance processes while networking with industry leaders and your peers. Regulatory compliance for the banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) industry is constantly changing. This is why created the Expert-In-The-Loop (EITL) Forum as the industry’s [...]

How The Regulatory Landscape Is Changing In 2021: Biden’s First 60 Days

When Presidential Administrations change, businesses must update their compliance programs in response. It’s an understatement to point out that the transition from the Trump to Biden Administration has been rockier than most, but if we narrow our focus to regulatory policy, the contrast is still stark.   How has the regulatory landscape change in Biden’s first […]

Advisor’s Corner: Rick Dupree discusses how the banking industry is doing more with less

Ronjini Joshua (RJ): Hello, this is Ronjini Joshua. Today I'm here with Rick Dupree the CEO and Founder of Risk Alliance, and advisory board member of Today we're going to talk about how the banking industry is doing more with less in result of the pandemic. And now, coming out of the pandemic. Hi, [...]

Regulatory Compliance in a Pandemic: What 2020 Taught Us

We’re now more than a year into the COVID-19 pandemic. What lessons has the past year taught compliance professionals faced with a global health crisis, an evolving regulatory environment, and new modes of work?  To find out, CEO Kayvan Alikhani recently spoke with industry experts Rick Dupree, CEO and founder of Riskliance, and Delphine [...]

The “Glue” Factor: Making Compliance Training Stick

As companies ramp up compliance and risk management training in 2021, one key question emerges.  With data breach incidents and compliance audits rising and as regulators demand stricter rules on how sensitive information is shared, how can companies properly train team members to be good stewards of customer data – and do so for the [...]

New and Enhanced Features Now on March 2021 is introducing new features that help our clients filter out the noise so you can optimize your compliance activities.  Introducing: Business Profiling: Punch in your company name, and we’ll do the rest Our new business profiling feature enables you to quickly build the recommended default filters for topics, concepts, and regulatory sources across jurisdictions [...]

Advisor’s Corner: Nirvana Farhadi discusses the future of RegTech

Ronjini Joshua (RJ): Hi, this is Ronjini Joshua, I'm on the marketing team of Today we're interviewing reg tech expert and advisor Nirvana Farhadi. Hi, hello, how are you? Nirvana Farhadi (NF): Hi, I'm good. Thank you. I'm excited to be here. RJ: Great. So, I'm very excited to get some of your [...]

RegTech Compliance: A Pathway to Greater Competitive Advantage

There’s no doubt that risk and regulatory requirements have become even more pronounced in an increasingly remote workplace environment. According to Nasdaq’s Annual Global Compliance Survey 2020 , 74% of global finance firms deem organizational compliance standards to be “highly important.”  What’s more, 59% of survey respondents say compliance “deserves a seat at the table” [...]

New and Enhanced Features Now on February 2021

Optimize your regulatory research experience with’s new features. Use Concepts to find the regulatory changes most pertinent to key financial and operational topics. Also, be sure to try using auto-suggested “hints” to hone in your regulatory research without ever leaving the search bar. If you’re developing an application using our API, check out our [...]

Advisor’s Corner: Professor Jerry Markham discusses regulation best interest (RBI)

Ronjini Joshua (RJ) - Hi and welcome to advisors corner for compliance AI. I'm Ronjini, Joshua, part of the compliance AI team. Today we're going to be interviewing Professor Jerry Markham, nationally recognized scholar and professor of law at Florida International University at Miami. Hi, Jerry, how are you doing today? Good afternoon. Thank you [...]

Will The SEC Continue Focusing On ‘Big Game?’ And Other Questions For 2021

The past year was a momentous one for the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), as the agency made headlines with major cases that pulled in a record dollar amount in fines and other penalties. Now, with a new Biden administration and SEC Chair Jay Clayton stating that he will step down before his term ends in [...]

RegTech Compliance Lessons for 2021

2020 was a year of striking volatility for the compliance sector, with the focus of corporate risk management redirected from every daily compliance activities, to a volatile U.S. political election, to dealing with a global pandemic that seems to have changed the workplace permanently. What is 2021 bringing already in terms of “lessons learned” for [...]

Advisor’s Corner: Advisor and Expert Hugh Cadden weighs in on Spoofing

Advisor's Corner with Hugh Cadden Ronjini Joshua (RJ) -  Hello, welcome to compliance AI Advisors Corner. Today we're speaking with Hugh Cadden, a senior consultant with Onpoint Analytics and an expert in derivative markets. Thank you, Hugh, for joining us today. So, today we're gonna talk a little bit about the spoofing and JPMorgan case, [...]

Mitigating Cybersecurity Risks in 2021

Companies have enough problems battling internal cybersecurity risks without worrying about third-party security issues. Unfortunately, third-party cybersecurity breaches occur more frequently than one might think. Just ask security officials at Target Corporation, Marriott Corp., and the U.S. Office of Personal Management – all of which experienced severe third-party cyber breaches during the past decade. While [...]

Avoiding Risk in 2021: Three Lessons Learned from Doing Business During COVID

2020 was a whirlwind year for compliance professionals, as a global pandemic, a chaotic regulatory environment, and a changing workplace model all posed severe challenges to companies. Make no mistake, those challenges aren’t going away soon in 2021, especially as compliance officers report more regulatory inquiries rolling in during the pandemic. Case in point. A [...]

New and Enhanced Features Now on December 2020

Personalize your regulatory change experience with’s newest features. Try our new widgets to create your own Regulatory Command Center on your Dashboard. Plus, fine tune your workflows even further to meet your organization’s specific requirements.  .  And, of course, all of these activities are captured in an audit trail, which reduces the time you [...]

Galvanize Now Supports with Strategic Partnership for Modernized GRC Solutions

HighBond platform for compliance and risk management integrates new regulatory intelligence content for real-time alerts and response SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 22, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Galvanize, the global leader in SaaS governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) software, today announced a strategic partnership with, the leading AI-driven regulatory compliance technology, to increase the regulatory content available in [...]

COVID Throws a Curveball at Regulatory Surveillance

Companies seem to be hitting the “pause” button on compliance surveillance activity, and the culprit is a familiar one in 2020: COVID-19.  U.S. companies falling behind with their internal testing and surveillance activities point to several key logistical issues – with the shift to remote workplaces at the top of the list. “At the height […]

Regulation and Compliance in the 21st Century

Regulatory frameworks are in a state of constant evolution, both across industries and around the world. In the post Covid-19 world, governmental regulation related to the fallout from the pandemic has taken center stage. In recent times, we have continued to hear about the concept of deregulation as a recurring theme. However, Covid-19 has ensured […]

Regulatory Chaos Creates Opportunities For Agile Businesses

A global pandemic, economic turmoil, and a series of far-reaching, consumer-privacy regulations enacted in response to high-profile data breaches have combined to create a regulatory landscape that is constantly in flux.  The trouble is that in the early stages of responding to widespread societal changes, various jurisdictions and regulatory bodies tend to act in isolation. […]

Too Many Compliance Specialists Rely on Search Engines – and that’s a Problem

Global compliance teams have an unusual, even relaxed stance on search engine use by their companies. If anything, compliance specialists are too reliant on the Internet, especially with the use of search engines in conducting their internal due diligence. According to one industry study, 85% of compliance officers have used Google to conduct internal due […]

RegTech Pioneer, Secures Series A Funding Fueling the Expansion of its Platform and Expert Advisory Board

Leading regulatory change management (RCM) platform further expands internationally, and enhances its workflow, reporting and collaboration capabilities while expanding industry expertise on its advisory team SAN FRANCISCO, November 10, 2020 –RegTech company has closed its Series A round of financing, raising $3 million in additional funding led by Cota Capital. The company is committed […]

New Features Now on October 2020 helps you reduce the noise and manage your tasks more effectively - all in a fully auditable platform. These newest enhancements give you increased control over Workflow Management  and new and expanded Content sets. In addition, we’ve added new Developer Platform capabilities to provide more enriched content and increased filtering capabilities to users of [...]

Risk Management Alert. Are Your Third-Party Partners Focused on Your Compliance Performance?

There are myriad advantages in play when a company brings aboard a third-party partner to handle critical business tasks, like technology, human resources, manufacturing, and compliance. After all, having an expert handle a necessary business task on an ongoing basis is no luxury, it’s a necessity.  Besides the “Three Es” – expertise, experience, and economy [...]’s Modern Regulatory Change Management Platform Now Supports RSA Archer® to Help Manage Increased Velocity and Complexity of Regulation Changes

RSA Archer users now have access to's regulatory intelligence to help financial and insurance sector compliance teams modernize their regulatory change management processes has joined the RSA® Ready Technology Partner Program and the platform now supports the RSA Archer® Corporate Obligations Management use case. The offering simplifies regulatory change management processes by [...]

Dealing with Suspicious Transactions

Suspicious transactions have historically threatened the safety of banks, specifically, and financial services companies in general. But that trend has accelerated over the past few decades, as digital payments have risen in prominence and as opportunistic fraudsters figure out new ways to con businesses out of their hard-earned cash. Case in point. According to the [...]

The Privacy Puzzle: Solving for CCPA, GDPR, and all the upcoming Privacy regulations.

As a result of privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA, organizations based in the U.S. must both, 1) alter their compliance processes in a way that agrees with the growing number of privacy-based requirements, and 2) learn to cope with the inconsistencies among current and future federal and state-level regulations pertaining to privacy. In this [...]

Remote Workforces And Compliance: What Your Business Needs To Know

As businesses respond to the global pandemic by transitioning to remote workforces, many are leaving their compliance flanks exposed by ignoring new risks posed by remote workers. Compliance is always a labor-intensive challenge, especially in heavily regulated industries, but those challenges grow exponentially with decentralized workforces. Read the full post on Forbes Technology Council. Are you [...]

Immersing Compliance Into Your Cyber Security Strategy

There’s no need to tell a C-level executive about the risks of cybercrime. Chances are, it’s near the top of any risk management executive’s “to do” list. Take the U.S. financial services industry. The sector is being hammered by cybercrimes like ransomware, phishing schemes and massive data breaches, with the average price tag on cybercrime [...]

RegTech Platform from Now Offers Payments Content and Expertise

WesPay Content Addition Helps Payments Compliance Professionals Better Manage the Regulatory Change Management Process SAN FRANCISCO, CA - September 15, 2020 - Today announced the addition of WesPay content on its platform, and the addition of WesPay as an available resource on the Expert Connection Network. These new offerings will help compliance professionals using [...]

New Features Now on August 2020 helps you reduce the noise and manage your tasks more effectively. These newest enhancements to our platform help you filter by Document Type, increased control over Workflow Management  and new and expanded Content sets. Default Filters: Document Types Finding the content you need just got easier with our new Default Filter for Document Types. [...]

Build a Quality Control Culture Around Your Compliance Campaign

C-level executives who give quality control short-shrift when building a compliance culture may come to regret it. According to recent data from the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board, they found “a high rate” of compliance quality control deficiencies in 66 broker-dealers tracked during 2019. “We have observed similar deficiencies despite limited changes to auditing and [...]

Pandemic Shines A Spotlight On Risk Management — How RegTech Can Help

When the Covid-19 virus began spreading around the globe, mitigation strategies varied from mandatory shutdowns of all but essential businesses (California, New York and several other U.S. states) to hopes for herd immunity (Sweden) to Big Brother-style tracking of citizens' movements (China) via mobile phones. An avalanche of new regulatory mandates are being enacted, but [...]

Taking Control of Internal Compliance

Who “owns” compliance at your firm? It’s a fair question – and one that too many companies can’t fully answer. Technically, any compliance officer or risk manager may take the title – and responsibility – for company risk management obligations. Yet that’s not entirely fair or accurate given the lower-level priority companies often give to [...]

Six Ways to Keep Informed on Compliance Rules and Regulations

Compliance offers know that a big part of their job is to know what the future brings as regulators inundate companies with new state and federal mandates and statutes. That’s a big deal when new mandates clock at several thousand regulations annually. Getting ahead of that workload, however, is easier said than done. Obstacles that [...]

New Features Now on July 2020

Focus on the most relevant regulatory documents by taking advantage of’s enhanced Dashboard, Jurisdiction Analyzer and refreshed enforcement email. Plus, check out new U.S. and International content. Here are the features we enhanced just this month:  Dashboard: Customizable Widgets Why spend time searching agency websites for the information you need to stay abreast of [...]

Five GDPR Lessons To Help Businesses Prepare For CCPA Enforcement

In the ramp-up to GDPR enforcement, businesses cited a lack of understanding about their own internal data processes and confusion about the law itself as major obstacles to compliance readiness. As laws mature, enforcement actions (EAs) shed light on those concerns, but before enforcement starts, businesses often the data they need to fine-tune their compliance [...]

Three Big Risks Companies Take With a Manual Compliance Strategy

There’s few hard and fast numbers on how many companies continue to rely on manual compliance strategies to manage risk. Certainly, more companies have either moved – or are moving – to automated workflow-based compliance systems. Still, the issue of manual compliance systems is one that won’t go away. One report that does shine a [...]

Navigating Regulatory Change Emerging from a Pandemic

The novel coronavirus has disrupted everyday life in countless ways, from social distancing to school and business closures. Yet one change that has been overlooked as we navigate this pandemic has been a torrent of new regulatory mandates. In this webinar, experts Kayvan Alikhani, co-founder and CEO of and Rick Dupree, Risk and Compliance [...]

Streamline your RCM Process with’s Annotation Feature

After speaking with 100s of CCOs about their Regulatory Change Management (RCM) process, we added Annotation capabilities to the platform for you. This new feature will allow you to complete familiar tasks in a new way.  As a compliance professional, you perform line-by-line analysis of regulations to provide guidance, identify risks, and assess obligations. [...]

Compliance Officers and RegTech Vendors: AI Transparency a Must

For company compliance officers, regulatory enforcement doesn’t take a holiday – even in a global pandemic. Regulatory enforcement pressures, lower staff headcounts, and changing strategies are changing the shape of corporate compliance as more companies leave legacy-based compliance programs behind and steer towards new-age FinTech- and RegTech- powered compliance teams. The new era of RegTech [...] Expands its Advisory Board and Introduces New Capabilities to Support Compliance Professionals with the Mounting Regulatory Changes in 2020

San Francisco, CA (June 24, 2020) – recently announced the addition of three leading industry experts to its advisory board – adding expertise in banking, legal and RegTech. also launched new capabilities to further support compliance professionals in their day-to-day regulatory change management process.  Joining the advisory team are Dr. Brent Crider, CAMS, [...]

Regulatory Sandboxes in a Post COVID World: Ample Opportunity for Innovators and Regulators

With the media and industry focus on COVID-19 and the resulting global economic slowdown, a once emerging innovative incubator issue – regulatory sandboxes – has taken a back seat. But likely not for long. Born of an entrepreneurial-friendly stance in Europe, particularly the UK, via the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), regulatory sandboxes give FinTech and [...]

Regulating Artificial Intelligence: Why We Need Expert Input To Limit Risks

For business leaders, ushering in an AI-driven global calamity isn’t a top-of-mind concern, but even avoiding smaller risks can be a major challenge. Businesses must figure out how to deploy AI in a way that does not harm consumers, violate consumers’ privacy or otherwise run afoul of laws. If they can’t, it could trigger massive […]

RegTech Rising – New Compliance Tactics in a Post COVID-19 World

In a time of pandemic – check, that – especially in a time of pandemic – regulatory technology compliance solutions are needed more than ever, and the proof is in the performance. That’s no hyperbole – it’s the outlook from major industry companies and a wide array of financial institutions. Case in point. Before COVID-19 […]

New Features Now on May 2020 continuously introduces new content to ensure you can access critical regulatory and compliance documents for your business and delivers new capabilities to help you focus on what’s most important. I’m Ruth McKenzie, senior product manager at, and I’m excited to share some of the features and content we’ve added to our platform this […]

Regulators Focus Turns to Blockchain in Time of High Uncertainty

With the world’s focus on the deadly coronavirus showing signs of shaking loose, businesses are starting to get back to some form of normal and are tackling problems that were sidelined during the pandemic. Make no mistake, blockchain is one of them. The decentralized public computing platform is growing by leaps and bounds, growing from […]

MetricStream and Offer Enhanced Regulatory Change Management Solution for Financial Institutions

As the MetricStream GRC Summit kicks off. announces our integration with the MetricStream platform. This integration provides financial institutions of all sizes a premier regulatory intelligence solution and allows them to proactively manage the growing volume of regulatory changes happening today. is a proud sponsor of the MetricStream GRC Summit on May 18 […]

How To Navigate Regulatory Change During A Pandemic

The novel coronavirus has disrupted everyday life in countless ways, from social distancing to school and business closures. Yet one change that has been overlooked as we navigate this pandemic has been a torrent of new regulatory mandates. Read about how the COVID-19 crisis is driving compliance modernization and why businesses should turn to modern […]

CCPA: Why Taking a Wait-and-See Approach Could Cost You – Big

Consumer privacy may be the name of the game with the newly-enacted California Consumer Privacy Act, but you can’t blame a corporate compliance officer for discovering it’s a “sticker shock” price issue, too. The CCPA, which is aimed at boosting privacy protections for Golden State residents, went into effect on January 1, 2020. Built on […]

New Features Now on April 2020 offers a modern solution for legal and compliance professionals who strive to stay ahead of the avalanche of new and changing regulations. We listen to hundreds of Chief Compliance and Risk Officers and created a platform that automates much of their team’s process, simplifying regulatory change management. I’m Ruth McKenzie, senior product manager at [...]

Limit your Risk Exposure with Compliance Software Automation

Data automation is all the rage in corporate information technology circles. That goes double for compliance and regulatory practices, which offer a unique set of challenges for company policy makers on the hunt for software tools that advance their compliance efforts. Unfortunately, those efforts are proceeding at a glacial pace, given the traditional challenges facing […]

Compliance Officers Face Uphill Climb on Audits – Here’s the Way Forward

In the age of the current pandemic, compliance officers have enough on their plates without worrying about audits. Yet that’s exactly where decision-makers stand these days, as a new study points out how far companies have fallen behind the curve on successful audit programs. According to the Bonadio Group, a CPA firm based in Rochester, […]

CRA Modernization Webinar with ProBank Austin and findCRA

Staying on top of the latest CRA Modernization news and regulations is not easy. Tune in to our recent webinar with CEO, Kayvan Alikhani, ProBank Austin’s, Anetria Cohen and findCRA’s, Brian water as they discuss CRA, the latest shift for CRA Modernization, and what the future of CRA may look like in a time [...]

How To Use Enforcement Actions To Minimize Compliance Risks

For corporate compliance teams, enforcement patterns can be more important than the underlying laws themselves. Most unenforced or lightly enforced laws aren’t as obvious as the uncaged bear law, however, so it’s up to chief compliance officers to determine where to focus their resources. Read more in our latest Forbes post by Kayvan Alikhani, CEO […]

Regulators Going Easy on Self-Reporters – Here’s How to Handle “Good Faith” Compliance Mistakes

Is self-reporting an effective way of curbing U.S. Security and Exchange Commission fines and penalties? It’s the right thing to do, and it can work in your favor. Case in point, on March 11, 2019, the SEC reported a settlement agreement with 179 U.S investment advisors that imposed no penalties for violation of Section 206(2) […] Introduces Simplified Regulatory Change Management for Insurance Professionals

Today, we announced our expanded library of Insurance industry content, designed and added for risk and compliance teams in the insurance industry. now offers comprehensive coverage for banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI), and is the first-ever to offer automatic regulatory classification, sentencification and obligation extraction for the insurance industry across a wide range […]

How to Stretch Your Compliance Budget in a Slowing Economy

The carnage from the stock market in early March, due primarily to the ongoing coronavirus issue and plummeting prices, is accelerating angst over a slowing U.S. economy. Facts and figures are hard to come by in a global health and financial crisis, but the U.S. economy does seem stable. Data from the Atlanta Federal Reserve’s […]