Automatically monitor regulatory updates to map to your internal policies, procesures and controls. Learn More
Automatically monitor regulatory updates to map to your internal policies, procesures and controls. Learn More

Technology Can Learn Compliance, But It Needs Our Expert Oversight brings together world-class expertise and cutting-edge technology to transform regulatory change management.

Expert-in-the-Loop Machine Learning

Traditional machine learning involves programming a computer to take in new information and adapt based on those new inputs, rather than only being able to act based on its initial information. Just as we learn to tackle issues better based on experience, machine learning helps models improve over time based on new information.

At, we apply the power of machine learning to error-prone and time-consuming tasks. However, we also understand that the right solution for our customers cannot leave the analysis and enrichment of regulatory documents entirely up to machine learning models. Instead, we developed our Expert-in-the-Loop (EITL) machine learning methodology that ensures expert oversight over the machine learning model.

For example, if a machine learning model cannot determine whether a regulation should be tagged as applicable to certain asset managers, then our team of regulatory and compliance experts review the document and add the proper tag. The Compliance and Risk Management solution learns from this instance and then properly tags similar regulatory content in the future.

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The Expert Advisory Team

At, we have assembled a group of experts with in-depth experience in regulatory change and compliance for BFSI companies. In short, our Advisors have “been there, done that”. They understand the risks inherent in using outdated regulatory change management practices and how the right software solution can help to mitigate the risk of non-compliance. We work very closely with the Advisory Team. Our Advisors’ thoughtful insights have helped to deliver the market’s most-trusted and reliable solution for regulatory change management to our customers.

Watch video recordings from the 2021 Expert-in-the-Loop forum

The Expert-In-The-Loop Forum by is the industry’s only event specific to Regulatory Change Management for the BFSI industry. This event brings together legal, risk, and compliance professionals and industry leaders with expertise in the banking, financial services, and insurance industry.

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The Alliance is dedicated to building the world’s leading alliance of regulatory agencies, regulatory guidance content providers, compliance subject matter experts, legal advisors, industry publications, system integrators, and technology providers.  The mission of the Alliance is to improve regulatory change management, compliance and risk practices for the entire financial services ecosystem.

COMING SOON:  The Alliance will allow all members to collaborate to establish world-class regulatory change management practices and improved regulations for the BFSI industry. We will continue to expand the scope and purview of this program to develop an interactive and dynamic community that exchanges ideas and reduces risk for all stakeholders.  Please join us to share your knowledge and expertise.

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Expert Connection with allows users to access relevant expert guidance using our premium content feature – from within the application. The content providers and associations in the Alliance display additional information while a user is reviewing a regulatory document.  It includes legal interpretations of regulations, publications from law firms, compliance manuals, and guidance from content publishers included in the Alliance. is actively recruiting new domain experts who can assist our users with advisory, assessment, analysis and implementation activities.

Select learn more below to view our expert partners – and how to contact us become a partner.

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The EITL Contributor Program

Are you a legal practitioner, law professor, financial industry domain expert, or student looking to gain RegTech exposure and benefit from a deeper knowledge of the most relevant issues in the financial industry? If so, please consider joining the EITL Contributor Program.

The platform leverages a crowdsourced, expert-in-the-loop methodology to automatically track, classify, summarize and prioritize financial regulatory content across jurisdictions and topic areas. As one of our Contributors, you put the “expert” in “expert-in-the-loop.”

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