Automatically monitor regulatory updates to map to your internal policies, procesures and controls. Learn More
Automatically monitor regulatory updates to map to your internal policies, procesures and controls. Learn More
NAVIGATION Service Connector Integration Guide Service Connector automatically publishes filtered content to third party platforms. 

Content sources from a variety of regulatory agencies and thought leaders can be filtered, based on various types of documents, including proposed and final rules, news, executive orders, enforcement actions, agency updates, bulletins, statutes, and hundreds of other document types across different jurisdictions.

With’s Search Filters and Alerts, users can create searches and alerts based on criteria, including specific regulatory sources, topics, referenced citations, regulations, and jurisdictions. Filtered content can then be automatically pushed to external Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC), workflow solutions, business process automation products, or content management platforms via the Service Connector. The detected changes, along with the extracted rich metadata, including document types, topic classification, referenced regulations, published/comment-close/effective dates, author and summary, are periodically published for use on third party platforms. 

Users can add or edit alerts and the conditions that trigger publication from into third party platforms at any time. Additionally, users can take advantage of workflows to determine the steps that need to be completed prior to publication to a third party platform. For example, a “proposed rule” document could first be assessed for applicability within, and if deemed applicable by a compliance team member, it would be published to a third party process management or task management system for risk management and implementation. layers an intelligent, AI-powered platform over a curated library of 1,000s of sources across jurisdictions, document types, and industry publications.

Available Protocols and Formats

Supported Data formats

Content is aggregated, parsed, normalized, classified and tagged automatically by the platform. Relevant Data is pushed or pulled to integrated systems, including third party GRC platforms.

Service Connector compatibility is available for the following platforms:

 RSS/SFTP-based data ingest is available for the following platforms: 

Mapping Data Fields to your platform

Once you have determined which module within the 3rd party platform you’d like to integrate with, we can map our document metadata to your platform. This will allow you to leverage’s documents and data within either the platform or your 3rd party platform. can also map additional custom fields including enforcement metadata, and sentence-level document data, such as obligations, for an enhanced experience. 

Establishing Alerts and Workflows to deliver documents and data to your platform

To begin leveraging a curated view of content within your platform, you can create tailored searches and establish alerts.

Step 1: Establish your Default Filters.

To easily search for documents relevant to your business, establish Topic, Jurisdiction, and Agency Default Filters. Your filters simplify your searches and create a default RSS feed, which is automatically updated whenever you change your filter selections.

Default Filters


Default RSS Feed


Step 2: Search & Create Alerts

You can create unlimited custom alerts to deliver curated sets of documents to your platform. Simply conduct a search, turn on the alert, and choose your preferred delivery method. 

Search: Using Default Filters automatically includes select Agencies, Jurisdictions, News & Premium Content and Topics. Add criteria, e.g.: Text or Document Type, to refine your search.


Advanced Search – Builder: You can further refine your search by using capabilities within the Advanced Search Builder to exclude documents with, for example, specific text, document types, or topics as well as combine AND, OR, and NOT within a single search. Access Advanced Search by selecting the toggle next to the search bar.

Advanced Search Builder

Add an Alert: Turn on alerts to leverage your search and receive new documents that meet the criteria within your platform.


Using RSS – Step 3: Leverage your Alert RSS feed

Once you have established alerts, you can copy the alert RSS links, including the token specific to your integration, to your GRC, IRM or content management platform. You can then review documents that meet your alert criteria in near real time in either platform.

Notifications: Alert RSS Feed


Publish Method – Step 3: Establish Workflows to publish documents to your platform

Alternatively, once you have established alerts, you can set up workflows within to deliver documents and metadata to your GRM, IRM or content management platform.

Service Connector then publishes content into the your destination of choice – either into sftp, webdav, s3, or azure folder or by directly invoking the your own API endpoint. Service Connector can also make the published content accessible through Developer API platform through the Pre-Filtered Content endpoint. A request to the Pre-Filtered Content endpoint will return content based on the user criteria set in the alerts and workflow on the application for your organization.

Add Workflow

Next Steps

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