International Agencies

Below are the International agencies currently supported by our APIs. International sources include United Kingdom, Canada and regulatory bodies in the European Union.

Export CSV (last updated 09/28/22)
Agency_ID Name Short Name Jurisdiction Document Type / Category
500000001 Sweden Finansinspektionen (Financial Supervisory Authority) SWE-FI SWE Press Release
400000002 Taiwan Financial Supervisory Commission CHN-TFSC CHN Rule
350000003 Financial Superintendency of Colombia COL-FS COL Annual Report,Circular,Report,Press Release
350000002 President of the Republic Colombia COL-POR COL News
350000001 Ministry of Health and Social Protection of Colombia COL-MHSP COL News
300000003 Central Bank of Mexico MEX-CB MEX Meeting Minutes,News
300000002 Mexican National Banking and Stock Commission MEX-CNBV MEX Press Release
270000009 The People's Bank of China CHN-PBC CHN Guideline,Announcement,Press Release,FAQ,Notice,Regulatory Order,Rule,Administrative Order,Guidance
270000008 State Administration of Foreign Exchange CHN-SAFE CHN Guideline,Circular,Opinion,Announcement,Letter,News,Notice,Checklist,Implementation Plan,Statistical Data Set,Rule,Agency Update,Regulatory Alert,Form,Interpretive Statement
270000007 National People's Congress of the People's Republic of China CHN-NPC CHN Act,Law
270000006 Ministry of Commerce People's Republic of China CHN-MOFCOM CHN Rule
270000005 General Administration of Customs CHN-GAC CHN Announcement,Order,Rule
270000004 State Administration for Market Regulation of China CHN-SAMR CHN Rule
270000003 State Council of The People's Republic of China CHN-SC CHN Press Release,Guidance
270000002 China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission CHN-CBIRC CHN News,Rule
270000001 China Securities Regulatory Commission CHN-CSRC CHN Conference,News,Consultation,Agency Update
260000002 Federal Customs Service of Russia RUS-FCS RUS News Release
260000001 Central Bank of Russia RUS-CBR RUS Speech,Press Release,News
250000009 Parliament of India IND-PARL IND Act
250000008 Telecommunication Engineering Centre IND-TEC IND Guideline,Industry Guidance,Memorandum,Letter,Notice,Guidance
250000006 Bureau of Indian Standards IND-BIS IND Rulemaking,Notice,Regulatory Order,Rule,Guidance
250000005 Department of Telecommunications of India IND-DOT IND Meeting Minutes,Guideline,Memorandum,Instruction,Act,Circular,Letter,Notice,Consultation,Regulatory Order,Rule,Policy Statement,Research Publication,Form,Guidance
250000004 Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs IND-CBITC IND Amendment,Instruction,Act,Circular,FAQ,Notice,Rule,Form
250000003 Directorate General of Foreign Trade IND-DGFT IND Circular,Handbook,Notice,Policy Statement,Guidance
240000001 Otoritas Jasa Keuangan IDN-OJK IDN Press Release
220000002 Capital Markets Board of Turkey TUR-CMB TUR Announcement
210000011 Government of Prince Edward Island CAN-PEGOV CAN-PE News
210000004 Communications and Information Technology Commission SAU-CITC SAU Rule
210000003 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia SAU-KSA SAU Law
210000002 Capital Market Authority SAU-CMA SAU Instruction,Circular,Announcement,Press Release,Guide,Rule
210000001 Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority SAU-SAMA SAU Circular,News,Rule
200000001 Banco Central De La República Argentina ARG-BCRA ARG Annual Report,Report,News,Research Publication
110000004 Health and Safety Executive UK-HSE UK Press Release
40100001 Kanto Finance Bureau JP-KTFB JP-KT News
39100002 Bermuda Parliament BMU-PARL BMU Act,Rule
39100001 Bermuda Monetary Authority BMU-MA BMU Guideline,Policy Paper,Annual Report,Consultation Paper,Rule,Policy Statement,Guidance
37000001 Eurasian Economic Commission EAEU-EEC EAEU News
36000005 Dubai Executive Council United Arab Emirates ARE-DEC ARE Law
36000003 Securities and Commodities Authority United Arab Emirates ARE-SCA ARE Circular,Notice,Rule,Guidance
36000002 Dubai International Financial Centre ARE-DIFC ARE Statement,Notice,Form,Guidance
36000001 Ministry of Justice United Arab Emirates ARE-MOJ ARE Executive Order,Law
34000007 Parliament of Singapore SGP-PARL SGP Rule
34000006 Competition and Consumer Commission Singapore SGP-CCC SGP Bill,Guideline,Industry Guidance,Response,Statement,Press Release,Consultation Paper,Consultation,Form,Decision Notice,Feedback Statement
34000005 Ministry of Manpower Singapore SGP-MOM SGP Speech,Statistics,Report,Announcement,Press Release
34000004 Government of Singapore SGP-GOV SGP Speech,Final Report,Act,Press Release
34000003 Personal Data Protection Commission of Singapore SGP-PDPC SGP Announcement
34000002 Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore SGP-IRAS SGP Speech,Press Release,News,Agency Update
34000001 Monetary Authority of Singapore SGP-MAS SGP Speech,Statement of Policy,Guideline,Annual Report,Bulletin,Circular,Statement,Report,Letter,Press Release,Consultation Paper,FAQ,Notice,Agency Update,Research Publication,Guidance,Enforcement
33100005 European Council EU-EC EU N/A
33100004 European Financial Reporting Advisory Group EU-EFRAG EU Event,Final Report,Statement of Policy,Comment,Annual Report,Report,Letter,Consultation Paper,News,Research Publication,Feedback Statement
33100003 Europol EU-POL EU Press Release,News
33100002 European Parliament EU-PARL EU Legislative Debates,Meeting Minutes,Guideline,Proposed Rule,Decision (EU),Annual Report,Report,Opinion,Press Release,Fact Sheet,News,Notice,Regulation (EU),Directive (EU),Research Publication,Enforcement Report
33100001 European Central Bank EU-ECB EU Working Paper,Event,Final Report,Guideline,Correspondence,Decision (EU),Response,Statistics,Bulletin,Report,Press Release,Consultation,Research Publication,Publication,Recommendation
33000009 Australian Accounting Standards Board AUS-AASB AUS
33000008 Parliament of Australia AUS-PARL AUS Act
33000007 Government of Australia AUS-GOV AUS Press Release
33000006 Fair Work Commission Australia AUS-FWC AUS Guideline,Report,News,Agency Update,Research Publication,Decision Notice
33000005 Australian Taxation Office AUS-ATO AUS Speech,Press Release,Blog
33000004 Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre AUS-AUSTRAC AUS News
33000003 Australian Securities & Investments Commission AUS-ASIC AUS Speech,Press Release,News,Agency Update
33000002 Office of the Australian Information Commissioner AUS-OAIC AUS Statement,Press Release,News,Agency Update
33000001 Australian Prudential Regulation Authority AUS-APRA AUS Speech,Corporate Document,Annual Report,Statistics,Statement,Report,Press Release,News
32000001 Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier LUX-CSSF LUX Memorandum of Understanding,Whitepaper,Warning Notice,Event,Industry Guidance,Annual Report,Statistics,Newsletter,Circular,Report,Press Release,Advisory Letter,FAQ,Standard,Rule,Agency Update,Research Publication,Form,Guidance,Enforcement
31000009 Hong Kong Legislative Council HKG-LC HKG
31000008 Trade and Industry Department of Hong Kong HKG-TID HKG Notice,Rule
31000007 Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority Hong Kong HKG-MPFA HKG Circular,Press Release,Blog,Agency Update
31000006 Labour Department Hong Kong HKG-LD HKG Press Release
31000005 Government of Hong Kong HKG-GOV HKG News
31000004 Inland Revenue Department Hong Kong HKG-IRD HKG Press Release
31000003 Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data of Hong Kong HKG-PCPD HKG Press Release
31000002 Hong Kong Monetary Authority HKG-MA HKG Speech,Guideline,Manual,Circular,Press Release,Consultation
31000001 Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission HKG-SFC HKG Guideline,Response,Circular,Consultation Paper,FAQ,Notice,Consultation,Rule,Administrative Order,Regulatory Alert,Guidance
29000002 Government of France FRA-GOV FRA Supervisory Report,Statement,Press Release,News,Handbook
29000001 Autorite des Marches Financiers FRA-AMF FRA News
28000002 Bank of Italy ITA-BDI ITA Working Paper,News,Agency Update
28000001 Commissione Nazionale Per Le Società e la Borsa ITA-CONSOB ITA Press Release
27000008 Bundesministerium der Finanzen (German Finance Ministry) DEU-BMF DEU Report,Announcement,Letter,Rate Filing,Press Release,Fact Sheet,Supporting Document,Agency Update,Publication,Decision Notice
27000007 Deutscher Bundestag (German Parliament) DEU-BT DEU Act,Ordinance,Lawmaking
27000006 Deutsche Kreditwirtschaft DEU-DK DEU Whitepaper,Event,Comment,Report,Press Release,Supporting Document
27000005 Bundesverband Deutscher Banken DEU-BVB DEU Whitepaper,Event,Comment,Report,Opinion,Press Release,News,Blog,Guide,Supporting Document,Agency Update,Guidance,Publication
27000004 Bundesministerium der Justiz (Federal Ministry of Justice) DEU-BMJ DEU Bill,Speech,Meeting Minutes,Comment,Press Release,News,Blog,Lawmaking,Agency Update
27000003 Verband der Auslandsbanken DEU-VAB DEU Comment,Newsletter,Statement,Press Release,Feedback Statement
27000002 Bundesbank Germany DEU-BB DEU Speech,Final Report,Annual Report,Statistics,Newsletter,Circular,Report,Press Release,FAQ,Notice,Consultation,Supporting Document,Research Publication,Financial Sanction,Guidance,Supervisory Guidance
27000001 Federal Financial Supervisory Authority of Germany DEU-BAFIN DEU Annual Report,Circular,Press Release,Rule,Publication,Supervisory Guidance
26000002 Parliament of the Republic of South Africa ZAF-PARL ZAF Act
26000001 South African Financial Sector Conduct Authority ZAF-FSCA ZAF Civil Money Penalty,Press Release,Enforcement Order
25000004 National Congress of Brazil BRA-NC BRA Act
25000001 Banco Central do Brasil BRA-BCB BRA Report,Press Release
24000002 De Netherlandsche Bank NLD-DNB NLD Speech,Bulletin,Newsletter,Report,Press Release,News,Blog
24000001 Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets NLD-AFM NLD News
23010003 New South Wales Legislation AUS-NSWL AUS-NSW Act,Rule
23010001 Revenue New South Wales AUS-NSWR AUS-NSW Event,Newsletter,Announcement,Press Release,News,FAQ
23000003 Nevis Ministry of Finance KNA-MOF KNA Rule
23000002 The National Assembly of Saint Kitts and Nevis KNA-NA KNA Act,Law,Rule
23000001 Nevis Financial Services Regulatory Commission KNA-NFSRC KNA Rule
22000001 National Assembly of Panama PAN-NA PAN Act
21300002 Nunavut Legislation NU-LEG CAN-NU Bill,Notice
21300001 Government of Nunavut CAN-NUGOV CAN-NU News
21200002 Government of New Brunswick CAN-NBGOV CAN-NB News
21200001 Financial and Consumer Services Commission New Brunswick CAN-NBFCSC CAN-NB News
21100001 Government of Northwest Territories of Canada CAN-NTGOV CAN-NT Speech,Discussion Paper,Final Report,Guideline,Act,Response,Annual Report,Bulletin,Report,Announcement,Press Release,News,Business Plan,Agency Update,Guidance
21000001 The Barbados Parliament BRB-BP BRB Act
20900003 Insurance Councils of Saskatchewan CAN-SKIC CAN-SK Bulletin
20900002 Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority CAN-SKFCAA CAN-SK Final Decision,Act,Consent Order,Report,Letter,News,FAQ,Notice,Guide,Rule,Form,Enforcement
20900001 Government of Saskatchewan CAN-SKGOV CAN-SK News
20800003 Government of Nova Scotia CAN-NSGOV CAN-NS News
20800002 Nova Scotia Securities Commission CAN-NSSC CAN-NS Press Release
20800001 Nova Scotia Finance and Treasury Board CAN-NSFTB CAN-NS Bulletin
20700003 Superintendent of Insurance Yukon CAN-YTSOI CAN-YT Bulletin
20700002 Government of Yukon CAN-YTGOV CAN-YT Final Report,Guideline,Act,Report,News,Notice,Standard,Rule
20700001 Yukon Workers' Compensation Health and Safety Board CAN-WCHSB CAN-YT News
20600001 Government of Newfoundland and Labrador CAN-NLGOV CAN-NL Final Report,Investor Alert,Guideline,Bulletin,Circular,News,Notice,Rule
20500005 Office of the Superintendent Pension Commission Manitoba CAN-MBOSPC CAN-MB News
20500004 Insurance Council of Manitoba CAN-MBIC CAN-MB Annual Report,Bulletin
20500003 Consumer Protection Office of Manitoba CAN-MBCPO CAN-MB Consumer Alert
20500002 Government of Manitoba CAN-MBGOV CAN-MB Bulletin,News
20500001 Manitoba Securities Commission CAN-MSC CAN-MB News
20400006 Government of Alberta CAN-ABGOV CAN-AB News
20400005 Superintendent of Insurance of Alberta CAN-ABSI CAN-AB Bulletin,Enforcement Notice,Form
20400004 Alberta Insurance Council CAN-AIC CAN-AB News
20400003 Alberta Treasury Board and Finance CAN-ABTBF CAN-AB Guideline,Annual Report,Statistics,Newsletter,Circular,Statement,Report,Notice,Publication
20400002 Legislative Assembly of Alberta CAN-ABLA CAN-AB Bill
20400001 Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Alberta CAN-OIPCAB CAN-AB Breach Notification Decision,Annual Report,News,Advisory Letter,Notice,Enforcement Order,Agency Update,Enforcement Report,Guidance,Impact Assessment,Enforcement
20300003 Insurance Council British Columbia CAN-BCIC CAN-BC Guideline,News,Notice
20300002 Legislative Assembly of British Columbia CAN-BCLA CAN-BC Bill
20300001 Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner for British Columbia CAN-OIPCBC CAN-BC Guidance
20200007 Office Québécois de la Langue Française Quebec CAN-QCOQLF CAN-QC News,Agency Update
20200006 Revenu Quebec CAN-QCRQ CAN-QC Press Release,News
20200005 Office de la Protection du Consommateur CAN-QCOPC CAN-QC News
20200004 Canadian Depository For Securities CAN-CDS CAN Press Release
20200003 Retraite Quebec CAN-QCR CAN-QC Final Report,Proposed Rule,Press Release,News,Rule,Impact Assessment
20200002 Commission d'acces a l'information du Quebec CAN-QCCAI CAN-QC Press Release
20200001 National Assembly of Québec CAN-QCNA CAN-QC Bill,News
20100002 Legislative Assembly of Ontario CAN-ONLA CAN-ON Bill,Statute
20100001 Toronto Stock Exchange CAN-TSX CAN-ON News
20000003 Office of the Prime Minister of The Bahamas BHS-OPM BHS Executive Order
20000002 Parliament of The Bahamas BHS-POB BHS Act
20000001 Bahamas Financial Services Board BHS-BFSB BHS Rule,Guidance,Enforcement
19000004 Parliament of Malaysia MYS-POM MYS Act
19000003 Bank Negara Malaysia MYS-BNM MYS Guideline,Announcement,Press Release,Notice,Agency Update
19000002 Securities Commission Malaysia MYS-SC MYS Guideline,Act,Circular,Ordinance,Consultation Paper,Rule,Guidance
19000001 Labuan International Business and Financial Centre MYS-LIBFC MYS Guideline,Circular,Press Release,FAQ,Form
18000002 Central Bank of Ireland IRL-CBI IRL Comment,Consultation Paper,Feedback Statement
18000001 The Oireachtas IRL-OIR IRL Act,Rule
17000006 Cayman Islands Legislative Assembly CYM-LA CYM Act,Law
17000005 Cayman Islands Ombudsman CYM-OMB CYM Guideline,Annual Report,Statistics,Report,Guidance Notice,Notice,Rule,Form,Guidance
17000004 Cabinet of the Cayman Islands CYM-CAB CYM Act,Ordinance,Rule
17000003 Financial Reporting Authority Cayman Islands CYM-FRA CYM Industry Guidance,Enforcement Notice,Notice,Form
17000002 Department for International Tax Cooperation CYM-DITC CYM Press Release,Handbook,International Treaty,FAQ,Notice,Rule,Form,Guidance
17000001 Cayman Islands Monetary Authority CYM-CIMA CYM Investor Alert,Circular,Enforcement Notice,Letter,Press Release,Consultation Paper,Notice,Rule,Policy Statement,Agency Update,Form,Guidance,Enforcement,Feedback Statement
16000003 Customs and Excise Division of Isle of Man IM-CED IM Enforcement Notice,Guidance
16000002 Financial Services Authority of Isle of Man IM-FSA IM Act,Executive Order,Report,Guide,Rule
16000001 Legislative Council of the Isle of Man IM-LC IM Bill,Act
15000009 National Police Agency Japan JP-NPA JP Manual
15000008 Government of Japan JP-GOV JP News
15000007 Japan Securities Dealers Association JP-SDA JP Response,Comment,Statement,Report,Fact Sheet,FAQ,Business Plan,Agency Update,Interpretive Statement
15000006 Ministry of Health Labour and Welfare Japan JP-MHLW JP Final Report,Circular,Report,News,Research Publication
15000005 Financial Futures Association of Japan JP-FFAJ JP Guideline,Report,Rule,Agency Update
15000004 Personal Information Protection Commission JP-PPC JP Final Report,Act,Statement,News,Rule
15000003 Japanese Financial Services Agency JP-FSA JP Meeting Minutes,Guideline,Manual,Report,Announcement,Letter,Press Release,Publication
15000002 Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission of Japan JP-SESC JP Press Release
15000001 Ministry of Justice JP-MOJ JP Guideline,Act,Executive Order,Ordinance,Notice,Order,Rule
14000050 Canadian Bankers Association CAN-CBA CAN Statistics,News,Agency Update,Guidance
14000046 Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages CAN-OCOL CAN News
14000045 Canadian Public Accountability Board CAN-CPAB CAN News
14000044 Employment and Social Development Canada CAN-ESDC CAN Speech,Statement,Announcement,Press Release,News,Guidance
14000043 Office of the Commissioner of Lobbying of Canada CAN-OCL CAN Annual Report,Report,News,Consultation,Enforcement Report
14000042 Canadian Council of Insurance Regulators CAN-CCIR CAN Press Release
14000041 Financial Reporting & Assurance Standards Canada CAN-FRAS CAN Meeting Minutes,Proposed Rule,Consultation Paper,News,Consultation,Research Publication,Supervisory Guidance
14000040 Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association CAN-CLHIA CAN News
14000039 Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy Canada CAN-OSB CAN Enforcement Notice,Report,News,Consultation
14000038 Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investments CAN-OBSI CAN Final Report,News
14000037 Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission CAN-CRTC CAN Speech,News
14000036 Canadian Derivatives Clearing Corporation CAN-CDCC CAN Notice
14000035 Elections Canada CAN-EC CAN Press Release,News
14000032 Canadian Human Rights Commission CAN-CHRC CAN Speech,Statement,News
14000031 Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation CAN-CMHC CAN Speech,News,Notice
14000030 Canadian Securities Exchange CAN-CSE CAN Notice
14000029 British Columbia Financial Services Authority CAN-BCFSA CAN-BC Guideline,Bulletin,Statement,Report,Letter,Press Release,Consultation Paper,News,Consumer Alert,Notice
14000028 Alberta Securities Commission CAN-ASC CAN-AB Regulatory Alert
14000027 Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario CAN-FSRAO CAN-ON Newsletter,Report,Announcement,News
14000026 Mutual Fund Dealers Association of Canada CAN-MFDA CAN Statement,Report,News
14000025 British Columbia Securities Commission CAN-BCSC CAN-BC News
14000024 Canada Revenue Agency CAN-CRA CAN Speech,Statement,Press Release,News
14000023 Royal Canadian Mounted Police CAN-RCMP CAN News
14000022 The Montreal Exchange CAN-TMX CAN Circular
14000021 Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada CAN-FINTRAC CAN News,Guidance
14000020 Canadian Securities Administrators CAN-CSA CAN News
14000019 Ontario Securities Commission CAN-OSC CAN-ON Comment,News,National Instrument
14000018 Autorite des Marches Financiers CAN-AMF CAN News
14000017 Parliament of Canada CAN-PARL CAN Bill,Act,Rule
14000016 Government of Canada CAN-GOV CAN Rule
14000015 Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation CAN-CDIC CAN Speech,News,Agency Update
14000014 Financial Consumer Agency of Canada CAN-FCAC CAN Speech,Guideline,Statement,Press Release,News
14000013 Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada CAN-IIROC CAN Comment,Enforcement Notice,Letter,Consultation Paper,News,Notice,Agency Update,Enforcement
14000012 Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions CAN-OSFI CAN Discussion Paper,Guideline,Manual,Memorandum,Instruction,Statement,Letter,Ruling,Guide,Agency Update
14000011 Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada CAN-OPC CAN Speech,Correspondence,Commissioner's Order,Response,Comment,Bulletin,Advice,Statement,Report,Opinion,Announcement,Letter,Press Release,News,FAQ,Consultation,Agency Update,Research Publication,Guidance,Publication
14000010 Canadian Legal Information Institutes CAN-CANLII CAN Act,Rule,Agency Update
14000002 Bank of Canada CAN-BOC CAN Announcement,Press Release,Agency Update
13000004 State Secretariat for Economic Affairs CH-SECO CH Press Release
13000003 Federal Tax Administration CH-FTA CH Circular,Press Release
13000002 Federal Council CH-FC CH Act,Press Release
13000001 Financial Market Supervisory Authority CH-FINMA CH Insurance Reports,Risk Alert,Speech,Transparency Reports,Annual Report,Circular,Report,Press Release,Fact Sheet,News,Consultation,Agency Update,Enforcement Report,Financial Sanction,Guidance,Publication
12100000 European Commission EU-COM EU Speech,Whitepaper,Event,Amendment,Policy Paper,Proposed Rule,Decision (EU),Bulletin,Statement,Report,Opinion,Press Release,News,Advisory Letter,FAQ,Notice,Consultation,Regulation (EU),Directive (EU),Rule,Agency Update,Enforcement Report,Impact Assessment,Recommendation,Supervisory Guidance
12000014 International Monetary Fund INT-IMF INT News
12000013 North American Electric Reliability Corporation INT-NERC INT Report,FAQ,Standard,Implementation Plan,Form,Guidance
12000012 United Nations Security Council INT-UNSC INT Agency Update
12000011 North American Securities Administrators Association INT-NASAA INT Guideline,Act,FAQ,Rule
12000009 Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication INT-SWIFT INT Press Release,News
12000008 Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council INT-PCI INT Report,Press Release,Blog,FAQ,Standard,Supporting Document,Agency Update,Enforcement Report,Form,Guidance
12000007 European Securities and Markets Authority EU-ESMA EU Speech,Final Report,Investor Alert,Meeting Minutes,Guideline,Final Decision,Annual Report,Advice,Statement,Report,Opinion,Letter,Press Release,Consultation Paper,News,FAQ,Notice,Standard,Agency Update,Enforcement
12000006 Financial Stability Board INT-FSB INT News,Consultation,Agency Update
12000005 The Wolfsberg Group INT-TWG INT Statement,News,Standard,Agency Update,Guidance
12000004 International Organization of Securities Commissions INT-IOSCO INT Preliminary Report,Working Paper,Speech,Final Report,Comment,Annual Report,Press Release,Consultation,Rule,Agency Update,Research Publication
12000003 European Banking Authority EU-EBA EU Speech,Warning Notice,Discussion Paper,Guideline,Final Decision,Report,Opinion,Press Release,Consultation Paper,News,Recommendation
12000002 Financial Action Task Force INT-FATF INT Publication
12000001 Bank for International Settlements INT-BIS INT Working Paper,Discussion Paper,Guideline,Newsletter,Report,Press Release,Consultation Paper,News,FAQ,Standard,Consultation,Agency Update,Research Publication,Guidance
11000008 Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office of UK UK-FCDO UK Corporate Report,Transparency Reports,Policy Paper,Statistics,Press Release,Guide,Form,Guidance,Publication
11000007 Financial Reporting Council of UK UK-FRC UK Corporate Report,Memorandum of Understanding,Bill,Discussion Paper,Final Report,Audit,Meeting Minutes,Final Decision,Response,Comment,Annual Report,Statistics,Bulletin,Settlement Agreement,Revocation Order,Statement,Report,Letter,Consultation Paper,News,Handbook,Administrative Letter,Consultation,Business Plan,Regulatory Agenda,Enforcement Order,Research Publication,Enforcement Report,Guidance,Impact Assessment
11000006 UK Parliament UK-PARL UK Bill,Speech,Legislative Debates,Guideline,Memorandum,Policy Paper,Act,Annual Report,Statistics,Statute,Report,Letter,News,Blog,Rule,Agency Update,Research Publication,Financial Sanction,Guidance,Impact Assessment
11000005 Government of UK UK-GOV UK Guidance
11000004 House of Assembly of the British Virgin Islands VGB-HA UK-VGB Act,Statute,Ordinance,Notice,Rule,Policy Statement
11000003 Lending Standards Board UK-LSB UK News
11000002 Prudential Regulation Authority UK-PRA UK Supervisory Statement,Administration Instrument,Prudential Regulation,Regulatory Digest,Discussion Paper,Statement of Policy,Response,Annual Report,Statement,Report,Letter,Press Release,Consultation Paper,Handbook,Business Plan,Policy Statement,Agency Update,Guidance
11000001 Bank of England UK-BOE UK Conference,Working Paper,Event,Meeting Minutes,Policy Paper,Correspondence,Statistics,Bulletin,Report,News,Blog,Notice,Agency Update,Publication
10500001 Senedd Cymru WLS-SC WLS Act
10400001 Northern Island Assembly NIR-NIA NIR Act
10300001 Scottish Parliament SCT-PARL SCT Act
10200001 British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission VGB-FSC UK-VGB Statistics,Statement,Rulemaking,Press Release,News,Consumer Alert,Enforcement Report,Guidance,Publication
10000077 Monitor UK-MONITOR UK Agency Update,Form,Guidance
10000076 Health and Social Care Information Centre UK-HSCIC UK Agency Update
10000075 Infrastructure UK UK-IUK UK Corporate Report,Policy Paper,Statistics,Consultation,Agency Update,Guidance
10000074 Highways Agency UK-HA UK Guide
10000073 UK Trade & Investment UK-TI UK Corporate Report,Policy Paper,Guidance
10000072 Department of Energy & Climate Change UK-DOECC UK Consultation
10000071 Department for Business, Innovation & Skills UK-DFBIS UK Corporate Report,Policy Paper,Correspondence,Report,Consultation,Research Publication,Guidance,Impact Assessment
10000070 Competition Commission UK-CC UK Corporate Report,Consultation
10000068 Welsh Government UK-WALES UK Report
10000067 UK Export Finance UK-EF UK Policy Paper,Notice,Consultation
10000066 The Water Services Regulation Authority UK-OFWAT UK Corporate Report,Guidance
10000065 The Scottish Government UK-SCOT UK Correspondence,Statistics,Report,News,Publication
10000064 Serious Fraud Office UK-SFO UK Corporate Report
10000063 Royal Mint UK-RM UK Corporate Report,Policy Paper
10000061 Ofgem UK-OFGEM UK Corporate Report,Guidance
10000060 Office of the Secretary of State for Wales UK-OSSW UK Policy Paper,Report,Press Release,News,Consultation,Impact Assessment
10000059 Office of the Regulator of Community Interest Companies UK-ORCIC UK Consultation,Guidance
10000058 Office of Rail and Road UK-ORR UK Corporate Report,Correspondence,Consultation,Guidance
10000057 Office of Fair Trading UK-OOFT UK Corporate Report,Consultation,Guidance
10000056 Office for National Statistics UK-ONS UK Guidance
10000055 Office for Budget Responsibility UK-OFBR UK Policy Paper,Correspondence,News,Guidance
10000054 Ofcom UK-OFCOM UK Corporate Report,Guidance
10000053 Northern Ireland Office UK-NIO UK Policy Paper,Report,News
10000050 National Crime Agency UK-NCA UK Policy Paper
10000049 Ministry of Justice UK-MJ UK Policy Paper,Report,Consultation,Agency Update,Publication
10000048 Homes England UK-HEN UK Policy Paper,Publication
10000046 Groceries Code Adjudicator UK-GCA UK Policy Paper,Guidance
10000045 Government Office for Science UK-GOFS UK Corporate Report,News
10000044 Government Digital Service UK-GDS UK Policy Paper,Statistics,Press Release,Agency Update,Guidance
10000042 Efficiency and Reform Group UK-ERG UK Corporate Report,Policy Paper
10000041 Joint Money Laundering Steering Group UK-JMLSG UK Corporate Report,Agency Update,Guidance
10000040 Competition and Markets Authority UK-CMA UK Corporate Report,Speech,Policy Paper,Correspondence,Final Decision,Report,Press Release,News,Notice,Consultation,Agency Update,Research Publication,Form,Guidance,Impact Assessment,Publication,Enforcement
10000039 National Infrastructure Commission UK-NIC UK Policy Paper,Correspondence,Consultation
10000037 The Crown Estate UK-TCS UK Corporate Report
10000035 Internal Audit Profession UK-IAP UK Corporate Report,Guidance
10000033 Department for Exiting the European Union UK-DFETEU UK Policy Paper,Correspondence
10000032 Financial Services Trade and Investment Board UK-FSTIB UK Corporate Report
10000031 Department for Education UK-DFE UK Policy Paper,Statistics,Press Release,News,Consultation,Agency Update,Guidance,Impact Assessment,Publication
10000030 Office of Tax Simplification UK-OTS UK Corporate Report,Correspondence,Press Release,Agency Update,Research Publication,Guidance
10000029 Valuation Office Agency UK-VOA UK Policy Paper,Consultation
10000028 Office for Civil Society UK-OFCS UK Policy Paper,Press Release,Consultation,Guidance,Publication
10000027 Big Lottery Fund UK-BLF UK Policy Paper
10000026 Department for Work and Pensions UK-DWP UK Policy Paper,Correspondence,Press Release,News,Notice,Consultation,Agency Update,Research Publication,Publication
10000025 Office of the Secretary of State for Scotland UK-OSSS UK Policy Paper,Correspondence,Report,Press Release,News,Research Publication
10000024 UK Government Investments UK-GI UK Corporate Report,Policy Paper,News,Publication
10000023 UK Financial Investments Limited UK-FIL UK Corporate Report
10000022 UK Debt Management Office UK-DMO UK Corporate Report,Policy Paper
10000021 Infrastructure and Projects Authority UK-IPA UK Corporate Report,Policy Paper,News,Consultation,Agency Update,Research Publication,Form,Guidance,Publication
10000020 Department of Health and Social Care UK-DOHSC UK Speech,Policy Paper,Correspondence,Statistics,Press Release,News,Consultation,Agency Update,Form,Guidance,Publication
10000019 Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs UK-DEFRA UK Policy Paper,Report,Press Release,News,Consultation,Statistical Data Set,Agency Update,Form,Guidance,Publication
10000018 Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government UK-MHCLG UK Policy Paper,Report,Press Release,News,Consultation,Agency Update,Research Publication,Form,Guidance,Publication
10000017 Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy UK-DBEIS UK Corporate Report,Speech,Policy Paper,Correspondence,Report,Press Release,News,Notice,Consultation,Agency Update,Guidance,Publication
10000016 Export Control Joint Unit UK-ECJU UK Guidance
10000015 Government Economic Service UK-GES UK Guidance
10000014 HM Revenue & Customs UK-HMRC UK Corporate Report,Speech,Industry Guidance,Manual,Policy Paper,Correspondence,Statistics,Press Release,News,Handbook,International Treaty,Notice,Consultation,Guide,Agency Update,Research Publication,Form,Guidance,Impact Assessment,Publication
10000013 Civil Service UK-CS UK Guidance
10000012 Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport UK-DDCMS UK Corporate Report,Policy Paper,Correspondence,Report,Press Release,News,Notice,Consultation,Research Publication,Guidance,Publication
10000011 Department for International Development UK-DFID UK Corporate Report,Policy Paper,Press Release,News,Consultation,Agency Update,Guidance
10000010 Department for International Trade UK-DOIT UK Corporate Report,Policy Paper,Press Release,News,Consultation,Guide,Guidance,Impact Assessment,Publication
10000009 Ministry of Defence UK-MOD UK Policy Paper,Press Release,Agency Update,Guidance
10000008 Home Office UK-HO UK Corporate Report,Policy Paper,Correspondence,Press Release,News,Consultation,Agency Update,Research Publication,Guidance,Publication
10000007 Foreign & Commonwealth Office UK-FCO UK Corporate Report,Speech,Policy Paper,Correspondence,Press Release,News,Consultation,Agency Update,Research Publication,Guidance,Impact Assessment
10000006 Department for Transport UK-DOT UK Policy Paper,Correspondence,Report,Press Release,News,Consultation,Guide,Agency Update,Research Publication,Guidance,Publication
10000005 Cabinet Office UK-CO UK Corporate Report,Policy Paper,Report,Press Release,News,Consultation,Agency Update,Research Publication,Form,Guidance,Publication
10000004 Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation UK-OFSI UK Corporate Report,Policy Paper,Notice,Consultation,Guidance,Impact Assessment,Publication
10000003 HM Treasury UK-HMT UK Corporate Report,Speech,Policy Paper,Correspondence,Statistics,Statement,Report,Press Release,News,International Treaty,Notice,Standard,Consultation,Guide,Agency Update,Research Publication,Form,Guidance,Impact Assessment,Publication
10000002 Information Commissioner's Office UK-ICO UK Monetary Penalty,Speech,Audit,Statement,Report,News,Blog,Agency Update,Decision Notice,Enforcement
10000001 Financial Conduct Authority UK-FCA UK Corporate Report,Waivers And CRR Notice,Requirement Notice,Memorandum of Understanding,Supervisory Report,Finalised Guidance,Discussion Paper,Corporate Document,Meeting Minutes,Final Notice,Policy Paper,Correspondence,Annual Report,Statistics,Newsletter,Enforcement Notice,Report,Consultation Paper,News,Handbook,Notice,Consultation,Business Plan,Policy Statement,Agency Update,Research Publication,Form,Guidance,Impact Assessment,Publication,Decision Notice,Enforcement,Feedback Statement
380004 Ministry of Finance & National Economy BHR-MFNE BHR Rule
380003 Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism BHR-MOIC BHR Regulatory Order,Rule,Guidance
380002 Bahrain National Assembly BHR-NA BHR Law,Decree
380001 Central Bank of Bahrain BHR-CBB BHR Speech,Annual Report,Statistics,Bulletin,Circular,Report,Announcement,Letter,Press Release,News,Handbook,Standard,Consultation,Directive,Rule,Regulatory Alert,Enforcement Report,Guidance,Publication,Feedback Statement
9085 International Financial Reporting Standards INT-IFRS INT Investor Alert,Newsletter,Report,Announcement
9084 International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board INT-IAASB INT News
144 Environment Office, Energy Department EOED Notice