International Agencies

Below are the International agencies currently supported by our APIs. International sources include United Kingdom, Canada and regulatory bodies in the European Union.

Agency_ID Name Short Name Jurisdiction
10000001 Financial Conduct Authority UK-FCA International
10000007 Foreign & Commonwealth Office UK-FCO International
10000010 Department for International Trade UK-DOIT International
10000013 Civil Service UK-CS International
10000014 HM Revenue & Customs UK-HMRC International
10000016 Export Control Joint Unit UK-ECJU International
10000018 Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government UK-MHCLG International
10000020 Department of Health and Social Care UK-DOHSC International
10000028 Office for Civil Society UK-OFCS International
10000030 Office of Tax Simplification UK-OTS International
10000003 HM Treasury UK-HMT International
10000027 Big Lottery Fund UK-BLF International
10000042 Efficiency and Reform Group UK-ERG International
10000048 Homes England UK-HEN International
10000052 NHS Improvement UK-NHSIM International
10000055 Office for Budget Responsibility UK-OFBR International
10000059 Office of the Regulator of Community Interest Companies UK-ORCIC International
10000061 Ofgem UK-OFGEM International
10000072 Department of Energy & Climate Change UK-DOECC International
10000074 Highways Agency UK-HA International
10000075 Infrastructure UK UK-IUK International
11000001 Bank of England UK-BOE International
19000004 Parliament of Malaysia MYS-POM International
20000001 Bahamas Financial Services Board BHS-BFSB International
14000014 Financial Consumer Agency of Canada CA-FCAC International
10000009 Ministry of Defence UK-MOD International
13000001 Financial Market Supervisory Authority CH-FINMA International
10000031 Department for Education UK-DFE International
10000036 Payments Systems Regulator UK-PSR International
10000012 Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport UK-DDCMS International
10000053 Northern Ireland Office UK-NIO International
10000057 Office of Fair Trading UK-OOFT International
10000062 Regulator of Social Housing UK-RSH International
10000067 UK Export Finance UK-EF International
10000070 Competition Commission UK-CC International
10000073 UK Trade & Investment UK-TI International
13000002 Federal Council CH-FC International
21000001 The Barbados Parliament BRB-BP International
23000001 Nevis Financial Services Regulatory Commission KNA-NFSRC International
12000003 European Banking Authority INT-EBA International
10000008 Home Office UK-HO International
10000032 Financial Services Trade and Investment Board UK-FSTIB International
10000033 Department for Exiting the European Union UK-DFETEU International
10000037 The Crown Estate UK-TCS International
10000040 Competition and Markets Authority UK-CMA International
12000002 Financial Action Task Force INT-FATF International
12000005 The Wolfsberg Group INT-TWG International
10000045 Government Office for Science UK-GOFS International
10000047 Highways England UK-HE International
11000002 Prudential Regulation Authority UK-PRA International
10000060 Office of the Secretary of State for Wales UK-OSSW International
10000066 The Water Services Regulation Authority UK-OFWAT International
10000068 Welsh Government UK-WALES International
10000056 Office for National Statistics UK-ONS International
14000010 Canadian Legal Information Institutes CA-CANLII International
17000001 Cayman Islands Monetary Authority CYM-CIMA International
13000003 Federal Tax Administration CH-FTA International
10000004 Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation UK-OFSI International
10000019 Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs UK-DEFRA International
10000029 Valuation Office Agency UK-VOA International
10000035 Internal Audit Profession UK-IAP International
10000039 National Infrastructure Commission UK-NIC International
10000038 Prime Ministers Office, 10 Downing Street UK-10DS International
10000006 Department for Transport UK-DOT International
12100000 European Commission INT-EC International
10000021 Infrastructure and Projects Authority UK-IPA International
10000034 National Security and Intelligence UK-NSI International
10000051 NHS Digital UK-NHSD International
10000064 Serious Fraud Office UK-SFO International
10000065 The Scottish Government UK-SCOT International
12000007 European Securities and Markets Authority INT-ESMA International
15000001 Ministry of Justice JP-MOJ International
12000008 Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council INT-PCI International
18000001 The Oireachtas IRL-OIR International
20000002 Parliament of The Bahamas BHS-POB International
20000003 Office of the Prime Minister of The Bahamas BHS-OPM International
23000002 The National Assembly of Saint Kitts and Nevis KNA-NA International
24000001 Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets NLD-AFM International
10000015 Government Economic Service UK-GES International
10000017 Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy UK-DBEIS International
10000023 UK Financial Investments Limited UK-FIL International
10000024 UK Government Investments UK-GI International
10000026 Department for Work and Pensions UK-DWP International
12000004 International Organization of Securities Commissions INT-IOSCO International
10000063 Royal Mint UK-RM International
10000069 UK Statistics Authority UK-SA International
10000076 Health and Social Care Information Centre UK-HSCIC International
10000077 Monitor UK-MONITOR International
14000012 Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions CA-OSFI International
12000006 Financial Stability Board INT-FSB International
11000003 Lending Standards Board UK-LSB International
14000002 Bank of Canada CA-BOC International
19000001 Labuan International Business and Financial Centre MYS-LIBFC International
19000003 Bank Negara Malaysia MYS-BNM International
14000015 Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation CA-CDIC International
10000011 Department for International Development UK-DFID International
10000046 Groceries Code Adjudicator UK-GCA International
10000050 National Crime Agency UK-NCA International
10000058 Office of Rail and Road UK-ORR International
13000004 State Secretariat for Economic Affairs CH-SECO International
14000011 Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada CA-OPC International
12100001 European Parliament INT-EP International
10000049 Ministry of Justice UK-MJ International
10000054 Ofcom UK-OFCOM International
10000071 Department for Business, Innovation & Skills UK-DFBIS International
12000001 Bank for International Settlements INT-BIS International
10000002 Information Commissioner's Office UK-ICO International
10000005 Cabinet Office UK-CO International
10000022 UK Debt Management Office UK-DMO International
10000041 Joint Money Laundering Steering Group UK-JMLSG International
10000025 Office of the Secretary of State for Scotland UK-OSSS International
10000043 Government Actuarys Department UK-GAD International
10000044 Government Digital Service UK-GDS International
19000002 Securities Commission Malaysia MYS-SC International
22000001 National Assembly of Panama PAN-NA International
24000002 De Netherlandsche Bank NLD-DNB International
14000017 Parliament of Canada CA-PARL International