To filter by jurisdictions, you have to use one of the Jurisdiction_IDs listed below in the Search Method API. This will filter your results to only include content related to the Jurisdiction_ID selected.

These are the jurisdictions currently supported by our APIs:

Jurisdiction_ID Short_Name Name Category Country
400 JP Japan international Japan
20 US-KS Kansas state US
0 US United States of America federal US
38 US-ND North Dakota state US
31 US-NE Nebraska state US
42 US-PA Pennsylvania state US
45 US-SC South Carolina state US
1200 KNA Saint Kitts and Nevis international
Saint Kitts and Nevis
51 US-VA Virginia state US
300 CH Switzerland international Switzerland
15 US-HI Hawaii state US
800 MYS Malaysia international Malaysia
29 US-MO Missouri state US
56 US-WY Wyoming state US
9 US-CT Connecticut state US
19 US-IA Iowa state US
22 US-LA Louisiana state US
23 US-ME Maine state US
34 US-NJ New Jersey state US
1300 PAN Panama international PAN
27 US-MN Minnesota state US
37 US-NC North Carolina state US
39 US-OH Ohio state US
101 UK United Kingdom international United Kingdom
49 US-UT Utah state US
6 US-CA California state US
11 US-DC District of Columbia state US
2 US-AK Alaska state US
4 US-AZ Arizona state US
5 US-AR Arkansas state US
13 US-GA Georgia state US
24 US-MD Maryland state US
28 US-MS Mississippi state US
200 CA Canada international Canada
700 IRL Ireland international Ireland
900 BHS The Bahamas international The Bahamas
102 UK-VGB British Virgin Islands state UK
18 US-IN Indiana state US
21 US-KY Kentucky state US
36 US-NY New York state US
44 US-RI Rhode Island state US
50 US-VT Vermont state US
1000 INT International international International
40 US-OK Oklahoma state US
48 US-TX Texas state US
53 US-WA Washington state US
55 US-WI Wisconsin state US
8 US-CO Colorado state US
12 US-FL Florida state US
16 US-ID Idaho state US
30 US-MT Montana state US
35 US-NM New Mexico state US
500 IM Isle of Man international Isle of Man
17 US-IL Illinois state US
26 US-MI Michigan state US
10 US-DE Delaware state US
1 US-AL Alabama state US
58 US-CNMI Northern Mariana Islands state US
57 US-GU Guam state US
33 US-NH New Hampshire state US
600 CYM Cayman Islands international Cayman Islands
1100 BRB Barbados international Barbados
25 US-MA Massachusetts state US
32 US-NV Nevada state US
54 US-WV West Virginia state US
41 US-OR Oregon state US
46 US-SD South Dakota state US
47 US-TN Tennessee state US

A list of the regulatory agencies within each jurisdiction can be found on the Regulatory Sources page.