Automatically monitor regulatory updates to map to your internal policies, procesures and controls. Learn More
Automatically monitor regulatory updates to map to your internal policies, procesures and controls. Learn More


To filter by jurisdictions, you have to use one of the Jurisdiction_IDs listed below in the Search Method API. This will filter your results to only include content related to the Jurisdiction_ID selected.

These are the jurisdictions currently supported by our APIs:

Export CSV (last updated 04/10/24)
Jurisdiction_ID Short_Name Name Category Country
0 US United States of America federal US
1 US-AL Alabama state US
2 US-AK Alaska state US
4 US-AZ Arizona state US
5 US-AR Arkansas state US
6 US-CA California state US
8 US-CO Colorado state US
9 US-CT Connecticut state US
10 US-DE Delaware state US
11 US-DC District of Columbia state US
12 US-FL Florida state US
13 US-GA Georgia state US
15 US-HI Hawaii state US
16 US-ID Idaho state US
17 US-IL Illinois state US
18 US-IN Indiana state US
19 US-IA Iowa state US
20 US-KS Kansas state US
21 US-KY Kentucky state US
22 US-LA Louisiana state US
23 US-ME Maine state US
24 US-MD Maryland state US
25 US-MA Massachusetts state US
26 US-MI Michigan state US
27 US-MN Minnesota state US
28 US-MS Mississippi state US
29 US-MO Missouri state US
30 US-MT Montana state US
31 US-NE Nebraska state US
32 US-NV Nevada state US
33 US-NH New Hampshire state US
34 US-NJ New Jersey state US
35 US-NM New Mexico state US
36 US-NY New York state US
37 US-NC North Carolina state US
38 US-ND North Dakota state US
39 US-OH Ohio state US
40 US-OK Oklahoma state US
41 US-OR Oregon state US
42 US-PA Pennsylvania state US
44 US-RI Rhode Island state US
45 US-SC South Carolina state US
46 US-SD South Dakota state US
47 US-TN Tennessee state US
48 US-TX Texas state US
49 US-UT Utah state US
50 US-VT Vermont state US
51 US-VA Virginia state US
53 US-WA Washington state US
54 US-WV West Virginia state US
55 US-WI Wisconsin state US
56 US-WY Wyoming state US
57 US-GU Guam state US
58 US-CNMI Northern Mariana Islands state US
59 US-PR Puerto Rico state US
60 US-VIR US Virgin Islands state US
101 UK United Kingdom international UK
102 UK-VGB British Virgin Islands state UK
103 SCT Scotland international UK
104 NIR Northern Ireland international UK
105 WLS Wales international UK
200 CAN Canada international CAN
201 CAN-ON Ontario provincial CAN
202 CAN-QC Quebec provincial CAN
203 CAN-BC British Columbia provincial CAN
204 CAN-AB Alberta provincial CAN
205 CAN-NL Newfoundland and Labrador provincial CAN
206 CAN-MB Manitoba provincial CAN
207 CAN-YT Yukon provincial CAN
208 CAN-NS Nova Scotia provincial CAN
209 CAN-SK Saskatchewan provincial CAN
210 CAN-PE Prince Edward Island provincial CAN
211 CAN-NT Northwest Territories of Canada provincial CAN
212 CAN-NB New Brunswick provincial CAN
213 CAN-NU Nunavut provincial CAN
300 CH Switzerland international CH
400 JP Japan international JP
401 JP-KT Kanto provincial JP
500 IM Isle of Man international IM
600 CYM Cayman Islands international CYM
700 IRL Ireland international IRL
800 MYS Malaysia international MYS
900 BHS The Bahamas international BHS
1000 INT International international INT
1100 BRB Barbados international BRB
1200 KNA Saint Kitts and Nevis international KNA
1300 PAN Panama international PAN
1400 NLD Netherlands international NLD
1500 BRA Brazil international BRA
1600 DEU Germany international DEU
1700 ZAF South Africa international ZAF
1800 ITA Italy international ITA
1900 FRA France international FRA
2000 ARG Argentina international ARG
2100 SAU Saudi Arabia international SAU
2200 TUR Turkey international TUR
2300 AUS Australia international AUS
2301 AUS-NSW New South Wales state AUS
2400 IDN Indonesia international IDN
2500 IND India international IND
2600 RUS Russia international RUS
2700 CHN China international CHN
2800 NZL New Zealand international NZL
2900 KOR Korea international KOR
3000 MEX Mexico international MEX
3100 HKG Hong Kong state CHN
3200 LUX Luxembourg international LUX
3300 EU European Union international EU
3400 SGP Singapore international SGP
3500 COL Colombia international COL
3600 ARE United Arab Emirates international ARE
3700 EAEU Eurasian Economic Union international EAEU
3800 BHR Bahrain international Bahrain
3900 BMU Bermuda federal Bermuda
4100 ISL Iceland international ISL
4200 NOR Norway international NOR
4300 ESP Spain international ESP
4400 HUN Hungary international Hungary
4500 JEY Jersey international Jersey
4600 VNM Vietnam international VNM
4700 ISR Israel international ISR
4800 QAT Qatar international QAT
4900 POL Poland international POL
5000 SWE Sweden international SWE
5100 PRT Portugal international PRT
5200 EST Estonia international EST
5300 MLT Malta international MLT
5400 CYP Cyprus international CYP
5500 CZE Czech Republic international CZE
5600 LIE Liechtenstein international LIE
5700 LVA Latvia international LVA
5800 ROU Romania international ROU
5900 SVK Slovakia international SVK
6000 BEL Belgium international BEL
6100 GEO Georgia international GEO
6200 CHL Chile international CHL
6300 THA Thailand international THA
6400 CRI Costa Rica international CRI
6500 CUW Curaçao international CUW
7000 FIN Finland international FIN
7100 KEN Kenya international ken
8000 DNK Denmark international DNK
8100 PER Peru international PER
8200 DOM Dominican Republic international DOM
9000 AUT Austria international AUT

A list of the regulatory agencies within each jurisdiction can be found on the Regulatory Sources page.