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To filter by reguations, you have to use one of the Regulation_IDs listed below in the Search Method API. This will filter your results to only include content related to the Regulation_ID selected.

These are the regulations currently supported by our APIs:

Export CSV (last updated 02/27/24)
Regulation_ID Regulation Name Short_Name
1 Regulation NMS Reg NMS
3 Regulation LL Reg LL
6 Regulation WW Reg WW
7 Regulation DD Reg DD
8 Regulation YY Reg YY
10 Regulation OO Reg OO
14 Regulation VV Reg VV
15 Regulation GG Reg GG
16 Regulation EE Reg EE
22 Regulation K Reg K
23 Regulation J Reg J
24 Regulation I Reg I
25 Regulation H Reg H
26 Regulation O Reg O
27 Regulation N Reg N
28 Regulation M Reg M
29 Regulation L Reg L
30 Regulation C Reg C
31 Regulation B Reg B
32 Regulation A Reg A
33 Regulation G Reg G
34 Regulation F Reg F
35 Regulation E Reg E
36 Regulation D Reg D
37 Regulation Z Reg Z
38 Regulation Y Reg Y
39 Regulation X Reg X
41 Regulation S Reg S
42 Regulation R Reg R
43 Regulation Q Reg Q
44 Regulation P Reg P
45 Regulation W Reg W
46 Regulation V Reg V
47 Regulation U Reg U
48 Regulation T Reg T
51 Regulation MM Reg MM
58 Regulation TT Reg TT
59 Regulation SBSR Reg SBSR
61 Regulation CC Reg CC
70 Regulation SHO Reg SHO
74 Regulation HH Reg HH
77 Regulation BB Reg BB
81 Regulation RR Reg RR
82 Regulation KK Reg KK
92 Regulation AA Reg AA
98 Regulation NN Reg NN
100 Regulation QQ Reg QQ
102 Regulation FF Reg FF
104 Regulation JJ Reg JJ
111 Regulation PP Reg PP
116 Regulation II Reg II
117 Regulation XX Reg XX
120 Basel III Basel III