Category (Document Type)

Category Type allows users to filter based on a particular or specified set of Document Types. Please note, the Document / Category Type in's Search API is sensitive to capitalization. Also, the all documents that are categorized as "Manual" will be premium content.

These are the category / document types currently supported by our APIs, along with the Meta-Category they fall under:

Category Type Meta Category Type Jurisdictions
Act Laws {JP,US-DC,IRL}
Administration Instrument Agency Updates {UK}
Administrative Order Enforcements {US-CT,US-AZ}
Advice Agency Updates {INT}
Advisory Visit Agency Updates {UK}
Agency Update Agency Updates
Annual Competition Report Reports {UK}
Annual Report Reports {INT,UK}
Approach Document Agency Updates {UK}
Audit Agency Updates {UK}
Bill Laws
Bill Analysis Agency Updates {US-FL}
Blog News {INT,US}
BSA/AML Agency Updates {US}
Bulletin News
Business Plan Agency Updates {UK}
Calls for Input Letters & Comments {UK}
Cancellation Notice Notices {UK}
Cease and Desist Enforcements {US-MA,US}
CFR Regulations {US}
CFR Navigation Regulations {US}
Circular Regulations
Civil Money Penalty Enforcements {US}
Closed Consultation Agency Updates {UK}
Comment Letters & Comments
Complaint Enforcements
Conference Events {UK}
Consent Order Enforcements
Consultation Agency Updates {INT,UK}
Consultation Outcome Agency Updates {UK}
Consultation Paper Regulations {INT,UK}
Consultation Report Reports {INT}
Consultation Response Agency Updates {UK}
Consultative Document Agency Updates {INT}
Consumer Affairs Letters Letters & Comments {US}
Consumer Alert Agency Updates {US-CA}
Consumer Financial Protection Update Agency Updates {US}
Corporate Document Agency Updates {UK}
Corporate Report Reports {UK}
Correspondence Letters & Comments {UK}
Cybersecurity Agency Updates {US}
Decision Enforcements {US,INT,UK}
Decision and Notice Notices {UK}
Decision Notice Notices {UK}
Disciplinary Action Enforcements {US}
Discussion Paper Research & Papers {CA,UK}
Emergency Rule Regulations
Enforcement Enforcements
Enforcement reports Reports {CH}
Enrolled Bill Laws {US-OH}
Event Events {UK}
Examination Manual Guidance {US}
FAQ Agency Updates {US,INT,MYS}
Feedback Statement Letters & Comments {UK}
Final Decision Enforcements {US-MI}
Finalised Guidance Guidance {UK}
Final Judgement Enforcements {US-CA}
Final Notice Enforcements {UK}
Final Order Enforcements
Final Report Reports {INT}
Financial Report Reports {US}
Financial Sanction Enforcements {US}
Financial Stability Agency Updates {UK}
FOI Release Agency Updates {UK}
Form Agency Updates
Guidance Guidance
Guidance Consultation Guidance {UK}
Guideline Guidance
Handbook Guidance {UK,US}
Impact Assessment Reports {UK}
Independent Report Reports {UK}
Industry Letter Guidance {US-NY}
Inflation Report Reports {UK}
Insurance reports Reports {CH}
Inter-Agency Agreement Agency Updates {US-NY}
Internal Document Agency Updates {US}
International Treaty Agency Updates {UK}
Interpretive Letter Letters & Comments {US-WA}
Interpretive Statement Guidance {US-WA}
Judgement Enforcements {US-CA}
Law Laws {US,US-NE}
Letter Letters & Comments {INT,CA,UK,US}
Letters to Credit Unions Letters & Comments {US}
Letters to Federal Credit Unions Letters & Comments {US}
Mainstream News News {INT,US}
Manual Guidance
{"US- MS","US - NY","US - AR","US - MO","US - AZ","US - OR","US - TX","US - IN","US - MA","US - IL","US - PA","US - MD","US - CT","US - KS","US - CO","US - CA","US - VA","US - OH","US - TN","US - GA","US - KY","US - MN","US - SC","US - WV",US,"US - NC","US - OK","US - NJ","US - WA"}
Market Conduct Examination Report Reports {US-DE,US-AZ}
Media Release News {INT}
Meeting Minutes Events {UK}
Memorandum Agency Updates {US-LA,CA}
Memorandum of Understanding Agency Updates {UK}
Monetary Penalty Enforcements {UK}
Monetary Policy Committee Agency Updates {UK}
Mortgagee Letter Letters & Comments {US}
Mortgage Lending Agency Updates {US}
National Statistics Research & Papers {UK}
News News
Newsletter News {UK}
News Release News {US,UK}
No Action Letter Letters & Comments {US-WA}
Note Agency Updates {UK}
Notice Notices
Notice of Intent Enforcements {US}
Official Statistics Agency Updates {UK}
Op-ed Agency Updates {US}
Open Consultation Agency Updates {UK}
Opinion Agency Updates {INT,US-WA}
Opinion Letter Guidance {US-CA}
Order Enforcements
Ordinance Regulations {JP}
Overview Report Reports {UK}
Policy and Guidance Guidance {UK}
Policy Paper Research & Papers {UK}
Policy Statement Regulations {UK,US-WA}
PPI Corporate Document Agency Updates {UK}
PRA Regulatory Digest Agency Updates {UK}
Preliminary Report Reports {INT}
Presidential Document Agency Updates {US}
Press Release News
Principles Agency Updates {INT}
Prohibition from Banking Enforcements {US}
Promotional Agency Updates {UK}
Proposal Agency Updates {INT}
Proposed Rule Regulations
Prudential Regulation Regulations {UK}
Public Act Laws
Publication Research & Papers {INT,UK}
Public Consultation Regulations {INT}
Quick Compliance Guides {US}
Regulatory Agenda Item Regulations {US}
Regulatory Alert Agency Updates {US}
Regulatory Digest Agency Updates {UK}
Regulatory Statement Agency Updates {INT}
Report Reports {INT,US,UK}
Requirement Notice Notices {UK}
Research Research & Papers {UK}
Research Publication Research & Papers {INT}
Response Letters & Comments {UK}
Risk Alert Agency Updates {US}
Rule Regulations
Seminar Events {UK}
Servicing Guide Guidance {US}
Settlement Agreement Enforcements
Speech Agency Updates {INT,UK,US}
Sponsor Notice Agency Updates {UK}
SR Letter Letters & Comments {US}
Standards Regulations {INT}
State Code Regulations
Statement Agency Updates {INT,UK}
Statement of Policy Regulations {UK}
Statistical Data Set Agency Updates {UK}
Statute Laws
Statutory Guidance Guidance {UK}
Summary of Conclusions Agency Updates {INT}
Supervisory Guidance Guidance {US}
Supervisory Letter Letters & Comments {US}
Supervisory Notice Notices {UK}
Supervisory reports Reports {CH}
Supervisory Statement Agency Updates {UK}
Term Sheet Agency Updates {US}
Testimony Agency Updates {US}
Transparency reports Reports {CH}
Undertaking Agency Updates {UK}
Unified Regulatory Agenda Regulations {US}
US Code Laws {US}
US Public Law Laws {US}
Waivers and CRR Notice Notices {UK}
Warning Notice Notices {UK}
Weekly Report Reports {UK}
Whitepaper Research & Papers {US}
Working Paper Research & Papers {INT,UK}
Workshop Events {UK}