Automatically monitor regulatory updates to map to your internal policies, procesures and controls. Learn More
Automatically monitor regulatory updates to map to your internal policies, procesures and controls. Learn More

Admin: Organization Profile

To help you hone in on items critical to your organization, we’ve developed Business Profiling. With business profiling, You can simply find your organization using a search within Profile > Admin double check your profile, and we’ll recommend the topics, concepts, agencies, and news & premium content sources that are most pertinent to your business. 

Step 1: Selecting your Organization

If you are an org admin, you can establish your organization profile by clicking Profile > Admin, then entering your organization name within the Profile screen. Once you’ve confirmed your organization, you can review and update profile information.


Support - Admin - Step1


Step 2: Confirming your Jurisdictions

Once you have added your organization, you will receive suggested jurisdictions. You can update to add or delete jurisdictions as needed.


Support - Admin - Step2


Step 3: Confirming your Businesses

After updating jurisdictions, you can review and update lines of business. If your organization operates in multiple countries, you can specify different lines of business for each country.


Support - Admin - Step3


Step 4: Confirming your Profile

Now, simply confirm your profile and click Finish to receive the suggested Default Filters.


Support - Admin - Step4


Step 5: Verifying your Defaults

Once you have completed your organization profile, you can confirm the recommended default values by clicking on the Customize My Default Filters button. You will be redirected to the Default Filters page, where you can review two possible settings. 

My Defaults: These are your personal defaults. You can branch off from Organization/Team defaults by selecting your own preferences.

Team/Org Defaults: These are the Organization and/or Team level defaults. If you’ve just completed the organization setup process, these defaults will correspond to our recommendations based on your jurisdictions and businesses. If you use the Team Edition and have set up teams, these defaults will correspond to the defaults set up for the teams of which you are a member.

Admin: Team Profiles

We know that not every team is alike, so using Team Edition, you can customize default filters for individuals in your organization by creating defaults tailored to your teams. To leverage team-specific defaults, first, create teams.

Step 1: Create Teams

After you’ve established your organization’s profile and added users, you can begin creating teams. As an Org Admin or a Team Admin, access Profile > Admin > Teams and “Create a New Team”. You can now add users to your new team.

Support - Admin - Create a Team


Step 2: Customizing Defaults for Teams

After you have created your teams, simply choose the teams for which you want to customize defaults, then update Topics, Regulatory Sources, News & Premium Content and/or Document Types. Once you have your teams and team defaults established, each individual user’s defaults are set according to their team(s)’ defaults. 

Support - Admin - Defaults for a Team