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Dashboard User Guide

The Dashboard is a view of activity over the past 7 days, for agencies and topics relevant to the user.

Default Filter

To customize the Dashboard, users can select the Topics, Jurisdictions, Regulatory Sources, and Mainstream News sources to follow.

Dashboard Default Filter

Default Filters


On the Dashboard, users will find widgets for recent activity from agencies followed, including document publication, enforcement actions, upcoming deadlines, news, and more.

  • Activities at a Glance: A carousel of Agencies the user follows, and the content they have published over the past 7 days.

    • Note: Users can click on any document to view the full PDF and document details.

Activities at a Glance

  • Topic Updates: A list of the Topics the user follows, including the number of documents that have been published over the past 7 days. Once a topic is selected, the user will see the document types published in that topic in the past 7 days.

    • Note: By clicking on any of the document types, users will be lead to a list of those documents.

Topic Updates

  • Enforcement Actions: A graph of enforcement actions published by the Agencies the user is following over the past 7 days.

    • Note: Clicking on any of the bars will lead the user to a list of those enforcement actions.

Enforcement Actions

  • Industry News: A list of articles from the Mainstream News Sources the user follows.

Industry News

  • Approaching Deadlines: A list of approaching deadlines, including Effective Dates and Comment Close dates for Proposed Rules, Final Rules, Register Notices, etc.

Approaching Deadlines

  • Whitepapers: A list of whitepapers and thought leadership pieces that have been recently published.


  • Recommended Searches: The list of recommended searches reflects popular searches in the product. Simply click on any of the searches to view the search results.

Recommended Searches

Customizing the Dashboard

Users can simply drag and drop any of these widgets to arrange the order of the widgets.

Dashboard Drag and Drop

To add or remove any of the widgets, click on the “Customize” dropdown list at the top right of the screen, and click the checkmark next to the widget’s name.

Customize Dashboard