Automatically monitor regulatory updates to map to your internal policies, procesures and controls. Learn More
Automatically monitor regulatory updates to map to your internal policies, procesures and controls. Learn More

Alerts and Notifications Guide

Using’s Advanced Search, product users can create focused and custom alerts to monitor the latest regulatory content and news. Alerts and notifications allow you to be notified automatically once a new document that meets your alert criteria is published.

Creating a new Alert

Step 1:

From the Timeline or using the Search Bar, input the keywords, topics, regulations etc. that you would like to monitor. After you apply your search, you can select whether to view the result in the “Timeline” or Search View.

The Timeline view will return your result automatically sorted by Publication Date, with the most recent content at the top.

For the Search View, you will need to remove the “In the Timeline” button in the Search Bar. If you don’t see the button, that means you are already in the Search result view. The Search view will allow you to sort the results by a variety of options. It will also show you a short text preview with your search term highlighted. In Timeline View

Please refer to our Advanced Search and Filter Guide for tips on how to optimize your search results.

Step 2:

After you’ve verified that the search results have the content you’re looking for, click “Turn on Alerts” located to the right, below the Search Bar. Turn on Alerts

Please note: Depending on your search and filter criteria, there might not be any documents listed, yet. This can happen for developing regulatory topics such as the California Consumer Privacy Act or GDPR. However, if you are expecting some results to be shown, then it is likely you have a conflicting item selected in your filter.

For example: if you search for the California Consumer Privacy Act, and also have a Document Type selected for “Rule” there will not be any existing document returned. Search and Filter

Step 3:

Save your Search and click “Create.”  Then save the alert. It will automatically be populated with the keywords listed in the Search bar, you can rename the alert without affecting the search criteria. Create an Alert

Step 4:

Next, you can choose to update the frequency of your notifications via the hyperlink in the confirmation or by selecting the Notifications tab. Notifications

From the Notifications tab, find the alert you created and use the dropdown menu to select the frequency of your email notification. You can also choose to not be notified by email, simply deselect all.

  • Hourly: update you within an hour after the document is added in the product.
  • Daily: sends you a summary of any new content at the end of the day.
  • Weekly: sends you a summary of any new documents published over the past 7 days. Weekly email summaries are sent on Wednesdays. My Alerts

Common ways to use’s Alerts and Notifications

1. Email Alerts: Some users prefer to rely on email alerts to indicate when they need to login into the product to review new relevant documents.

2. Product Notifications: Other users prefer to log into the product on a regular basis and manually check for updates. If the bell icon next to the alert is blue, that means there are new documents added, if it is grey, there are no new documents.

3. Saved Searches: You can also use alerts for saved searches.

Sharing Alerts and Notifications with your Team


To share alerts with your team, simply click on the icon and select the emails of the individuals you would like to share it with. Please note, this can only be done across your colleagues that have a registered account with

If you need more help, please email: