Part Two: Regulatory Change Management

Part Two: Regulatory Change Management

The next part of our “Day in the Life of a Compliance Officer” blog series is going to take a deep dive on one of the most complex and dynamic pieces of the Compliance Management System, Regulatory Change Management.  The Change Management Program outlines how a bank identifies, evaluates, implements and validates changes related to a regulation or updates coming…

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State of Affairs: Cybersecurity & Privacy

State of Affairs: Cybersecurity & Privacy

“A Cyberattack can’t blow up the world, but it can upend geopolitical stability.  It can destroy national alliances, and work to undermine the most powerful democracy on Earth.  It can even undercut the very idea of truth.  Short of nuclear weapons, hacking has become the most destabilizing tool in geopolitics.” (Dreyfuss, 2017) Cyberattacks seem to be making headlines all over…

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Agency Profiles

White Paper

Financial Regulatory Change Management, Revisited.

Abstract: The financial services industry is facing “mountains and mountains of regulation.” A recent Boston Consulting Group survey stated that the number of regulatory rule changes that banks must track on a daily basis has tripled since 2011, to an average of 200 revisions a day. Download this whitepaper to learn more about the challenges financial organizations face in managing regulatory changes. The paper outlines the transformational role that properly implemented AI-driven solutions can play in lowering the burden of regulatory change management for financial services organizations.

Case Study

Effective regulatory change management

Abstract: American banks are regulated by various federal agencies such as the FDIC and OCC, as well as state regulators.

Download this case study to learn more about how Bank of Marin’s compliance team uses the Compliance.ai solution to effectively manage and research regulatory changes relevant to their organization.


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Enforcement Actions published in the past 12 months.

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Final & proposed rules published to Federal Register over the past 12 months.
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Agency regulatory publications over 6 months.

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