Weekly Regulatory Deadlines | September 26 to October 02

The next financial crisis will be brought on by inadequate regulation, top economist says

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Amendments to Municipal Securities Disclosure

SEC | Broker-Dealer, Securities | Final Rule

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In the financial services industry, where IT systems are high-volume and mission-critical, news of Big Iron’s ‘big crisis’ is greatly exaggerated, at least for now. It’s true that in today’s digital-first world, cloud-based services are seeing rapid adoption across all industries, especially as fintech providers launch applications that enable improved customer experiences and 24/7 banking, but mainframes are far from becoming extinct just yet...
The union for Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) employees called on the agency’s acting chief to axe a senior official who wrote blog posts in 2004 dismissing racism, calling him “unfit for any leadership position in the federal government...

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As of 29 September, the EU-wide legislation on the electronic identification (eIDAS Regulation) will enter into force enabling cross-border recognition of the electronic ID and allowing citizens and business to share their identity data when necessary. People will be able to use their electronic ID (eID) such as ID cards, driver licenses, bank cards and fill tax returns online, access medical records and online public services across the EU...
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