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Corporates See Loan Fraud By Insiders As Growing Threat

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Corporates See Loan Fraud By Insiders As Growing Threat

Corporates See Loan Fraud By Insiders As Growing Threat
PYMNTS.com 09/28/2020
Pandemic-related fraud attempts continue to climb. In a report by OpenText, researchers found that one-quarter of Americans was targeted in a coronavirus-related phishing email attempt, and more than three-quarters said they have opened emails from unknown senders. Fifty-nine percent of survey respondents agree that phishing emails look more legitimate than ever before...
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Banks, governments and crypto industry divided on cryptocurrency risk
Finextra Research Headlines 09/29/2020
Divided opinion on the perceived risk of cryptocurrency including the links between cryptocurrency and illicit purposes were among the key findings of a global survey...
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Financial institutions, government still wary of crypto

Financial institutions, government still wary of crypto
American Banker 09/29/2020
Sharp divisions remain on the risk perceptions of cryptocurrency between government officials, financial institutions and cryptocurrency companies, according to a global survey released Tuesday...
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Ginnie Mae forbearance rate flattens

Ginnie Mae forbearance rate flattens
National Mortgage News 09/29/2020
Suspended payments stabilized between Sept. 14 and Sept. 20 in one part of the mortgage market where they'd been rising, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association...
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Preparing For Enhanced Enforcement Under Calif. 'Mini-CFPB'
Law360: Banking 09/28/2020
On Aug. 31, the California Legislature passed A.B. 1864, the California Consumer Protection Law. The law, largely pulled from Consumer Financial Protection Bureau-like agency in California with expanded regulatory, oversight and enforcement authority, California Gov. Gavin Newsom, who proposed the CCFPL in January, has until Sept 30, to sign or veto A. B. 1864...
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