Weekly Regulatory Deadlines | September 12 to September 18

How Mastercard and the Red Cross are Taking on Natural Disaster Payments

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Removal of Office of Thrift Supervision Regulations

TREAS | Lending, Consumer Lending | Final Rule

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When Mastercard launched Send in 2015, the focus was on making it easy to move money quickly between businesses and people using the debit card as the proxy. Send doesn’t just work with Mastercard branded cards, either, Jess Turner, executive vice president of digital payments at Mastercard, told PYMNTS in a recent conversation. It works between…
A $6.2 billion settlement has been reached by Visa, Mastercard and several U.S. banks over a suit brought by merchants over what is commonly known as “swipe fees” — a name for the fees that are paid by those merchants when they accept credit card payments. The settlement had been anticipated over the past few…

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A Georgia magistrate judge recommended keeping alive two insider trading charges against a former Equifax Inc. executive accused of selling shares of the company before news of a massive hack broke last year, saying Monday that both charges are different and detailed enough to survive a dismissal bid...
China's Commerce Ministry announced Tuesday that it is implementing new tariffs on $60 billion of U.S. goods starting Sept. 24, according to Reuters. The move comes in response to new tariffs put in place by the White House on $200 billion of...
An investment vehicle for a technology acquisition company made a disclosure to its investors Monday: If we're investigated for bribery, you can redeem shares for 200 percent of what you bought them for.
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SEC | Securities | Enforcement | 09/12/2018
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