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Non-bank liquidity concerns neglected by regulation

The Banker 02/19/2024
The turmoil of March 2020, triggered by the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, led to widespread redemption of investors’ shares from funds. The chaos resulted in renewed regulatory focus on the issue of liquidity at non-bank financial institutions…
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A Retired Money Launderer Reports on Finding an Effective Platform to Identify Trade-Based Money Launderers

Rijock 02/19/2024
I am pleased to report that I have, after many more inquiries than I thought I might have to make, located a platform that has the data necessary for compliance officers to identify, in real-time, Trade-Based Money Laundering operations, during…
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Supreme Court Decisions and Developments

Harvard 02/19/2024
On April 14, 2023, the Supreme Court issued a unanimous opinion settling a circuit split concerning whether a party to an administrative enforcement action can sue directly in federal district court to challenge the agency’s constitutional…
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HUD Issues 2023 Update to Housing Equity Action Plan

Consumer Finance Monitor 02/16/2024
The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) recently issued a press release announcing a 2023 update to its Equity Action Plan. The Equity Action Plan is part of HUD’s efforts to implement President Biden’s Executive…
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BankThink Regulators should reexamine their assumptions about brokered deposits

American Banker 02/19/2024
The banks that failed in 2023 shared one key similarity: high concentrations of uninsured deposits. Yet regulators like the Federal Deposits Insurance Corp. remain convinced that the…
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