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Presidential Action Tracker

President Trump issues Executive Orders, Memorandums, and other types of documents, to order actions that must be taken by heads of federal Departments. Jurispect tracks and summarizes all documents signed, including documents that directly or indirectly affect the financial services industry.

Jurispect, a regulatory intelligence and change management tool, provides the following data to enable proactive planning and response to regulatory changes.

This is Week 20 (June 2 to 8)


Presidential Actions issued by Trump in total*

Trump Actions revoking Obama Actions in total




Trump’s Actions by Week in Office


*Count includes “actions” only, and excludes “Proclamations” and “related materials.”

Number of Presidential Actions by Topic


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Recent Activity

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First 100 Days: Summary

In his “100-Day Plan to Make America Great Again,” Donald Trump stated an intent to “cancel every unconstitutional executive action, memorandum and order issued by” Obama on his first day in office.

Trump signed a total of 98 presidential documents in his first 100 days as president, 56 of which ordered “actions” be taken (which excludes documents like proclamations of holidays, and some memos to federal agencies), according to the Executive Office of the President. Actions often include the establishment of committees and offices, requests for reports, and orders for the review, revocation, and replacement of current regulations. Nine of Trump’s presidential documents revoked Acts, Orders, or Memos signed by Obama, or reinstated orders revoked by Obama.

More than half (29, or 52%) of Trump’s Presidential Actions were signed during the first 10 days and final 10 days of presidency before Day 100.

Presidential Actions Signed by Trump: First 100 Days

Some Presidential Documents are required to be published to the Federal Register (Executive Orders and Proclamations), and the rest are optional. Of the 98 documents published to, 70 were published on the Federal Register. Trump published mostly Executive Orders (26) and Proclamations (25), some Memos (15), and fewer Notices (3) and Determinations (1) to the Federal Register.

The overall rate of publication to the Federal Register was higher for Trump (70) than Obama (62) and Bush (45) in the first 100 days of presidency.

Presidential Documents published to Federal Register: First 100 days

Presidential documents are often signed several days before they are published, and Executive Orders (EO) typically require more significant actions than others types of documents. Trump signed significantly more Executive Orders in the first 100 days of presidency, compared to his six most recent predecessors. Trump signed 32 EO, compared to Obama’s 19, G.W. Bush’s 11, Clinton’s 13, Bush’s 11, Reagan’s 17, and Carter’s 16.

Executive Orders Signed in First 100 Days


First 30 Days: Summary

Since 1945, an average of 7 Executive Orders have been signed per president in the first 30 days of their presidencies. The highest number of executive orders were signed by Obama (14), Truman (13), and Trump (12).

Executive Orders Signed: 30 Days into First Term

Trump has utilized another Presidential Action — Memorandums — at a higher rate than his predecessors. While Trump has issued 12 Memos, Obama issued 10, and George W. Bush did not issue any in the first 30 days of presidency.

Both Obama and Trump issued a total of 24 Executive Orders and Memos in their first 30 days in Office.

Memos & Executive Orders Issued: 30 Days into First Term