Capital Adequacy: The Complex Credit Union Leverage Ratio; Risk-Based Capital

NCUA | Lending | Proposed Rule

Agency Information Collection Activities: Submission for OMB Review of Information Collection Reinstatement; Comment Request [OMB No. 3064-0203]

FDIC, FCPA/ABAC, BSA/AML | Consumer Lending | Notice

Regulatory Notice 21-28 FINRA Adopts Rule 6439 Governing the Operation of Inter-dealer Quotation Systems and Announces Closure of the OTC Bulletin Board Effective Date of Rule 6439 (except paragraph (d)(1)(B)): October 1, 2021

FINRA | FCPA/ABAC, BSA/AML, Consumer Lending | Notice

Requirements Related to Surprise Billing; Part I


Notice of Substituted Compliance Application Submitted by UBS AG and Credit Suisse AG in Connection With Certain Requirements Applicable to Non-U.S. Security-Based Swap Dealers Subject to Regulation in the Swiss Confederation; Proposed Order

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Banks Warn They're Not Ready for ECB's Historic Climate Tests

Banks Warn They’re Not Ready for ECB’s Historic Climate Tests
Bloomberg Green 09/06/2021
A milestone moment for European regulators risks ending as a flop as banks warn they won’t have the client data they need in time for climate stress tests next year, according to a survey of the industry conducted by Bloomberg…
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Millions in U.S. lose jobless benefits as federal aid expires, thrusting families and economy onto uncertain path

Millions in U.S. lose jobless benefits as federal aid expires, thrusting families and economy onto uncertain path
The Washington Post 09/05/2021
More than 7 million out-of-work people across the United States are set to lose all of their jobless benefits this week as three federal programs expire on Monday, in what several experts described as one of the largest and most abrupt ends to government aid in U.S. history…
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What's a Taper Why Are Central Banks Debating Them

What’s a Taper? Why Are Central Banks Debating Them?
The Washington Post: Business 09/05/2021
These days, if you hear economists arguing about “the taper,” chances are they’re not talking about pants or haircuts but about central banks. The question is when the U.S…
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FDIC releases 59 CRA evaluation ratings 09/07/2021
The FDIC has issued its monthly list of state nonmember banks recently evaluated for compliance with the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA)…
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